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Avatar f tn I am concerned about a growing lump at the base of my ear on the jawline. It starte two nights ago with acute pain. The size of the lump has grown as has the pain. It is also showing bruising.
914782 tn?1243435663 I went to Dr. on this day "lump" in left side of my neck, swelling and popping in my right knee, pain in back of my neck, knot in my back on left side, c/o difficulty swallowing, general weakness, fatigue, malaise.
1020037 tn?1315661676 Tense about relationship, studying for exam, now I have the tell-tale lump-in-the-back-of-the-throat :(
696092 tn?1238616767 just started writing my life story...but deleted it. I found a lump in my neck in june 2008. Had a FNA and biopsy which proved inconclusive. August 15th, my little brother died , due to a hospital blunder....major blunder. I am still not coping with his death....I am in the depths of despair. September, tested positive for significant hypothyroidism.TSH 49.5....wondered why I kept getting stuff!. Had stomach and back pains quite badly for6 months, scan showed gallstones...are they linked??
Avatar f tn Headache, neck ache, diarrhea, feeling of lump in throat, neck feels fat, tiered, voice change, dificalty breathing, dificalty eating,
Avatar n tn ulta sound on lump in right arm, showed as normal extreme lathargy and burning pain in neck
Avatar m tn Hi Labmak, I have gone through your symptoms, but I want to know whether you have any fever or fatigue or any discharge from the lump? Is it growing in size or is it same? A true isolated "lump" on the neck or in neck tissue needs to be distinguished from neck swelling and swollen neck lymph nodes. There are several conditions which will give rise to neck lump like any boil or sebaceous cyst or lipoma or an enlarged thyroid or infections like Rubella, Viral infection etc.
Avatar n tn It is on my neck again, but this time located in the back of the neck, mid neck, on the left. It is pea size, has no pain, and feels roughly firm. I do have a cold right now, but I am near the end of it. Symptoms: neck stiffness and soreness, and extreme fatigue. I am wondering if these were somehow related. Any one have any ideas? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Went to Dr. today to see what she had to say about lump in my neck. She feels its a swollen gland but doesn't know why it's so swollen. She did a chest xray to check lymphnoid action...seemed to be clear she said. They also drew blood. We'll see what that has to say in a few days. If it continues or gets bigger in 2 weeks I need to give her a call and may do a catscan at that time.
Avatar n tn ) and he discovered a small lump in my neck that he thought could be either a carotid body tumor or a swollen lymph node. He ordered a carotid ultrasound and a CT soft tissue. The ultrasound examined the lump and defined it as 1.3cm wide x 7mm deep and determined it was likely a lymph node. The CT found "all lymph nodes and cervical spaces are more numerous than typically seen but none meet the criteria for enlargement.
Avatar n tn Hi he should get it checked out. i noticed a small lump in neck 2 years ago in april during pregnancy. No testing were done either than a thyroid test which was neg. it went away during the end of pregnancy and a year later it came back. ultrasound showed enlarged node, ct scan showed 3.4 cm enalrged 3 tiny ones around thyroid and one big one behind chest wall prognosis: hodgkins or malignant lymphoma. Biopsy will be performed on June 10th to rule out mailgnancy.
1611944 tn?1313891994 Headache and nausea began around 7:25a Fatigue started again around 8:20a, Took Nuvigil at 8:30, Percocet at 9:30a. Neck bad since yesterday. 12:40 headache came back, neck pain too.
Avatar f tn there's a lump in the back of my neck. it hurts. and it's driving me a little nuts.
1550654 tn?1294747554 What is this damn lump in my throat and my does my face hurt!!!!
Avatar n tn I have been to an ENT due to a hard lump on right hand side of neck, low down almost at base of neck. Had no pain from the lump itself but had difficulty swallowing food...feels like food is getting stuck on the right hand side of my throat, also feels like tablet or something is lodged in throat. Also suffer on and off with a sore dry scratchy feeling throat again on the right side. Had 2 fine needle aspirations taken and a nasendoscopy.
Avatar f tn ve had a pain at the base of my neck on the right side, it hurts if I apply slight pressure, I suffer from headaches, which if left almost always turns into a migraine but they always start at this point in my neck, it feels like a small lump, if I apply pressure to it & deep massage it it hurts like hell but does slightly ease the pain, could this be a tension knot? If anyone could help it would be much appreciated!
Avatar n tn I am a 34 year old female, suffering from severe fatigue, muscle weakness and various symptoms for several years, diagnosed with fibromyalgia and then Lyme (no positive Lyme test). Today I noticed I have what feels like a fixed, hard lump on the left side of my thyroid (I think it's my thyroid anyway--in the center of my throat).It's not visible through the skin or anything but if I use my thumb and forefinger to press on the area where the thyroid is I feel it there.
Avatar f tn start of cold + extreme fatigue+ depression+ anxiety pain in shoulders arms neck Evening Lucy - bo upteckning went well :)
768754 tn?1373918737 Saw Dr. Hall for lump on right side of neck.
Avatar f tn HI, about six or seven months ago I noticed quite a large lump under my right ear I didn't really pay any attention to it, then about five or six weeks ago I began feeling ill (fatigue, puffy eyes and shortness of breath) and I noticed that there was another lump a little bit below my jaw (3 cm long both lumps are painless) I didn't think anything of it and forgot about it, however I saw my Gp about 2 weeks later about the fatigue, puffy eyes and shortness of breath but didn't menti
565197 tn?1221767443 i've decide to start this journal and try to put something down every day to track my symptoms, etc. today's was fatigue... again my lower legs hurt, esp my left ankle - sorta feels swollen but doesn't look it neck and back pain - shivers or tremors when i bend my neck forward funny vision - kinda like the room is moving back and forth - not spinning, just moving around some... makes me feel like i'm in willy wonka's choc factory...
1160520 tn?1402981076 Am sore and tired, with constant sharp pains in my neck left shoulder area, it's gives me a headache.
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm looking for some desperatel advise about a lump I discovered in my neck about 3 months ago. The lump is literally below my ear in between the mastoid process and the back of my jaw. it is not attached to the jaw or below it, it is very much attached to my neck and is roughly the size of a grape. It's caused me no severe pain or local swelling, just an occasional dull pain that is gone within a matter of seconds.
Avatar f tn For several months almost a yr I have had enlarged lymph nodes on both sides on groin mainly left side two under my left underarm, three on my left side of neck and 1 under jaw on right side. my symptoms are very fatigue,night sweats,and weight loss. I went to see a surgeon he ordered a valley fever test I do not have that a tb test I do not have that blood ok and today i got the results on my ct on chest abdomen and pelvic looking for any enlarged lymph nodes it was neg every thing looks good.