Lump in armpit and groin

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Avatar f tn my left armpit is sore in one area
Avatar f tn Lipoma may appear in areas of the body rich in fat such as the abdomen and back. The lump is doughy in character and may be movable and slip through the fingers when you palpate this. Refrain from touching the area. My primary differential here is EBV or infectious mononucleosis.
Avatar f tn the other morning i woke up and my armpit was tender so i started to feel around and found a small lump that was at the point af tenderness. is this something i should be concerned about?
Avatar n tn Found a lump in my armpit - a little nervous
Avatar f tn lump has been very sore the last 2 days into armpit
Avatar f tn For several months almost a yr I have had enlarged lymph nodes on both sides on groin mainly left side two under my left underarm, three on my left side of neck and 1 under jaw on right side. my symptoms are very fatigue,night sweats,and weight loss. I went to see a surgeon he ordered a valley fever test I do not have that a tb test I do not have that blood ok and today i got the results on my ct on chest abdomen and pelvic looking for any enlarged lymph nodes it was neg every thing looks good.
1298701 tn?1286986994 and couple days ago i notice the pea size hard lump under the left arm (armpit). i have nausea but not vomitting and some headache and i recently easily brusing. i didnt bump that hard and got purble blue bruise and its still there after a week later. i get bruise by just the simple inset bite too. mostly my leg. sometime i wake up and i have bruise on my leg that i dont even know where it came from.
522699 tn?1250590716 Had a mammogram for small lump in left armpit close to breast.
Avatar m tn not to sure what it is but it started today and boy it hurts alot very sharp pain and a lump on my arm to that hurts.
Avatar m tn 4 weeks before have protected sex with a girl got pain on groin 2 weeks after and got one slightly lump on left side of groin and also my armpit was pain..but my armpit pain when the anxiety came same with groin pain and yesterday got a lump on the neck area (between neck and shoulder) it hard. I can't stop touch it and became harder and sore.. but when i talks it felt like a nerve/vein.. so do i need to test for hiv?
223520 tn?1221440283 Well Im officially freaking out! I found a lump on my armpit. Its hard and about the size of a dime. I am getting it checked on Friday, but I am soooo scared! Breast cancer runs in my family, and my grandmother originally found a lump on her armpit. It was breast cancer, and she passed 1 year later.
Avatar m tn My 11 yr old son received 4 shots on Friday afternoon (Td/Tdap, Hep A, Varicella, Meningitis). After a shower 24 hours later he had a painful lump and swelling in his armpit. It is now just over 48 hours after getting the shot and it is not getting any better. I just want to check to see if this allergic reaction or pain and swelling is a common side effect of at least one of these shots. Because of the timing of the soreness my husband and I feel it is related but not sure if it needs a dr.
Avatar f tn Big lump on the left breast, visible under the skin. Dense nodular mass. Infection? Antibiotics? Pain in left armpit. Linked to lump? Radiologist did U/S of armpit and says it's muscular pull? But I think it is linked to the lump on my left breast. Chronic Cough linked to the lump as well???
Avatar n tn , no pain swallowing, but an irregular feeling like a lump or abrasion) WITH what seemed to be salivary gland pain, two (first tender, then hard) lymph glands in neck, and pain/throb in armpit, groin, and femoral region (no noticed lumps except swollen pain in groin while on Augmentin) and ear pain. I will say that I have chewed tobacco or smoked cigarettes for approx. 14 years.
Avatar m tn I noticed the irregularity in my skin soon afterwards. The lump hasnt increased in size but it wont go away either. Any thoughts??....thanks.
Avatar f tn Just a day ago I got a very painful lump in my underarm. It's not a pimple and it's very sore to the touch. I've had lymph nodes in my neck before but was told they were nothing to worry about. I don't know what to do as I'm on vacation in a foreign country...
Avatar f tn im 24 years old and i woke up with pain under my armpit and little lump not ther day befor ,could i have done somthing in my sleep worried could be canser,i not had any famliy membors who have had it.
4772585 tn?1358975360 On January 23rd I noticed a swollen red lump under my left arm in the armpit it is sore to the touch and does not appear to be a bite of some kind, I am going to continue to monitor it and speak with my Dr. about it. I am a little worried hope it is nothing. Not sure what it might be.
Avatar f tn Finally I find someone that has similiar symptoms that I'm having. So far I have a lump in my breast and in my armpit. But i do feel my neck and my groin area sore. My lump feels hard to and its really deep in the armpit. i cant really tell if the lump in the armpit is smooth but the one in my breast is. Lets see what they tell me when i go on wed.
Avatar n tn For the last eight months this pain has worsened and i have been getting groin and abdomen pain(pcos was ruled out), i have also experienced pain in my left armpit for several years which was made worse after i used chemical type deodorants for excessive sweating, this has also become worse, with numbness in my arm and sharp pains. These pains used to be intermittent/occasional but are now more consistent.
Avatar f tn I have been reading some forums about small lumps in the armpits. I cannot assure it is something related to breast cancer. My mom had it too and removed it. Breast cancer runs in my family. When I touch it, around it there's nothing but right in the middle I can feel a bean-size lump. I notice that there was some pain but i didn't realize it until just a few days ago. I read also it is something related to pregnancy which I am not. Any answers will be appreciated..
Avatar f tn Any there GP saw me for the lump in my bloated stomach and did the blood tests and another GP saw me for the groin and just said wait and see. I've also got another lump on top of my head which isn't painful like the others, but no, no doctor has linked them, but since I only get a 5 min appointment with the doctor, they only concentrate on 1 thing at a time.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to add one more thing.A lump in the armpit could also be a swollen lymph node that appears because on an infection somewhere in the body and you are not to be too concerned about it.Make sure to keep your appointment with your doctor though..Take care.
Avatar m tn i have a lump on my armpit i know for a fact that its a lymp node but i have been having acrushiating pain from it and its only been there two dayys but i'm not sure if i am to keep up on my regular activities because every time i move my left arm where the lymp node is it gets errataded and then i'm in pain again what should i do about the pain?
Avatar n tn Since I have been off the medication for the past 2 weeks, I now have the same enlarged lymph node on the side of my neck which aches constantly. I have had various issues with swollen lymph nodes in the groin and armpit and base of neck. They ache inparticular when I am tired and deal with this more lately. It used to be once or twice a week they would ache, I would nap, and they would feel almost daily.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have two attached lump small pea sized under my armpit while breastfeeding and then noticed a lump in my left breast. Consulted doctor took ultrasound they said lump under armpit is inflammatery. ..lump in left breast sounds took test for breast shows non cancerous. ..have stopped breastfeeding two months before but lump under my armpit still exist doesn't go for antibiotics. .please answer me...have anyone undergone similar things...