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Avatar n tn I've one red lump on the right groin (it is a lump in the right hand side near panties) this lump appears during menstuation, after menstruation it decreases please help me!
Avatar m tn Hi there I have a lump in inguinal area. Lower abdomen right side. Approximately half in inch round. I was able to press it into my abdomenal wall but in the last week or so I have been unable to do that any longer. When I lay flat it would go in through abdomanal wall easily, but not any more. When I stood up in the morning it would come out again but now its out all the time. I do have an aching sensation at times there which makes me think it may be a hernia. Anyone any ideas. Ursa.
Avatar f tn i have found a lump in my groin area right at the hair didnt start hurting untill i was shaveing,its about the size of a nickle.dose anyone have any advise?
Avatar n tn Hi, i've been dragging this for the last three months. I've got a lump in groin, on the right side, right next to the penis. It's not visible, but i can feel it by hand. It's not round like a ball, rather it feels like a long piece of something, about an inch long and a third of an inch wide (though sometimes it feels smaller than that). It's painful, not all the time, but on a daily basis. The pain is not too strong though, but noticeable. I also have back and muscle pain.
Avatar n tn Yesterday by chance I found a lump in my groin, it is located at the base of my penis, on the right hand side. Slightly internal, in that it could not be felt if the right hand base of my penis were to be felt. One would have to push in slightly to feel it. But it can definately be located, it is somewhere between the size of a pea and a marble, there is no discomfort, swelling, redness, or any pain what so ever, at least not net. It is roughly spherical, and fairly hard.
Avatar n tn I am a 23-year-old male with a small, hard lump, about 1cm in diameter, to the right of my scrotum, directly where my groin and right leg meet. It is not inside the scrotum or on the leg, but between the two. It seems to be attached to the skin. There is no redness or other discoloration, and does not hurt when touched.
Avatar m tn i have a hard lump with a sore on it in the groin area in the inguinal section the sore seems to close up and open a little. The lump is about the size of a walnut, or rubber ball. Some research shows that it could be an abscess, but i dont remember getting cut or anything and it just appeared. it hurt for a little while. and there is some pus, it looked like it was going away and the sore was painful for a few days. any help would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn Lumps in groin can occur due to inguinal or femoral hernia, lipoma, sebaceous cyst, strangulated hernia, femoral aneurysm etc. In case of hernia's the lump may occur in an on and off fashion. A groin lump is localized swelling in the groin area. It may be firm or soft, tender or not painful at all. Swelling of the testicle can occur due to varicocele, orchitis, hydrocele etc.
Avatar m tn Hi went to docs with a lump in my groin where groin meets top of leg are and my doc was 99% sure it was a femoral hernia so had to see specialist at my local hospital, he checked me over and wasn't sure it was a hernia at all and has sent me for an ultrasound scan. The lump itself is soft and seems to fill up or vibrate when I feel it when walking and when i exert myself(lifting etc) it gives me occasional pain...
Avatar f tn Hello, My father went in for an ultrasound a few days ago after he noticed he has a large, hard, painful mass in between his thighs ( in groin area where his thighs touch). We were informed the mass/lump has a blood vessel inside and he was referred to a urologist for more tests. We are at the edge of our seats waiting for the doctors appointment and very worried. A little about my dad: he is 59, nonsmoker ( he quit after 20 years of smoking).
Avatar f tn Ovarian Cancer Screening isn't really my topic, but I can't find one to fit my topic. Any way, I am fifteen years old and I have had three lumps in my groin in the past three to four months. The first time my obgyn told me that it was a swollen lymph node. The second time he said that it wasn't a swollen lymph node, but a simple bacterial infection. I don't think it's a swollen lymph node because it doesnt hurt. It can be an STD because I'm not sexually active and there's no discharge.
Avatar m tn A few days ago i was getting out of a chair and as I stood up, I felt something kind of bulge out of my right upper groin area. I've had this happen a few times in the last 6 months, but it has always felt like it popped right back in a few seconds later, but this time it stayed out. It didn't really hurt when it happened, it just felt like an uncomfortable pressure in my groin.
Avatar m tn hi ... for last many years like i can say 4 to 5 years, i have a lump in my right part of groin .. it looked grayish always, that made me think that it might be a mole or something, i was not botherd since it did not cause any problem to me ... it was a painless thing even if u press it ... but for last few days i have been witnessing a swelling near by area ... making it like a bump or something ... like a big big pimple type. and now it pains also a bit ...
Avatar n tn Starting on Thursday I noticed a red lump on my upper right, above the penis, below the stomach. it's gotten slightly larger, and today had a little black spot on it as well. it almost looks and feels like a large zit. it's somewhat painful, but mostly from irriation I think rubbing against my leg and clothes. any advice??
Avatar f tn He shaves his pubic hair and gets ingrown hairs occasionally. About 3 months ago we found a lump in his upper creese groin region on his right side, it was not hard, so we thought it may just be another ingrown hair, however, the lump was about 1/4 inch in diameter, red and inflamed and did pop like a zit. It was sensitive to the touch. It went away and left a scar much like a stretch mark.
Avatar m tn For a while now I have been noticing that there is a lump usually in the same spot on my groin. ( just to the right of my left leg below my stomach. The lump is singular or sometimes another one appears, just above it. It doesn't itch and it starts off under the skin. I feel it for a day or so before hand and then when i wake I find that the lump has appeared and then the skin becomes very tender.
Avatar n tn I've had pain in my right groin for some time now. It worsens when I sit down and I get relief by stretching my right leg out of lying down. I some times experience pain in my right thigh. I experienced burning sensation there a few weeks ago like the area was on fire. The doctor in emergency found a lump in my groin like an enlarged lymph node. They said it could be herpes or chlymedia causing the problem.
Avatar f tn I just discovered a lump in my groin. It seems to be the same site that I had a lymph node dissected after having a mole removed from my right buttock which was a Stage I Melanoma. I am trying to find out if it is something I should be worried about.
Avatar n tn On the 18th I had noticed a lump in the lymph node in my right groin. I'm not sure how long it had been there. It didn't hurt and it was about 1cm in size. The following week my doctor sent me for blood work and checked for diabetes, urine sample, STD's etc. and that came back normal as well. Last night I went back to the doctors and showed him the lump. (I figured that it was caused by an infection, but since the bloodwork came back normal...
Avatar n tn A week later there is now a very painful swollen lymph node on my left groin area. I have not had sex in a atleast 4 months. And when I did, it was with my girlfriend (and protected). What can this be and how can I treat it?
Avatar m tn Hi, I am concerned about a lump in my groin lower down on the thigh side of the crease between hich and hip (right of tisticle). Its probably 3 cms big and noticed this morning. It feels like a bruise and surrounding the lumps also feels bruised. Not had much luck on internet as all lumps in the groin I find are higher up with nymph nodes. I plyed golf yesterday in very hot temperature, and noticed in the evening that it felt bruised down there, like i had been cycling all day.
Avatar n tn My jeans hurt, I can't lay face down, and moving in a certain way hurts there. And as far as the lump, its in my groin on my right side. I think its a lymph node, but no one seems concerned. Its hard and it never goes away. I am only 25, three children, one miscarriage for certain, possibly two. I just started a new job last week and I can't take off work to see a doctor. Is this anything to be concerned about?
Avatar m tn yesterday one of my friends discovered a hard painless lump located in her right side of groin area. she told me that a week ago she was experiencing a pain in her right leg but there was no lump present. could this pain be related to the lump that's there now? what could this lump be?
Avatar m tn The day after I started taking these drugs, the pain in my testicle did subside a little, but I discovered a lump on the right side of my groin and found it to be a little painful. Could it be a lymph node swelling? How long will the swelling last? Is this a symptom of epididymitis or should I be worried?
Avatar m tn Hey all. I just noticed this today in the shower. I have a hard lump slightly smaller than a penny, on the very inner thigh groin area. I've never come across anything like this in my life and I am a little freaked out. Its kinda painful, more of an annoyance. I can feel it when i shift my weight or walk. I practice safe sex, and get regular check ups twice a year. Should I go in? or leave it alone for a few days. Is there any cream or anything you guys would suggest to use?
Avatar f tn I'm a 16 year old girl who is not sexually active, but for about 2 years, I've had a large lump on my groin. The lump.. -is soft -not painful -has a 1'' diameter -varies in size (larger in hot or cold temp or tight jeans) -bulges when coughing I showed it to my pediatrician, but she didn't really give me any feedback. I'm not sure, but I think this may be my lymph node. I have other symptoms of general poor health and upper abdominal pain, but my blood work is fine. Thanks in advance.