Lump in armpit lymph nodes

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Avatar f tn It's not a pimple and it's very sore to the touch. I've had lymph nodes in my neck before but was told they were nothing to worry about. I don't know what to do as I'm on vacation in a foreign country...
Avatar n tn What might cause a very sore swollen lymph node just under skin in area between armpit and breast? I had an Adnexal tumor-syringomatous carcinoma removed in 3/2002. I was told my the surgeon the size of the tumor was that of a golf ball. Within this past week I noticed a very sore/painful swollen lymph node in area near where the tumor was removed. It is under the skin and cannot be seen by looking at it.
Avatar n tn Hello, Doctor-- Within the past four weeks, I have engaged in protected sex with two women who have numerous sexual partners (escorts). I'm not writing to discuss the relative risk involved, but I have been worried about a lump under my right armpit that I found today. I found it accidentally when showering. I wanted to ask about "armpit lymph node swelling.
Avatar f tn Do you mean you found a lump in the armpit? I have a little story about that. Here's a repeat of something I wrote a while ago in this forum: I had a bit of a scare around December 8. My armpit (on the same side as the GM) started hurting (that's happened before, so I ignored it). When I my hand there to feel where the pain was, there was a huge lump, and when I looked at it in the mirror I could see two red dots in the middle of a protruding lump (the size of two green grapes).
Avatar m tn About a month ago while shaving my armpit, I noticed a very small (less pea size) lump right in the center of my armpit. I know that when I or my doctor examines my armpit for lymph nodes my arm is relaxed and lowered near my side and the area being examined in deeper in the armpit. This lump is at or very near the surface, maybe even in the skin, and can be felt when I gently run my finger over the skin of my armpit with my arm is raised and the armpit skin it taut.
7659759 tn?1394406543 How do you know if the lymph nodes in your armpits or neck are swollen?
Avatar m tn Hi, An armpit lump refers to enlargement of one or more lymph nodes under the arm. Lumps in the armpit have various causes. Abscesses under the skin may also produce large, painful lumps in the armpit. Lymph nodes are filters that can catch infectious organisms or cancerous tumor cells. When they do, lymph nodes increase in size and are easily felt.
Avatar m tn I have a lymph node that i can feel in my armpit. I had it for about 3 months and it did not increase in size. I keep poking at it too. I went to my doctor and he said it is too small to be anything serious. Should i still be worried.
Avatar f tn This morning I woke up with a small hard lump in my armpit. There is only one. I have also been feeling dizzy and sick to my stomach all day, more so than usual. What's wrong with me?
Avatar n tn In female a breast examination for a lump must be done for all lymph nodes in the armpit. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn but a week later i developed a singe large lump under my LEFT armpit i think mainly because i irritated the skin and it had the same structure as the previous lumps My question is would i be at risk of HIV infection as i am currently feeling anxious and nervuous about lymph node swelling and everything else a reply would be great thankyou
Avatar f tn I have a lump in my armpit that I think has been there for a while. I know for sure I saw it a month ago, but went through 2 surgeries (unrelated?) and that was my last concern - I thought it was a muscle. It has never been painful, red, 'angry' or anything else. I think it's gotten a little bigger, but if it has, it hasn't grown much at all. Last week I went to my doctor and showed it to her.
Avatar f tn s two weeks ago but a day after it while taking my bath noticed painless lump at my right armpit and two on the left, however, they reduced in size as the days go by but are still visible. do i have cause to fear? could it be related to lactation?
Avatar f tn Lymph nodes can become enlarger for several reasons ... usually some type of infection somewhere in the body. There is also the possibility of an infected hair follicle. Enlarged lymph nodes are only occasionally associated with breast cancer. Regards ....
Avatar m tn im really scared i think my lymph are nodes are swollen. i can fell something in my neck. what about the lymph nodes in the armpit or gorin. would they big lumps or something. please anyone answer this question.
Avatar n tn In addition, I have felt smaller, firm lymph nodes in my groin area and also smaller, tender, non-firm lymph nodes in my neck and beneath my jaw. In my armpit there are some extremely painful lymph nodes, when touched. I also have been experiencing oral candida, and I also would not be surprised if I have systematic candida. I have not been sick with anything since about May, when I experienced a case of pink eye and before that I was sick with a bug in January and strep throat in November.
Avatar f tn It’s a good sign that the lumps are getting smaller, but you should be aware that suspicious lymph nodes also present in this area and because of this possibility, it would be best to consult your doctor for proper evaluation. Best wishes and I hope there is nothing there to worry about.
Avatar f tn Hi, From the description that you give, these look like enlarged lymph nodes. These can be enlarged due to infection etc. An armpit lump can be felt enlarged due to shaving, waxing, using a deodarant and other infectious causes. The throat lumps you mention could be due to some throat infection. You could wait for a few days, and see if the lymph nodees decrease in size. If not, you would need to consult your doctor and you may need to take an antibiotic course.
Avatar n tn Hi, An armpit lump refers to enlargement of one or more lymph nodes under the arm. Lumps in the armpit have various causes. Cysts and infections on the surface of the skin of the armpit may be caused by shaving or use of antiperspirants (as opposed to deodorants). Abscesses under the skin may also produce large, painful lumps in the armpit. Lumps may occur when lymph nodes are swollen due to bacterial or viral infections, vaccinations, and cancer.
Avatar n tn I have a smaller lump in the top of my armpit ( if that location makes sense) it doesn't hurt nor is uncomfortable. But I worries me, I do have a cold so I'm not sure if it is a lymph node. What else could it be? Should I go see a doctor? And how should I ask my parents to see the doctor?
Avatar m tn I had the mammogram and the tech asked if I had any symptoms and I told her about the lump in my armpit. She said she would try to get it in the mammogram. After the radiologist read my mammogram he asked that I come back for another mammogram and ultrasound to look a little close at my left breast. While I was with the ultra sound tech I told her about the lump in my left armpit.
Avatar m tn I recently discovered when i raise my right arm, there is a 'lump'. However, i cannot tell whether it is normal as in a muscle or bone from my shoulder area or indeed a lump. I can see it when i raise my arm straight up, and it is kinda in the area where the arm meets the center of the armpit. It is rather large, around a golf ball size. On my left arm there is a very similar 'lump' but just a slight bit smaller.
Avatar n tn Hi! I have a few questions regarding a pretty large lump in my armpit. It has been there for about 3 mos.
Avatar n tn NOw that I look at where it was again i don't even think it cold have been a lymph node-it wasn't directly in my armpit or anything. I think it was regular breast tissue that i probably aggravated by touching it wasy too much. What are your thoughts.
Avatar f tn It is not bad, just enough for me to notice. I also noticed that there is a lump in the middle of my armpit. My L armpit does not have this. Could this just be a swollen lymph node?
Avatar n tn while on vacation in Mexico, I found a small (less than .5 cm) lump in my armpit... just to the side of my breast... it feels somewhat rubbery and moves very freely. I have called my Gyn. (about 4 weeks ago) and she told me to quit caffeine (I cut down to one cup of green tea a day but couldn't quit totally (headches!) and take vit. e. She told me to call her after my next period and tell her if it's changed. I plan on calling her as me period just ended and it's still there unchanged.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to add one more thing.A lump in the armpit could also be a swollen lymph node that appears because on an infection somewhere in the body and you are not to be too concerned about it.Make sure to keep your appointment with your doctor though..Take care.
Avatar f tn I'am 26 years old I have had this lump in my left armpit for many years. I canno't see the lump (not like a pimple or ingrown hair), it is under the skin. You can only know there is a lump if you feel the area. The left armpit is also larger than the right, I'm guessing from the lump inside. (when you wear a bra..the fat that tends to stick out at the corner of your armpit..the left it sticks out a lot more). Like I said I have had this for years.