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Avatar n tn I have a lump in my armpit that I have had for a week, initiallyabout 3 days after I had a fever, chilld and my bones ached, mostly at my joints, no other flu symptoms my Dr put me on keflex and vicodin, a week later the lump was still there and I was in a lot of pain, I was given darvocet to tide me over until I could have an ultra sound, and a week after that a biopsy was scheduled.
919623 tn?1258157930 I have been terribly sick, for months now I have run fevers, lost my appetite and I do have a lump but it is hard under my left armpit and a few of those in between my breasts. The mammogram was negative, blood work normal. I get these really really red patches on my face, neck and arms at times. I thought it was my blood pressure until the doctor said something the other day. He said he was concerned because the lymph node has not gone down and because of the weight loss.
Avatar m tn Hello, for a few weeks i have developed a pea size lump on my right armpit. it is not right under the armpit but it is right beside the area. it is noticeable but not painful, also it is not reddened but just the same as my skin colour. im in good health i believe and only fourteen at the moment, i'm not sure what to do, do you have an idea of what this lump may be and what should i do about it. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Also, a sudden painful lump in the armpit is more likely to be infection or some other type of inflammation. You do not state what type of x-ray is ordered. X-ray is useful for identifying some problems but not all. You may want to discuss the type of x-ray with your doctor to find out what he is looking for. If, in your doctor’s opinion, this is most likely infection, it may be reasonable to “watch” it for a week or so to see if it improves.
Avatar n tn Hi! I have a few questions regarding a pretty large lump in my armpit. It has been there for about 3 mos.
Avatar n tn During the ultrasound, the technician focused on a spot in the lower area of my left breast - the same side with the lump in the armpit. Are these related? The information on the internet about lymphoma scares me because I get night sweats too. At my next appointment I intend to insist that my doctor arrange to have fluid drawn from this lump and tested. Any input?
Avatar n tn Was off the antibiotics for approximately 10 days when low and behold, 3 more popped up (1 in the armpit, 1 in the groin and another have mercy was in my privates). Back to the Dr., he said now I have to be on the antibiotic for 30 days and that he felt it was a staph infection. In addition, I've got to put bacitracin in my nose at bedtime for 3 weeks. He advised that staph is a common bacteria that everyone has on their body. It actually lives in the nose.
Avatar f tn HI, I'm a 23 year old female. I have had a small pea-sized lump in my left armpit for... a long time. I really can't remember for how long I've had it now, it could be as much as a year, or as little as 4 months. At first I though it was just an ingrown hair from shaving/waxing and as I do for other bumps of this kind, I've been waiting for a sign of the hair to surface or a 'whitehead' so to speak, to form so that I could clear it out with a needle if it didn't go on it's own.
Avatar m tn So I checked my armpits since the rash was in that area also and noticed this hard lump under my right armpit. Didnt think to much of it at first since I used to always get painful lumps in that area in the past from the old deodorant i used to use and from sweating from alot of activity. But this lump was PAINLESS. The day of me noticing it, it was MARBLE SIZE! Now, almost a month and a half later, its still there but alot smaller.
Avatar f tn I have had a lump in the right armpit for about 6 months. There is swelling , that goes up and down, but marginally. There is no redness and I have been taking 3 lots of antibiotics which has not done anything. I was refered to another gyn and has decieded that I need a scan, as he is not sure. On the scan sheet he placed Lympholma ? . What does that mean. Also my right breast has a very large flat area of which I do not have on he left side.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone. I have a few questions about a lump in my left armpit. I noticed it a week ago and at first it was very long actually. It was the length of my index and middle fingers next to each other in width if that makes sense. It was also very painful. Now it has shrunk in size and has gotten more round. Its less than an inch in size when at first it was larger than an inch.
Avatar m tn it can be moved back and forth. also since finding the original lump in my right armpit which seems to continue to shrink, i constantly kept checking my left armpit. this past weekend i found another lump which only seemed to grow and get painful and actually come to the surface since finding it. it has shrunk alittle since finding it 5 days ago. and this lump is PAINFUL. i used to always get these in the past. idk if me touching it all the time has made it stick around longer than usual.
Avatar m tn I recently found a lump in the centre of my right armpit. It doesn't feel very circular and is actually a bit thin and long. I can sort of feel the exact same thing in the same place on my left arm but it doesn't stick out as much. I can only feel these things when i raise my arms. Could this be a swollen lymph node or is it just a possible swollen muscle? I have no other symptoms.
1298701 tn?1286990594 first i didnt think any of those are wrong till recently i start research about my lump on armpit. i just thought lymphoma but now i am worried its something else because of this bruises. since i have 3kids i cant really tell i am fatigue. but yes i get really tired all the time just by doing simple thing such as washing dishes and cleaning. i want to lay down all the time because i am so tired all the time. i dont have fever, but i do have hot flash during night time and chills.
Avatar f tn I am worrying about the hard lump in muscle under armpit. thumping pain in my right hand, arm, neck and jaws. Tingle and feel tight in my hand and fingers. Headache and fever.. feeling hot at nights... Please tell me if anyone got this similar systoms..I am seeing the doctor tomorrow. I am scared..
727499 tn?1239631255 We were testing for all kinds of stuff (for all the symptoms I was having before the lump), and all of a sudden I realized that 'bone' was not in fact a bone, but a lump (not that smart of me, I know). It's been there for months... They also found 2 smaller 'nodules' (also lymph nodes) in each armpit (for a total of 5 enlarged lymph nodes) - they're only 2+ x 1+ x 1+ cm. My MRI was Thurs, I get my surgery date on Tues (hopefully it's soon).
Avatar f tn I went to see a surgeon he ordered a valley fever test I do not have that a tb test I do not have that blood ok and today i got the results on my ct on chest abdomen and pelvic looking for any enlarged lymph nodes it was neg every thing looks good. I told me he does not believe its lymphoma he says it propably a viruis still doing biopsy in groin. What viruis can last a year with no abnormal blood work? what could it be?
9850020 tn?1406253685 Hi , I would like to share my story about armpit pain I'm 23 years old , and I felt a lump under my left armpit 2 years ago, it was movable , painless, not inflamed , with a size of big olive, it was increasing in size during period , I have no family history of breast cancer , I discover it when I was examining my breast ( as am a medical student ) and I just ignore till it increase in size and appear in the my other right armpit , it is discomforting and annoying and sometime it cause
907672 tn?1381029323 About a week before I discovered the lump I found a swollen lump under my left armpit but it went away after a couple of days. I went to my doctor who thought it was probably mastitis because it was so close to the surface of the skin. He recommended warm damp compresses on my breast several times a day for two weeks. He said if it didn't help then I should see a surgeon. It did not go away so I went to see a general surgeon.
1668735 tn?1451693926 I have a lump under my armpit it comes and goes and it is always sore but this time it's REALLY painful My bra rubs against it and makes it hurt more. It hurts when I touch it too. And it's gotten red. I did put a cooling pack on it and it took some of the pain out of it. My underarm hurts when I move my arm or raise it and I can't lay on that side it hurts pretty bad. I also get fiber cysts on my breasts every once in a while....could it be a Cyst? Please answer. I worried.
Avatar m tn I also noticed that when I excercise, a lump appears in my left armpit (same side as enlarged tonsil). The doctors don't seem to be as concerned as I am, but I worry about lymphoma or tonsil cancer. The doc doesen't know about the lump in my armpit yet, but I will inform him ASAP. I have been sick for almost a year now battling C Difficile (which is now gone) and have had a number of scans, scopes, blood tests and x-rays.
Avatar n tn The more I felt around I found a pea size lump under armpit near top of breast on left side. Didnt hurt though! After 3 long agonizing years, found out my Mother passed away from Large B cell Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, her sister died of the same thing. Im a 44 year old female, family history of cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, vaginal cancer, and Non Hodgkins Lymphoma, lung cancer, stomach cancer. I know I need to have this checked, any ideas what it could be would b appreciated!
1939607 tn?1324292900 I called my doctor and told him the whole story and he is of the opinion that the skin irritation has caused the lump and the pain. He told me that lymphoma causes larger lumps that are painful to the touch. Also, he said that it is usually accompanied by other symptoms such as fatigue, fevers, anorexia etc. I am not convinced though. Can something so simple as a skin irritation because of deodorant/shaving cause a lump? I am scared to death and I don't know how to treat it.
Avatar f tn I would like to ask something. I recently discovered a lump on my armpit 2 months ago. Its small and a bit painful when i touch it. Last week i thought it was already gone but today its back again. Do you think its a sign of cancer? What should I do? I hope you can help me. Thank you.
Avatar m tn You'll have to excuse me, I am becoming somewhat of a hypochondriac these days, but this lump has been in this location for nearly a year, if not over a year. I should have paid it more attention then I admit, but for some reason it would only cross my mind for a while and I would tend to other matters. Recently, my lump crossed my mind and I did some research. And lymphoma is concerning me. I looked up the symptoms and I'm afraid I have several of them.
Avatar m tn ) So now a week later a find myself worrying about yet another disease, this time after finding a HARD PAINLESS MARBLE SIZE LUMP under my right armpit! Now i read this could all be due to stress and especially since i dont remember this lump being there a month ago! But i take showers real quick so i might have missed it while washing. Who knows?! Anyway i have had a history with PAINFUL LUMPS in the armpit area for a while that come and go within a few days.
1939607 tn?1324292900 I called my doctor and told him the whole story and he is of the opinion that the skin irritation has caused the lump and the pain. He told me that lymphoma causes larger lumps that are painful to the touch. Also, he said that it is usually accompanied by other symptoms such as fatigue, fevers, anorexia etc. I am not convinced though. Can something so simple as a skin irritation because of deodorant/shaving cause a lump? I am scared to death and I don't know how to treat it.
Avatar n tn I have had this lump under my armpit for 6 months now and i dont think it has got an bigger in size. The lump isnt red and doesnt feel rock hard. They are painless and only ache slightly when i start touching them, think im just irritating them. Ive had what feels like the same thing behind my ear for 5 years. If i had lymphoma would i have noticed at this stage? I have no other symptoms and feel fine.