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Avatar f tn It is sticking out right about at the wrist. We have taken him to the vet and the lump is very hard. They gave him an antibiotic shot in hopes that it was perhaps an abscess and would go down. It did not and actually has increased in size. He does not limp and gets around on it just fine but it does hurt when you push on it. We have plans to take him in and have it removed. The vet thinks that it would be too difficult to aspirate anything from it. He believes it to be more solid.
Avatar m tn When I was 17 i dislocated my thumb from my wrist now I'm 29 and my wrist has a lump that is only visible when I bend my hand down and if I move it side to side it pops its becoming more painful what should I do and what could it be
Avatar n tn The lump is painful, but only to palpation. The lump feels more so hard that at a soft nature. Could you elaborate on what this could ppossibly be.
Avatar f tn No i dont have any numbness just pain when i move them, asthough my tendons are stretched if that makes sense. Eventhough i am on anti inflammatory tablets i still have a lump at the top of my right hand where it joins the wrist. What was your ganglion cyst like?
740522 tn?1246950425 Seems bo be brought on when i bend my wrist too far forwards. The result is a pain in the top of my wrist, right in the middle of the joint. When this happens it hurts to bent my wrist backwards. There is a tender spot where the pain is, and when i press that spot there seems to be a small lump. I asked a friend about it a while ago, who mentioned that it could be a small bone dislocating when i bend my wrist frowards, which then stops the wrist from bending backwards.
12758 tn?1201223280 goes all the way across my wrist....from the wrist bone to the inside...he kept cutting away tissue...looking at it...cut some more...lookimg....cutting...more numbing...more cutting...pathology some time this coming week...I can tell you one thing...the numbness is starting to wear off...
Avatar m tn Can using a computer mouse result in a PAINLESS lump on the underside of the wrist?
Avatar m tn Afterwards I was pretty sore and stiff all over, but was fine after a few days, except for my wrist; I have had a small amount of pain in my wrist at the bottom of my thumb, where it meets the wrist on the palm side which I thought would eventually go away, but is still there now. It doesn't hurt much except when I move it in particular ways, e.g., if I bend my wrist forward the whole way, and even then the pain is not too much.
Avatar m tn The top part of my hand itself was kind of swollen also. But my biggest concern is that there is a small lump on the bottum part of my wrist now that I can move around. It was pretty big when it originally happened and I kept pushing it back in. 4 days later however it is quite small but still sticks out. I was not and nor in any pain during the entire inccident and my fingers/wrist/thumb are free to move.
Avatar n tn Ganglion cysts most commonly occur on the back of the hand (60%-70%), at the wrist joint, and can also develop on the palm side of the wrist. When found on the back of the wrist, they become more prominent when the wrist is flexed forward.
Avatar f tn I am 14 years old and I have been experiencing pain in my wrist for a little under 5 months. It is a hard lump on my right is located under my pinky side of the wrist and where the bone is. It is bigger and fatter than my left wrists bone. It hurts to twist both ways more clockwise than the other. Recently it has also even aching and hurting when I'm not doing anything with it. I have asked my parents if we should check it but they said no.
Avatar f tn i severely hurt my wrist last tuesday, the injury is where the wrist meets the hand, on the top left side. at first my wrist just felt very tight, sore and weak, but 4-5 hours after hurting it, i had a large raised swollen lump on the top side of the wrist and as the evening wore on i was having extreme difficulty moving it and the severe dull aching was all i could think about.
Avatar f tn There was a lump near the left corner of my wrist and I couldn't bend it. It disappeared within a week and a half. My wrist felt much better. I was then hired, a week after the cyst went away, by Bojangles' as a biscuit maker. The job requires me to lift objects up to 40lbs and to constantly use my hands. After a week of working there, my fingers, in both hands, began to become stiff in the mornings. My right wrist started to mildly hurt again but it didn't feel like anything serious.
Avatar f tn About two weeks ago I banged my arm right above my wrist on one of the glass doorknobs in our home. Initially it had a bruise and felt swollen. I didn't ice it like I should have, but the bruise went away and I thought the pain would as well. However, it is still hurting and today I saw my PCP who sent me for an Xray to make sure it isn't broken. When the spot is pressed on, the pain is exquisite. I had some pain as he turned my hand/arm/wrist to check the tendons, but not as much as that spot.
Avatar n tn Got my MRI Results back today,,,,seems I have a ganglion cyst in the wrist, which is causing the push-up pain. Has anyone had anything like this before, and if so, what did you do?
Avatar f tn hi.. im a dentist.. months ago, i experienced numbness at the left hand.. i took medicines B-complex for almost a week, & the numbness had gone & i stop taking that medicines.. but recently, i noticed i have a clicking sound at my left wrist but there is no pain..& after few days it already hurts.. now,it already disturbed me while holding a mouth mirror while treating my patients.. is this a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome? should i seek medical assistance for this? please help me..
206807 tn?1331939784 Today I noticed a knot about the size of a small grape has formed on the side of my wrist. As some of you know, I have just recently started tx. My question is, could this be a tx side that I haven’t heard about, or just a coincidence?
1027575 tn?1390964018 most will know I had a wrist fusion on my right wrist in December 2009 as well as proximinal row carpetomy at the same time.Have also had a wrist stabilistation using tendons and bone anchors year before. It's been a very slow recovery process and I am now at work (I work in e-learning development and also doing a part time Ph.D.). Apologies for the lack of response posts unfortunately right smack bang in the middle of my recovery I lost my father unexpectedly.
Avatar f tn Lymph are protective mechanisms of the body and they 'trap' the infecting source causing enlargement of lymph nodes. The infection can be from the teeth. The lump at the wrist may not be a lymph node. For the involuntary movements consult your primary care physician for a neurological assessment, he may refer you to a neurologist if needed. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn The swelling is now on the whole back of my hand still with a centralized lump focused at the wrist. The back of my hand is sore and still swollen. Some guys at work told me to see the nurse to check and make sure its not some sort of bug bite and infection but there are no visible marks. The nurse didnt think so either. Im starting to worry and fear something is wrong. I have been working with my insurence company and they havent been able to help yet. I am 1000mi from home and stuck.
Avatar m tn Typing on my laptop with more caution and awareness regarding my wrist. I think the tender lump in the palm could be a ganglion cyst, and I'll monitor that. Could be just a benign mass/cyst... yes, either one of which could contribute to nerve compression and pain and limitation. Cortisone could help too, as well as nsaids and definitely more rest than I had been giving my wrist and hand. Avoiding surgery is my goal, so thanks for the heads up on that, Dr. Anitha.
Avatar n tn In the past 2/3 weeks I have grown a small lump 1cm in diameter on my vein on my left wrist. Next to my vein I have also grown a larger oval shaped lump. Both lumps are painful at times.
Avatar f tn I have a small lump about the size of a pea on my forearm about 4 inches from my elbow. It is very sore to the touch. Any ideal what this could be?
Avatar m tn Doctor, I have a hard lump on the back of my left wrist, that I think I've had for at least a few years. It seems to extend from at or about the point where my forearm bones meet at the wrist joint, into the "Anatomical Snuffbox". In the adjacent direction, it seems to be about three quarters of an inch across, and it sticks up enough to be easily felt, but not so much as to be noticed by anyone, but me. I'm willing to send a photograph, if you want.
499577 tn?1210430393 I have a tender non moving bone like lump on top of my hand near my wrist in line between my thumb and next finger. I also have swelling and pain in my wrist and knuckles. Any idea's?
Avatar m tn I discovered a lump on my wrist. I had 2 u/s and one MRI where I was told: 1. It is not a cyst as it is solid; 2. It is an ovoid mass adjacent and volar to the distal ulna. Appearances are consistent with a solid mass; 3. Measures 19 mm x 9 mm x 19 mm 4. The appearances are in keeping with an intraarticular lesion at the deep aspect of the volar capsule of distal radioulnar joint; 5.
Avatar f tn It sounds like a Wrist Ganglion Cyst. A wrist ganglion cyst is a swelling that usually occurs over the back of the hand or wrist. These are benign, fluid-filled capsules. If it is a ganglion cyst, it is normally not painful. Sometimes if you bump it against something hard, then it can hurt a little. Take him to the doctor, so that they can make a proper diagnosis.
Avatar m tn However, for a good couple of times (maybe 10 times) whilst I was laid on the bed head down, *** exposed as it were, when her hands were going over my anal area, I could feel a wrist bracelet/chain dropping into my anal area as her hand went past. Felt nice, and again, thought little of it in terms of problems. Now it's 2 days later an I've discovered a tender to the touch red bump in my anal area, the size of the tip of a finger (about 1cm diameter).
Avatar n tn Hard painful lum noted on top left hand below wrist and in line with index and middle finger. Very painful when bumped and with flexion. Pain with burning, throbbing to wrist, hand, and fingers as well. Same bump on right hand but not painful at present. Bump is firm and feels like bone. Any thoughts what it could be?