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Avatar f tn It is sticking out right about at the wrist. We have taken him to the vet and the lump is very hard. They gave him an antibiotic shot in hopes that it was perhaps an abscess and would go down. It did not and actually has increased in size. He does not limp and gets around on it just fine but it does hurt when you push on it. We have plans to take him in and have it removed. The vet thinks that it would be too difficult to aspirate anything from it. He believes it to be more solid.
Avatar n tn I am a 29 Female. I have had a large lump in the lower palm area of my left hand for 10+ years.... which has in the last year become larger, sore, and very hard ... it now presses on nerves and is throbbing ... and quite uncomfortable. I am a guitarist and find this quite disconcerting! I do not have insurance or money to go to a doctor... i am hoping do dx this problem so I can search for alternative methods ... or i would love some suggestions ... i am beginning to worry.
Avatar f tn They arrive unexpectedly, don't do any damage, and are usually painless. They have no conncection whatsoever with cancer or a malignancy. They commonly form on the wrist or forearm. Some people leave them alone and have them for decades. The insides are filled with lymphatic fluid and dark matter (you heard about dark matter in outer space?). Sometimes doctors like them to "mature" a bit before they remove them.
Avatar n tn I have had a lump in my right had. I injured it and the lump just popped up. Doc says nothing showed on x-ray. After 2 years, it began to reduce in size. My grandmother has a large lump on her hand as well. In her case, it is the cyst you mentioned in your post (sorry that I can't think of the name just now). She can have it removed, but opted not to. It doesn't really cause her any pain, but it looks like it would. The appearance is probably worse than anything.
Avatar m tn Typing on my laptop with more caution and awareness regarding my wrist. I think the tender lump in the palm could be a ganglion cyst, and I'll monitor that. Could be just a benign mass/cyst... yes, either one of which could contribute to nerve compression and pain and limitation. Cortisone could help too, as well as nsaids and definitely more rest than I had been giving my wrist and hand. Avoiding surgery is my goal, so thanks for the heads up on that, Dr. Anitha.
Avatar n tn hi everyone, i've had a little lump in my right breast for a while now (probably less than a year..) but it's starting to bother me and i feel very uncomfortable. the surrounding area to my right breast feels soar and pain sometimes. so i went to my drs and she felt it, sent me to take some ultra sound. dr said i probably have a BENIGN tumor in my right breast. but how do i know if it really is benign? im so scared.
596668 tn?1228162436 The pic shows the area where I feel the lump it is on the forearm area a few inches above the wrist.
Avatar m tn nothing like that. Just this annoying back pain. Also, the lump hasn't grown in size, it might have even gotten smaller. Doctor said it feels like a lipoma, but he's not sure so i'm having an ultrasound in January. Better safe than sorry I guess. He didn't sound worried though. Do you think it might be something serious? I'm freaking out it might be cancer, even though common sense tells me it's probably not.
Avatar n tn On Sep 28 which was my birthday I woke up feeling a lump in my left breast.I've done a self breast exam on both my breast but the found nothing in the right. My left breast felt a little tender also I'm a little worried even though it doesn't run in my family. I'm unable to go to the doctor to get an exam done because I'm unemployed and that amount of money given to me can do but so much.
Avatar n tn I was dx with invasive ductal carcinoma in Jan 2003 at a normal 3 yrly mammo. I had no palpable lump in either breast and was not too concerned when I was recalled to a breast care centre. However, for the past 18 months or so beforehand I had a shooting, electrical type pain in my right armpit, going down to my wrist. It was not always there so I didn't do anything about it.
Avatar f tn Hi, Please explain what exactly you mean by "fluid in breast" - is she having a nipple discharge?
Avatar n tn I kind of forgot about it until the other night I was helping my son in the bath and noticed the lump was still there? It seems to move a little and feels kind of hard but squishy. How can I be sure this isn't a sign of Cancer. I am going to take him back to the doctors. He hasn't been sick lately and acts normal. Help I can't help to think the worst. The internet has me thinking that way.
Avatar f tn On the inside of my forearm, 3 inches above my wrist, is a hard lump about the size of a dime, that moves without pain. Just below this lump is a bruise, about 1 inch in diameter. I have no pain from either of them. The bruise starts out purple for a day then yellows for a day. It has turned purple 3 times and yellowed 3 times. As you can tell this has gone on for a week. I don't remember how I got this but I only noticed it 6 days ago.
Avatar n tn I have a friend in the US (I live in England) whose bc was found through a lump in her armpit. I too, have a close family history of cancer - my father died at 59 yrs of colon cancer ( I have Crohn's disease of some 37 yrs, so am at high risk of it turning to colon cancer) and my twin brother died at 50 yrs of a malignant brain tumour. My father was one of 8 siblings and all of them died from various forms of cancer, so I do believe there is a genetic problem in my family.
Avatar n tn However the same time I found the lump I also noticed her lymph nods in her neck were swollen. She is 15 mns now. My mother in law said my husbands lymp nods was like that when he was little. I asked my ped and he said just to watch it and make sure it dosen't get bigger. Should I get a second opinon?
Avatar f tn I recently felt a small lump ( feels kind of soft-rubbery) along her spine by her right hip. Are these lumps usually cancer?
Avatar f tn my mom died of breast cancer early in life my nana just died of dimensia and i have a lump in my wrist that has moved up towards fingers and is now painful and my fingers and right arm goes numb and chest pain and spots in my vision
1490943 tn?1288385854 I am wondering if the operation or any of the fluids I was given for 2 weeks could have accumulated there for whatever reason? I am hoping it is Lypoma but pray it is not some cancer type tumor. I was laying in a hospital bed for 2 weeks so it is not like I was working out etc. How can I tell the difference and is there a way for me to fix it myself? I do not have insurance and do not want to go back to the County Hopital again. It is a total nightmare there!
Avatar n tn Hi annie - did your bc surgeon do a sentinel node biopsy of your lymph glands? If not, they are negligent. You do need to know if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes in the armpit. I had an invasive ductal tumour and sample node removal/biopsy, in 2003, which showed 3 out of 8 lymph nodes were malignant. When I went back for total lymph node removal they found oe more node cancerous. My tumour was only found on a normal 3 yrly mammo and was not palpable. Thank God for mammos.
Avatar m tn i know how scared you are because i am in the same boat as you. i found a lump in both of my elbow creases in each arm they're both symmetrical but mine don't move so much and i had mine for a couple years now, i went to one doctor and she said there is no need to worry about it because cancer is hardly ever symmetrical and if it was i would have a 1 and 1 million chance pretty much that it was. i know how you feel i don't thibk yours is too much to worry about either.
Avatar f tn Pain that travels creating an extreme pain at certain locations. Different sides of the body. * lump in wrist * swelling of the fingers and wrist. Some bones seem swollen too. * can't straighten fingers -pain can't add any pressure ea. open lids, door knobs. * pain in my back -in ribs * Advil etc don't really work. * numbness and tingling in fingers. * extreme tiredness 24/7- fatigue.
Avatar m tn In the last week I have been experiencing pain in my thyroid-it's were my neck is most concave. It feels like I have a large gumball stuck in my throat. 2 wks ago I decided to try and quit smoking so I started wearing the patch and smoking 2-4 cigarettes a day vs the 30 before. The pain doesn't go away, it hurst badly to swallow and one day within the last 5 it didn't bother me. I wake up in the middle of the night and it's all I feel.
Avatar n tn In 1996 my mother died of breast cancer. At that time, we were told that my mom was only the 3rd person in (US?) history to ever have a breast cancer tumor on her left ring finger, on the backside of the first knuckle behind her fingernail. She had to have the first knuckle on that finger removed. Come to find out, that tumor was a sign that the cancer had metastasized. She never stood a chance. This was her 2nd bout with breast cancer. Her 1st was when/right after I was born.
Avatar n tn Now, we have noticed that he has a decent sized lump on his back, and an even larger one on his buttox. The lymphatic tumors in his neck also make his left side of his face seem much larger than the right side, but since the surgeries it has gotten a little better. Good luck to everyone that has to go through this. I wish this was just a cosmetic issue like lymphangiomas normally are, but this issue continues to test my son's immune system simply because it is in a bad location.
558632 tn?1303474725 5 inches up from wrist) a couple of weeks ago, i woke up and it was painful, the pain has subsided unless i press on it and it is a dull pain, there is a 1/2 -1" size lump under the swelling? should i have this looked at asap, I have an endo appointment early march and a physical coming up in may, can it wait or not? can this be cancer or something to deal with muscles (i have graves, pernecious anemia, vit d deficiency, menieres, raynauds, fibromyalgia, to name a few).
Avatar f tn I had surgery just over 2 weeks ago and the best thing ever. The lump used to hurt especialy at night in bed when I would sleep on my side. It also looked ugly and like another boob. My surgeon did an excellent job with the scar so far it looks okay. I would say if it hurts and you are concious about it have it removed. My sister also had both armpits done.
Avatar f tn I have a friend who has tiny holes in the creases of his palms and fingers. These little holes will get hardened white tissue in them which he pulls out leaving again a little tiny hole. These holes are in every crease and fold of his palm and fingers which is a cause of embarassment for him. A couple of times it is if the holes have gotten infected under the hardened area but as soon as the protrusion is pulled out the area is fine.
Avatar n tn I have had it for months on and of. I have a lump constanly in the crease of my finger. If I go climbing or carry shopping bags its really painful. So I try to be careful not to put pressure on it to stop the "pop" which is even more excrutiating. Hope someone out there can help.
Avatar f tn Hi! Pain in the armpit without a lump can be due to heat intolerance and due to sweat dermatitis. It is also possible due to peripheral artery disease. Peripheral neuropathies as in diabetes, chemical burns due to any deo or lotions you use, peripheral nerve compression are the other possibilities. It can even be a referred pain from breast due to fibroadenosis. Just check and see if the pain in worse in certain times of your menstrual cycle.These possibilities should be looked into.