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Avatar n tn The strange thing is when I walk her she does not limp at all and when I take her to the park to run free she runs very fast with no limping. I feed her a good diet, give her vitamins and walk her around 1 mile a day.
216278 tn?1308861082 A good place to get affordable vitamins, although not all the ones you need is A good friend of mine told me about this site and now I recommend it to others. It is where I get many of my supplements. They don't have everything I need or in all the doses that I need, but they have enough to where it's worth paying the shipping costs when I order several items at once. I know that they have many in powdered and liquid forms, although not all of them.
Avatar n tn I want to go on a liquid diet. A lot of smoothies, blended and juices for 2 weeks just to start. I told my doctor about it and she just said to make sure I get enough protein and vitamins so my body isnt feeling starved. What types of food/juices should I include a lot of, or not much of?
Avatar f tn Is it normal for the prenatal vitamins to make your stomach feel like butterflies?
Avatar n tn Is there any type of vitamins/foods I can take to help restore the Optic nerve I recently am on prednisone that seems to help alittle bit but I am trying to find a way to strenthen it? ie: carrots or something to get it back or a little bit better?
Avatar f tn For the people who did take vitamins did u take them throughout ur whole pregnancy without problems??
9020929 tn?1401224392 Is anybody else taking whole food vitamins? If so how are they working for you? Is this your first time using them or have you used them with previous pregnancies?
Avatar f tn Although vitamins can provide some of the things that we do not take in in our diets, the absolute BEST source of these nutrients is in FOOD, because food contains types of phytonutrients that synthetic compunds just cannot reproduce. The more whole foods you eat the better (natural as opposed to processed, packaged, refined, and "fast food") Of course vegetables and fruits are of vital importance.
4274823 tn?1388529098 I have read on this forum that Vitamin C aids iron absorption. The liquid iron I take has Vitamin C in it as as a B vitamins. When consuming foods with iron how does one know what to consume that contains enough vitamin C to help the body absorb the iron? I am a vegetarian with hypothyroidism. I am not on thyroid medication. I understand iron is important to thyroid function. I'm trying to support my thyroid by increasing my ferretin (iron). My iron stores are reduced.
Avatar f tn You can look for the same vitamins in foods as well. Those moms on I didnt know I was pregnant made it through. I think you will be ok. I think the prenatals are more for mom than baby, because baby takes from your system, the prenatal are restoring whats taken.
535822 tn?1443976780 Margy- I would try a liquid whole food source multi and see if that is easier for you to digest.
Avatar n tn This one i had no side effects from. Its also made from whole foods instead of synthedic ingredients. I would definitely suggest these pills because you want the best for your baby while its growing and these are the best.
Avatar n tn Anything to do instead of the prenatal vitamins? I hate taking pills and I always forget. I wish they had chewables. Thanx for any replies!
317245 tn?1258737545 Well, I'm sure there are foods for babies without milk and soy. Also, BRATTY is only an example of "OK foods" in diarrhea. There are many products from corn and other cereals. The boy would need testing for common allergies. Beside allergies this is possible: - lactose intolerance - rare in babies but possible. Not only dairy products but anything containing lactose would affect him. Lactose is even in some medications, vitamins...
Avatar f tn -) very gentle on tummy bc they are liquid gels and my pb was very happy and impressed with my choice on those she said they are a great brand :-)
12162520 tn?1426012596 The liquid that surrounds the baby is the amniotic fluid.the baby will get all the vitamins it needs from you and your body. The vitamins are there to replace what the baby take.
Avatar f tn How are the liquid iron ? I need to get chewable or liquid bc i cant shallow pills. Prenatal chewable make me sick so I'm taking chewable adult vitamins and currently doing research on chewable or liquid iron pills.
Avatar f tn I'm 8 weeks a long and recently started taking Rx prenatal vitamins. For the past week I've been experiencing loose dark green stool accompanied by a stomach ache. I changed up my diet a little as well eating more green veggies. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn Beware of GNC vitamins....I am so mad about this....I can't take Cellulose in any form and got some B-12 that the bottle states there is no cellulose, then looked online and it listed Cellulose and Dicalcium Carbonate as ingredients that WERE NOT on the bottle!!!! I also found out it is synthetic B-12.....I am new to the vitamin game, but glad I did some homework. I called GNC and they said they would "take care of it" and offered me a $15 coupon. Wow.
Avatar m tn I would like to add that maybe a liquid whole food source multi would be good for you, for better absorption.
Avatar f tn To help waste form more solidly, you can eat more whole grain foods, like 100 percent whole wheat bread, oat cereal, brocholi is a miracle food, salads are a huge help, too. Just be sure to drink plenty of water daily so you don't go the other way and get stopped up. Also, to keep your electrolytes straight, you can drink gatorade. Also, you can have a teaspoon of children's liquid vitamins, but only once a week.
503607 tn?1275671579 I was told to make a special formula for her that had whole goat milk, liquid vitamins, and brewers yeast in it, then slowly introduce rice cereal with the formula mixed in...and then pureed foods like mashed potatoes, yams, wild rice and scrambled eggs...I refused to put her on reflux meds because they decrease the stomach acid and thus impedes the body's ability to digest and absorb vitamins and minerals...
535882 tn?1396576685 s harder now that Whole Foods has driven most of these stores out of business. Just never go to GNC. That's about all I'll say about that!
Avatar m tn Second iherb. Great site, good prices, very quick delivery. There are a million internet sites if you know what you want. If you're not that knowledgeable, find the local small health food store with the best reputation, and this means no GNC or Vitamin Shoppes. Avoid store brands and discounters, as they use the cheapest ingredients that are often not well absorbed.