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Avatar f tn I take my prenatal vitamins with different stuff but water like apple juice orange juice & yogurt cause when I take it with water it leaves a nasty taste in my mouth .
Avatar f tn My Dr told me the other day my iron levels are a little low so I should drink a big glass of orange juice in the mornings and take an iron pill every day. But the orange juice makes me feel like almost sick and kind of shakey after I drink it. And the iron pills are suppose to make me constipated (tmi sorry) which I do not want?! Anyone have and advice or suggestions??? I'm 28weeks by the way.
Avatar n tn Hi, I cant seem to find much info on the product but i know the ingredients are just a bunch of plants that squeezed for their juice and probably contain some vitamins, minerals and trace minerals. Gogi and mangosteen have been the herb of the month for a while now, people have been making amazing claims but essentially most of these products are from multi-level-marketing companies that have independant distributors with no health education background.
Avatar f tn I got some liquid prenatal from the health food store which is pretty good but it turns my urine a sort of neon yellow for a little while, the doc said thats fine.
Avatar f tn How are the liquid iron ? I need to get chewable or liquid bc i cant shallow pills. Prenatal chewable make me sick so I'm taking chewable adult vitamins and currently doing research on chewable or liquid iron pills.
8892684 tn?1403993984 I did gummy vitamins. But try taking the pills with milk or Orange juice.
Avatar n tn I want to go on a liquid diet. A lot of smoothies, blended and juices for 2 weeks just to start. I told my doctor about it and she just said to make sure I get enough protein and vitamins so my body isnt feeling starved. What types of food/juices should I include a lot of, or not much of?
Avatar f tn She may be self screening foods that upset her stomach, my son is really allergic to dairy. He is 6 now and I am giving him a fruit smoothie now every morning with liquid childrens multivitamin, Udo's oil (Omega oils), dairy free calcium supplement, fruit juice, half a banana and a couple of strawberries. If she likes juice then she would likely take it easily and you can sneak alot of missing nutrients into a smoothie!
1504850 tn?1290289880 Stay away from dairy when eating your iron rich foods. Also, she had liquid iron to take everyday in her juice. Vitamin C helps the body to absorb the iron. Oatmeal has lots of iron. Hopefully, you will get your iron levels up to where they need to be. Make sure to follow up with your doctor to make sure that your iron levels are increasing. Eat right and take your iron as prescribed by your doctor. Take care.
Avatar f tn I don't think they have antibiotics in liquid form only supplement and vitamins. I believe if it is a fluid they have to give it thru an I'V.
1493284 tn?1294875712 Hi Guys-- has this happened to anyone else? Yesterday I took a sip of juice and all of a sudden it was as though I was literally inhaling it-- I felt myself breathing liquid, choking, and of course automatically bent over and began to cough like mad and gasp for air. I wasn't talking at the time, and I certainly wasn't laughing. I wasn't breathing fast or "gulping"-- I was just standing in the kitchen, waiting for my daughter. It just felt so "out of nowhere.
Avatar f tn Try using flavor enhancers like Crystal light (liquid). Or squeezing a bit of fresh Orange juice in your water. Or trying a lager pitcher of a little of both fresh squeezed lime juice with fresh cut slices of cucumbers in the water. It gives the water a fresh boost flavor, making it easier to drink. Try also adding ice, so you drink the water but at the same time are eating the ice, either way your getting much needed water!!
297659 tn?1324482548 So I gave her liquid gravol , within 2-3 mins she had the runs and puked everything up, now is it possible to put the liquid gravol in her juice, she hates takin it. and can i give it to her again since she just threw it up? shes havin super bad stomach pains and nothing is stoppin, i tried to get her to eat some crackers, she had one.. and it didnt go well, i am going to try soup soon for lunch.
Avatar f tn ( i have a toothache situation :/ I have 2 days without eating solid foods, just juice and water, and 3 days without sleeping... I can barely talk or open my mouth, my gums are swollen, my wisdom teeth is coming out and it hurts a lot, I tried Tylenol, like 8 times a day and its not working, I tried orajel and it just hurts a lil bit more... I have pus coming out of my gums, I was bleeding yesterday... I have to wait until tomorrow to see the dentist...
Avatar m tn hi, i'm sixteen and kind of worried. last night, i was peeing, and when the stream stopped, this white liquid came out, which i don't believe was sperm. i did not have an erection, was horny, i really don't know what this could be. in addition, i don't masturbate, have sex, or ever have had sex. help and honest answers would be appreciated!
1154561 tn?1275254669 Another product recently recommended by naturopath to me is Liquid Life. Check it out too, has lots of amino acids, vitamins, ect in it. I like it to use in place of a multivitamin. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I think you need to make sure you drink plenty of liquid particularly water, that will help prevent the UTI and help get rid of it quickly, down lots of glasses per day.I agree with Lucey that stress might affect your periods,Best of Luck we are thinking about you .
Avatar f tn I take two calcium tablets as well at that time. Couple of hours later I take the iron supplement, which is a liquid, in some juice, as a morning break drink. The rest are taken when I can fit them in! LOL! Probably for you, taking the iron when you take your fish oil will work. These don't interact. Of course, you can't take calcium for several hours, but by then it is probably your dinner time and safe to take them. You are right about the night time absorption.
Avatar f tn I've taken liquid iron before and I think it works way better than the pill. The taste is so horrible I don't know if I can stand it while being pregnant!
Avatar f tn Is it normal for the prenatal vitamins to make your stomach feel like butterflies?
1288945 tn?1271972452 Does anyone have any recommendations on a multivitamin? I have been taking a liquid multivitamin called Live The Source, does anyone else take this?
Avatar f tn A lot of people have sent me messages on certain types of vitamins that can be takin for on opiate adict going through withdrawals. I would look into that but make sure wether you are refering to yourself or someone else that the dr. is consulted first it is very importnant that they know the whole situation to try and help with the problem. also there are certain vitamins that should not be taken while you are pregnant. To whom ever is trying to get clean. I applaud you.
599316 tn?1256921613 He or she may be able to prescribe a different kind of prenatal vitamin (for example, chewable or liquid vitamins as opposed to those you swallow whole may be better tolerated by some women).