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4274823 tn?1388529098 I have read on this forum that Vitamin C aids iron absorption. The liquid iron I take has Vitamin C in it as as a B vitamins. When consuming foods with iron how does one know what to consume that contains enough vitamin C to help the body absorb the iron? I am a vegetarian with hypothyroidism. I am not on thyroid medication. I understand iron is important to thyroid function. I'm trying to support my thyroid by increasing my ferretin (iron). My iron stores are reduced.
Avatar f tn You can get an Rx for liquid. I don't take prenatal vitamins but at my 28 weeks appt my iron was low and she put me on the liquid for better absorption.
Avatar n tn i do not have a bag, they were able to attach my small colon to my bowels. i was told that my vitamin absorption and the absorption of foods gets divided by half. is this true? should i double up on the vitamins i take? is there anything eles i should do with my large colon missing? and is there a way to lessen the frequency of bowel movements? it seems as soon as i eat something im going to the bathroom. i average 3 or 4 time a day.
5875562 tn?1410898886 Hi I'm taking prenatal.
Avatar f tn Some of the lesser-grade vitamins are very poorly absorbed. The best type of multivitamin is a LIQUID SOFTGEL. I use "Nature Made" Brand Multivitamin "for her" (Women) which is a liquid-filled softgel; this is one of the best vitamins you can take. Usually a liquid-softgel will be better absorbed by your body than a tablet. For NATURAL stress relief you will find both Calcium and Magnesium to be very beneficial.
Avatar m tn I wondered about thyroid but the nurse practitioner said it was good. Could a milk allergy or absorption problem cause these symptoms? He talked later than normal and had speech therapy for a year. His speech is good now but misses still a couple of letters. thriving in school just seems to be tired and pale a lot of the time. He is the first to fall asleep. He does eat mostly what I give him. He does eat a variety of foods. He perplexes me. We have 6 kids and I am an LPN.
577132 tn?1314266526 Having a few intestinal issues at the moment and having difficulty eating solid food. My instinct is that I should just have liquid meal replacements or protein shakes for a couple of days BUT I am not sure how that will work with the Riba absorption. I am currently forcing myself to eat something solid for breakfast and dinner so I can take my Riba but whatever I eat just goes right through me, very unpleasant.
Avatar m tn I don't know if this would make a difference but have your blood tests checked for Vitamin D3 deficiency?
264121 tn?1313029456 I have seen solid pieces of undlsolved vitamins in my stool and thats all I had to see before I started taking capsules and some liquid when available. Yes I bet it you had solid riba your anemia wouldn't be as bad - my opinion, nothing factual. Oh I wish I had capsules!! What is the name of your brand and is it 200 mg each? Maybe I have time to call in and change it again. Or maybe I should just chew the Copegus.
798555 tn?1292787551 According to my research, you are right - any vitamin that doesn't go into the stomach won't interfere with the thyroid med; therefore, it you can do sublingual, you should be okay. I've also read that liquid vitamins don't interfere as much as those in pill form. I take my B12 in the form of weekly shots.
Avatar f tn I did not realize this could cause malabsorption of vitamins and am chronically deficient in iron, vitamin d, magnesium etc and was put on prescription vitamins. I stopped taking the acid reflux meds for a few months and now am waking up a lot at night (in addition to my sleep apnea), have gunk in my throat and feel stuff coming back up again.
Avatar f tn Is it normal for the prenatal vitamins to make your stomach feel like butterflies?
1288945 tn?1271972452 Does anyone have any recommendations on a multivitamin? I have been taking a liquid multivitamin called Live The Source, does anyone else take this?
Avatar n tn You would need to see what the actual amount of D is on the bottle, I do not think kids vitamins will work for you, the reason you lack in D is because thyroid sufferers seem to have an absorption issue with nutrition, so depending on getting these vitamins naturally are not going to work for you, if they did, you would not have a vitamin issue to begin with.
Avatar m tn You can switch this around but avoid taking vitamins with synthroid (calcium and iron can interfer with thyroxine absorption) and metformin (can inhibit the absorption of vitamin B12).
Avatar f tn better take vit d during the daylight hrs because your skin is supposed to make it by sunlight so the body may have a better way to work on the supplements if you take them during the day i also read somewhere absorption and use of vit d is improved during daylight while taken at night it may disturb sleep the difference from sunlight made vit d and supplements is that sunlight vit d is produced slowly so i usually take 5000iu at breakfast and 5000iu at lunch if it is vit d in dry form you
789911 tn?1368636783 it would seem to me that a more liquid fat, like milk fat would allow the greatest surface area for the absorption of the teleprevir, big chunks of fat in the stomach and the duodenum, may not offer the large surface area for absorption that smaller particles of fat have. it's just a theory.
Avatar f tn There are many vitamins which can help in ovulation. Vitamin D helps in calcium absorption and regulation and normalizes the development of healthy follicles and increases chances of conception. Calcium helps in egg maturation. Vitamin B6 is useful in women who have been suffering from luteal phase defects .Vitamin C supports ovulation by stabilizing hormone levels and aids in iron absorption. It also boosts the immune system .Iron balances ovulation.