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3221797 tn?1400857443 I had a ectopic pregnacy last week where i had to have a tube removed through keyhole surgery i have now noticed 7 days later i have a sharp stabbing pain down my right leg i can not put any weight on it as it hurts to much my doctor said this is normal as its the side my tube came from i have also noticed a horrible smell from my belly button around stitches no matter how much i clean it the smell still remains please can someone advise me on what to do and how long the healing process is Thank
Avatar n tn i always av severe leg pains after ectopic pregnancy surgery and it was 2years and 6 months before i can conceive and it leads to stilbirth and it almost 1 year now i am unable to conceive what can i do in other to conceive soon and to stop the leg pains too.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had an ectopic pregnancy before ? Where were your pains at ? When did you find out ? How was it removed or dealt with ?
Avatar f tn The first few days I had a bit of spotting but then yesterday I started bleeding quite heavily (like a heavy period) and had really badpains like those of a period including back pain and leg pain. This morning 5 days after surgery, I had quite a large clot. I know this is disgusting but I examined it and it was not all blood. Some was like an off white to grey color. Is this normal? Should I go back to the hospital?
Avatar n tn I think i might have an Ectopic pregnancy but i am not sure. I am having bad sharp cramps in my left lower abdomen, where my IUD is. They kind of shoot down my leg. My neck and lower back as well as my upper back were so sore i could barely move last night, and my lower back is still very sore and crampy as well as my neck,I also had a fever last night and could not stop shivering.I have been having alot of bad headaches and have also gained alot of weight, which is abnormal for me.
1194890 tn?1265051702 It sounds like you had an ectopic pregnancy in the ovary. The fact that your hCG numbers didn't keep increasing suggests an ectopic, and the fact that no pregnancy was seen in the uterus or tube (but you had hCG numbers) also suggests it strongly. And that a mass was seen in your ovary by ultrasound, and it was giving you pain that was getting worse and worse -- all are pretty definitive clues when put together.
Avatar n tn hi i was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with an ectopic pregnancy.I had a positive pregnancy test but then 2 days later started bleeding i then had an ultresound scan which confirmed i had a preggnancy in my fallopian tubes, i had lots of blood tests which showed that the hcg levels were still rising slowly so they decided to treat me with methotrexate because they explained i was very early( 7 weeks preg) and my hcg levels were low.
Avatar f tn Im so worried that ive got an ectopic pregnancy! Im 7 weeks pregnant and everything has been fine but the last week or so ive had cramping and sharp pains in my right side, next to my and feels like under my hip, ive had all the other normal syptoms of pregnancy. My tummy on my right side feels tight and has a dull ache and the ache goes down my leg and my lower back really hurts too.
Avatar n tn The surgery performed to me was laprascopy to remove a ectopic pregnancy from left ovary, I had complained of severe stomach pains, so they had to perform this surgery. I reported severe pain post surgery..i was referred to a neurologist. My EMG results indicates that I have lumbar radiculapathy L2/L4. After 3 months of physical therapy, my therapist thinks that after laprascopy the scar tissue is in a muscle or is constricting/irritating nerve.
Avatar f tn Another weird thing is that my uterus is very retroverted and to the right, so the sonographer couldn't find my other ovary at all. (It also explains the left side pain and leg cramps I have been feeling, as that is where my uterus is and not the middle)The issue is that the embryonic sac is very small and they cannot see anything in it other than a little dot (it appears to be in the uterus, but can't tell for sure).
Avatar n tn I have probably had endo since I started menstruating -I had all the symptoms, but also truly terrible doctors, in both NZ and then in the UK and then Canada, where I now live. It took me 18 years since first presentation of symptoms to get a diagnosis - and I saw 5 male gynaecologists who told me my problems were stress related (or in one case, cancer!!) along the way.. idiots. I was finally diagnosed by a female radiologist and a female gp - bless them.
Avatar f tn I had my right fallopian tube removed about 3 weeks ago due to a tubal pregnancy, but now i'm having similar symptoms in my left hand side that i was having before surgery but it was present on my right. the sypmtoms are pain in my shoulder and down my leg. has anyone experienced this before, is it part of the healing process or is it all psychological? surely i wouldn't have been discharged if there was anything wrong, right?
Avatar f tn I am going through very similar symptoms as you are, right down to the period irregularities, which are very out of character for me. One thing you mentioned that I had noticed that I had failed to tell my doctor is that the color of the blood does seem different. Far brighter red, and I have had some pink spotting. My pain is on my left side and is constant and affects my leg as well. The worst position is sitting in the car. I have also become bloated.
292588 tn?1203178038 The main type of ectopic is tubal. If your tube ruptures, you will be in a TON of pain, experience nausea, feeling faint or fainting, and pain in your shoulder area due to the internal bleeding. If you suspect an ectopic, you need to let your doctor know asap so they can do a transvaginal u/s and see if they can see a preganancy anywhere.
Avatar f tn The first few days I had a bit of spotting but then yesterday I started bleeding quite heavily (like a heavy period) and had really badpains like those of a period including back pain and leg pain. This morning 5 days after surgery, I had quite a large clot. I know this is disgusting but I examined it and it was not all blood. Some was like an off white to grey color. Is this normal? Should I go back to the hospital?
1194890 tn?1265051702 I made an appointment because of the pain, but by the next day (on my appointment) the pain was almost completely gone. My doctor said she thought it was probably a cyst based on the description of my symptoms. I said ok, and asked if they came back, but she said cysts were fairly normal (are they?). Since I was ten days late my doctor wanted to do a pregnancy test (urine) to be sure. I was doubtful and hopeful at the same time, but waited there for the results. It was positive!
1641319 tn?1374090720 My only concern would be an ectopic pregnancy, but I assume that could have been seen when I did my ultrasound at 6 weeks. Hopefully I get a ultrasound at my Dr.'s appt on Tuesday just to ease my fears. DH is going crazy since I am on pelvic rest, haha, and really wants my doctor to reverse it!
Avatar n tn I had Ectopic Surger two weeks ago tomorrow to remove my left tube that was starting to rupture. I have lighter pain on my left side that resembales the pain from the ectopic and vaginal pain that is like voltz it creeps into my left leg and butt. I feel much better than the stabbing pain I was having before surgery, however I do NOT feel 100%. I also feel extremely run down. My stomach has been a mess and my bowels are a mess a well. I have low low back pain that is almost in my butt.
Avatar n tn then my advice is as above, get to an emergency room and be sure it isn't ectopic. (One writer described his wife's ectopic pain as feeling like it radiated all the way down her leg.) On the other hand, if it was just a figure of speech, like "boy oh boy I just can't stand it, for the past three days my abdomen has been spasming," that might not be as serious as ectopic. But you need to know what is wrong, so don't be casual. If you are in a lot of pain, go to the emergency room.
Avatar n tn to start, and I had sharp pain on my right side, like I did with the ectopic pregnancy. Not horrible, but paiful enough. I did have what seemed like a normal period, along with three NEGATIVE pregnancy tests (1 the day after I was supposed to start and didn't, 1 the day before I actually did start, a week late, and one the fourth day after I started, when the bleeding stopped). So my question is this--why am I still having sharp pain on my right lower side??
Avatar n tn I am very concerned about this and would appreciate any info from anyone!
Avatar f tn It doesn't cause me severe pains, just sometimes a little and short pain on my leg but the fact that I can feel it all the time as having something extra in my body concerns me a lot. What bothers me everyday is: Will I'll be able to get pregnant after all that I've described here? Has any one been in the same situation and succeeded to get pregnant?
Avatar f tn Im 16w3d and I've been having a sharp shooting pain so bad in my left side that it takes my breath away. I'm also type 1 diabetic. Should I go to the er?
7520228 tn?1391566279 Ok so idk what is goin on im 11w 3d I have this severee pain on the left side only. Havent felt a single thing on right side. Pain that shoots down my leg and across my waist area or up into my ribcage. Enough to bring me to tears and make me sick which I haven't been the entire time;; i called the dr n they just tell me to wait til my ultrasound next week if I see blood to come in. But this started last wed and happens like every other day and lasts alll day. It gets worse ehen i sit down.
Avatar n tn Any time a woman who can still have kids has pelvic pain, a pregnancy test is in order. Ectopic pregnancy, pelivc inflam disease, STDs (very common), bladder/kidney infections all need to be ruled out as a possible cause. Perhaps a visit to your gyn is in order. Seems like you've covered all your other bases...