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Avatar n tn i always av severe leg pains after ectopic pregnancy surgery and it was 2years and 6 months before i can conceive and it leads to stilbirth and it almost 1 year now i am unable to conceive what can i do in other to conceive soon and to stop the leg pains too.
Avatar n tn Well, you still normally get a positive pregnancy test when having an ectopic pregnancy. Give your doctor a call. It may be related to the cyst, believe it or not, but since you have radiating pain down your arm and leg, you should get it checked. When are you having the cyst removed?
Avatar f tn The first few days I had a bit of spotting but then yesterday I started bleeding quite heavily (like a heavy period) and had really badpains like those of a period including back pain and leg pain. This morning 5 days after surgery, I had quite a large clot. I know this is disgusting but I examined it and it was not all blood. Some was like an off white to grey color. Is this normal? Should I go back to the hospital?
521640 tn?1277407862 I am currently 8 weeks 2 days pregnant and yesterday and today I have had a slight tugging sensation in the left side of my belly with a slight pain down my left leg every so often. I phoned our Early Pregnant Unit expecting her to say it was normal but she has booked me in for an emergency scan in the morning to check it's not ectopic. And I've come home from work, sat watching tv and I went very dizzy and now I'm left with a headache.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had an ectopic pregnancy before ? Where were your pains at ? When did you find out ? How was it removed or dealt with ?
Avatar n tn m five weeks along and my last pregnancy was ectopic with the same pain. My doctor says he has no reason to believe that it is ectopic at this point but he is monitoring my hcg levels and doing an early ultrasound on Monday. I don't know how this could be normal, but I'd thought I'd ask for some advice. Thanks!
Avatar n tn hi i was diagnosed 2 weeks ago with an ectopic pregnancy.I had a positive pregnancy test but then 2 days later started bleeding i then had an ultresound scan which confirmed i had a preggnancy in my fallopian tubes, i had lots of blood tests which showed that the hcg levels were still rising slowly so they decided to treat me with methotrexate because they explained i was very early( 7 weeks preg) and my hcg levels were low.
Avatar n tn I had either a misscarriage or ectopic pregnancy (Oct 7th 2009). Doctor told me if i had really bad pain to go to the ER. I did have slight pain but i never felt like it was bad enought to go to the ER. Now it's Nov 18th and i feel really good. Ready to TTC again....
Avatar n tn Do you mean your blood test was inconclusive? If it was an ectopic, you would have pain in either the right or left side of your abdomen and you would generally test positive.
Avatar f tn How would you know if its an ectopic pregnancy. I been having very bad rib and side pain. My uterus feels like it has alot of pressure on it and like its spreading. I also feel like I'm showing. I've been very hungry and tired also. I'm just confused and would like a little help please and thank you.
Avatar f tn I think ur fine, because right nw ur 8wks if it was an ectopic u will be in Sooo much pain. By wk 3 the bby is going through ur tube n2 ur uterus. im 3months and 3yrs ago i had an ectopic and got my right tube removed. That was the worst pain ever.
Avatar n tn I had an ectopic pregnancy in Oct 08. It's now 10 months later and I am still getting the most painful periods. I had the right tube removed and I get pain on the right side every month. The pain is unbearable and is affecting every part of my life. Everytime I go to the doctors I get told to take painkillers, but the I can't take painkillers indefinitely, and it has been months. Has anyone else had this? How did you overcome it?
Avatar f tn I don't know for sure that it's not an ectopic pregnancy but I do know that it's normal in early pregnancy to feel a slight stabbing pain on one side of your lower abdomen; which is early ligament stretching. It feels almost like someone taking the end of a pen and jabbing you with it. It sounds like that's all you're feeling.
Avatar f tn Hello ladies I was just wondering would I know if I was having an ectopic pregnancy? My daughter is 3 and a half months old and I have had the mirena for two minths, at first I was having a lot of problems but they went away such as cramps and what not and today it started hurting me on my lower left side and me and.my.boyfriend have been habit unprotected sex, I don't have insurance right now so I'm just wondering what are symptoms and would.I know if I was having an ectopic pregnancy?
Avatar n tn I made an appt with my doc to see me early because I had a previous m/c and I had been having some cramping and RT shoulder pain. If they catch an ectopic pregnancy early they can treat the tubal with a methotrexate shot instead of having to remove a tube. If you are worried I would call your doc just to make sure. Good luck!!
403255 tn?1278813266 First of all you are extremely lucky that they caught the ectopic pregnancy. They are extremely dangerous, it could have ruptured and you could have hemorrhaged/bled out. My sister had an ectopic, which caused her ovary to rupture. It was extremely painful and she very well could have bled to death if she wasn't rushed to the ER. They are intensely painful no matter where it occurs and I can imagine that a 1 cm wide tube wouldn't feel good being stretched to 2.
Avatar f tn Im so worried that ive got an ectopic pregnancy! Im 7 weeks pregnant and everything has been fine but the last week or so ive had cramping and sharp pains in my right side, next to my and feels like under my hip, ive had all the other normal syptoms of pregnancy. My tummy on my right side feels tight and has a dull ache and the ache goes down my leg and my lower back really hurts too.
Avatar f tn The last two days my left shoulder and the upper area of my back on my left side have been hurting. I've read that's a sign of an ectopic pregnancy. But I've had no bleeding or severe pain on my left side. Should I be concerned? Or could it just be from me starting to sleep on my left side. Since I've always slept on my right side.
Avatar f tn BUT just to put your mind at rest a little, the shoulder pain would literally be unbareable, and I also had pains in my left side with this pregnancy which was due to a small cyst on my ovary which is very common in early pregnancy, I am now 34 weeks gone. Pain at the beginning of pregnancy is common and shoulder pain is also a sign of wind.
Avatar f tn I went to the hospital this morning for cramping & back pain i am 5w2d they did 3 vaginal US and couldnt really see anything my pregnancy hormone level was 1600 they told me i could have an ectopic pregnancy or it could be just too early i go bak monday for another blood test & US did this happen to anybody else before?
Avatar n tn I went to the emergency room today because of severe back, abdomen and leg pain. After running labs and doing an ultrasound i was told that there was a sac but no fetal pole. The Dr offered me a Rhogam shot ( which i declined) and told me that he didn't believe my pregnancy was viable even though my hcg levels were 9710. Help? Can anyone relate?? Did your pregnancy result in a healthy baby?
Avatar f tn The best way to tell is an U/S, and if nothing is showing in your tubes, only in your uterus, I would count on one healthy baby. Pain and spotting can be many things, especially an infection, pain in this stage of pregnancy is normal because your uterus is coming above your pubic bone, and this can cause a lot of discomfort as it shifts everything else, not to mention everything is stretching right now. Good luck hun, keep us updated!!
Avatar f tn Hello, This is my first time on this website as well. I recently had a miscarriage in December, I started bleeding and have abdominal pain so went to the ER, they did a pelvic exam, sonogram as well as blood work. The sonogram did not show much however they said this was normal because I would have been five weeks. The ER physician said that my cervix was closed so either I already passed the sack or it was still there. I had a follow up appointment with the obgyn the next day.