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678312 tn?1310010574 On Monday the 5th of July, I was using a dry microfibre cloth to wipe down a canvas camping chair and was touching the arm of the chair with my other hand and I got what felt like an electrical shock in my hand that was touching the chair - like touching an electric fence. I jumped back and my leg touched the leg of the chair and I got shocked there also. This felt like way more than static. Has anyone ever had this happen before?
3072999 tn?1356414732 Hi Tink, I am actually a medical coder for a hospital -the ICD-10 code would be G93.5. The ICD-9 code is 384.4. Since ICD-9 is not very specific they may have put a I after to show it is a Chiari Malformation type 1. In ICD-10 it is more specific - G93.5 states Chiari Malformation 1. So I am assuming since the ICD-9 code of 384.4 just states compression of brain they had to add a 1 so it was more specific for their notes.
Avatar f tn However, I recently experienced some awkwardness or slight pain in the left breast, mainly around the ICD - towards the armpit and towards the center of the breast. I have scheduled all sorts of check ups - regarding the ICD and my gyneocologist, but until then I would greatly appreciate some input if this pain may be normal, due to the ICD and not something breast related. Also, how do the ICD and arrhythmia medications affect pregnancy?
Avatar m tn Hi, I had my ICD implanted in January also and I have not had real pain in the area of the ICD since about 4-5 weeks post implant. I would call your doctor as soon as you can to see what it going on. Is there any redness or oozing from the incision? If there is, you need to get this looked at right away. There should be no numbness except maybe directly on the incision. You should also have been able to use your hand since immediately after the implant. Best bet is to get this checked out soon.
Avatar f tn The last time I had a mommo was about 9 months ago.. The said there were some clusters, but not to worry about them. Would this still be part of the Lymph Node?
Avatar f tn I had an ICD put in 1 1/2 years ago, I'm still experiencing pain and tenderness in my chest and simple task such as folding clothes causes a lot of strain and pressure on my left arm. I was told at the device check clinic that this is normal. I was wondering if anyone else with an ICD has these issues?
Avatar f tn Who else gets leg pain in their calf? I'm 9 weeks pregnant. I get it mostly in my right calf and I also get restless legs mostly in my right leg as well. Such weird symptoms! Anyway, has any other mommies had this?
Avatar m tn Hello In July I was diagnosed with " acute occlusive thrombus in the right gastrocnemius vein " after a ultrasound of my right leg. The doctors in the ER told me that this is not a DVT, but a superficial blood clot. The order that I provided to my hematologist clearly states that " NO evidence of any acute DVT. My hematologist in his letter to my employer, described my condition as a " gastrocnemius DVT (I82.401).
Avatar f tn Ftm 9+5 today I've had a horrible pain in my legs(knees down) the only thing that easies it is when I'm laying down is this normal?
Avatar n tn Tonight I had a sudden pain between my shoulderblades and then the lightheadedness. The pain passed but I am still somewhat lightheaded. I do have atrial fib. dxed by 30 day monitor a year ago. I take sotalol 120mg 2 x a day. Could the lightheaded episodes be related to arrythmia? And should I be concerned about them since I have the ICD? It seems since I got the ICD the doctors just blow me off when I mention any palpitations.
Avatar m tn The later ICDs are more sophisticated and do a better of of identifying V-tach correctly and attempt to pace me out of V-tach before shocking. In the course of replacing tone ICD, I got an infection and the ICD and leads had to be removed and placed on the right side. Through all of this, I continued to exercise, but gave up competitive racing. In the last couple years, the V-tach returned about 1 or 2 times per month.
Avatar f tn For over 8 years I have had lower back and leg pain, my thighs on the outside upper thigh on both legs have been numb for about 3-4 years, which is strange. About 8-9 months ago I started being awaken from a sleep with severe left pain in this area. My neuro has put me on nuerotin, but the pain has gotten worse, I also think I should say that I had an SI fusion and an l5s1 fusion as well. Could my old friend Si be the problem or is this something totally new, and what do I do next????
Avatar m tn Last night 9/8/10 I began feeling a sharp pain in left leg, in the thigh area. It lasted for about an hour and when i woke up the next morning it was gone. I am 41 and i have high blood pressure for which i am not currently taking any medication. My blood pressure has been very high lately. I have also has acid reflux for the lst several weeks. Could this be as a result of the high blood pressure? I am going to see a doctor soon. Please Help!!
Avatar m tn A few days ago I had my ICD turned off. Have had it in place for four years and have hated every second. Am now looking into having the control unit removed. Does anyone know how difficult this is to have done. My Dr. does not want me to have it removed and even wants me to turn it back on. It has gone off once, bit my tongue almost off and broke a tooth. Enough already.
Avatar m tn or did the attempt the ablation accidently hit the node and you ended up with an ICD...or did they implant an ICD did an ablation and now you are on meds? Lots of questions i know but i don't get this. Most of all how long did this all happen would be the big thing....you need to give us a little more info whpiv so that we can all weigh in to help you here so you aren't so frustrated and give you our take on it...
Avatar m tn - i feel tired and have all symptoms same as day 8th and my tongue tip burning sensation was reduced and also i found that my hand palms and leg foot started burning , i feel relief when they left open air and also some of the bumps on hand got dried up. And also i feel my left leg pain while standing just able the joint. (no pain while on bed) On 10th, 11th, 12th day :- I feel like fever (but not high fever its below 99.