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Avatar f tn can anxiety cause right leg pain, and dizziness? on 50mg of zoloft and 1mg of ativan that i take 2 times a day but still having problems....
Avatar n tn He ended up having to be admitted to the hospital where he seems to be getting worse. They have put him back on the Zoloft, but the pain and tingling is moving to the left side of his body and he can barely walk now. I was wondering if Zoloft has ever been known to cause something like this to happen whether in withdrawels or side-effects?
214607 tn?1287677559 Hi, i cant believe your Dr doesnt know what you are talking about when you say you have restless leg syndrome. I know exactly what you mean im going on week 39 and i have had restless leg syndrome since around month 5. Thankfully its a not a bad case and it happens when im really tired...so im usually able to fall asleep. i do not think that you can take anything for it though. Try sleeping with a pillow between your legs it helps me a little.
489656 tn?1249999983 I had been sitting on the computer, and got up to go do dishes. Well, I stood there for a minute and my right leg felt "quivery". Freaked me out. I am almost 20 weeks preggo and Im hoping its just the baby laying on something, but it doesnt seem like it would be big enough to effect a nerve or something in my leg :/ It kinda feels a little weak and Im scared to death! No other sx, (except my anxiety) I went back and tried to do them again, and it would come and go. Ugh!
Avatar n tn I started to freak out because I had leg muscle twitching. MInd you, I never had muscle twitches before while I was on Zoloft the pervious years. Anyway, the twitching made me more anxious and fueled my OCD. I started obsessing that I had ALS and would spend all day on the internet reading about ALS and thinking I was going to die a slow death. Then my Dr. took me off Lexapro and put me back on 100 MG of Zoloft with a little Klonopin to help with the transition.
968908 tn?1274871115 I have been panic free for 8 months (knock on wood) I did CBT, really good, as for the zoloft, I have open journal here and I talk about it, but basically my first round with Panic attacks, I would not take zoloft (waited 2 yrs) then finally took it, zoloft gave me my life back and helped me to get off xanax (real easy). but then this go around, I tried zoloft and it did the same things as you say it did to you, so I said, NO and stopped at day 5 or 6 also. CBT is great!
Avatar f tn I was healed... I got off Zoloft...... Then the last few mths I started feeling anxious.... My leg one day felt achy and my anxiety of what it was, went through the roof? Went to the docs yesterday..... and she said I needed to stretch, ibroprofen......for a couple weeks and it would be fine...... Now I have having small twitches at times, feeling faintish at times.....and the other night I freaked myself out, and my legs began to shake... ( Almost like a cold feeling....
Avatar m tn m not sure if I pulled a muscle earlier when I moved my leg a certain weird way or if its the side effects from the Zoloft .i guess the best way I can describe the tightness I felt at first is just like feeling a squeezing sensation on my legs and arms. it wasn't constant so I figured it would just go away but i'd get pretty worried about it still. the feeling I have in my leg now though, feels more like a pulled muscle.
Avatar f tn I'm taking zoloft and have for years... My doctor is thinking about switching me to Cymbalta... for fibromyalgia pain. Think it might help?
Avatar m tn I've been on and off 10mg-50mg zoloft for about 6 years, most of the time 25 mg or less. My main problem is anxiety and worrysome thoughts that I've taken measures to counter over the years, sometimes it is overwhelming. I have been taking lorazepam 1mg - 3mg for 4 years , mainly 2mg/day , 1 mg if things are good .....
Avatar f tn Ok so I'm starting to worry that my medicine that is working is making me feel sick, and have leg weakness plus a very stiff neck. I really don't want to have to go off of it because school starts in 2 weeks but I really need some help. I was on 25mg since early July after 4 weeks my Social anxiety seemed slightly less put together except I didn't have negative thoughts after situations. However it stopped by depressive episodes and OCD.
Avatar f tn I have schzoefftive, GAD, eating disorder I stopped my ability and zoloft was pacing my apt for hrs loosing my mind also got a huge rash from the ability and the zoloft made my anxiety worse. Seems like the higher dose I am on I get server agitation from it.. Been on all medicine I is there any left????? I been locked up in my apt for almost 2 months I can't go out.. Feel like a prisoner in my own home.. This is my last draw for another medince they I guess I will loose my mind..
Avatar f tn The doctor put me on zoloft 150mg for about a year or so and I was so much better and came off of it. Now once I hit 25 I got a panic attack along with anxiety this time. I tried a few different things first and then was put back on zoloft to see if it works again. Well I been taking it for 4 months now and honestly I have noticed my anxiety levels are much higher being on it. My panic has gotten better, but the anxiety is ridiculous. My thinking pattern is just not right either!
18070169 tn?1463175914 I have the beginnings of arthritis, but have been on glucosamine and that has alleviated a lot of pain, but since being on Zoloft, the pain has increased and I have had back pain. Just trying to see if others have had that being on Zoloft, or is it from my partial hysterectomy?
273955 tn?1196448802 Last year it was suggested that I have MS due to 4 lesions in my brain and a couple on my spinal cord. I have been on Betaseron for this. I have had leg numbness and tingling since last year. Evey now and then I will get other symptoms such as hand tingling, swallowing issues, pain, anxiety, etc. I am also on low dose Zoloft for the anxiety. This past week I have noticed slight trembling in my hands and some muscle twitches in my legs. Is this MS or do I have Parkinson's Disease.
Avatar n tn Your pain would be atypical for heart pain. There are so many causes of pain. Although 38 seems young it would not be the youngest patient I have seen with heart problems.
Avatar f tn So my psych put me on Zoloft. The Zoloft made me really tired again all the time. So I stopped taking it. The Wellbutrin has lost it's effect to keep me awake and I'm crashing at 1pm. The Wellbutrin has mostly taken away my feelings of wanting to cry over nothing but I still have rough days. Someone will say something to me and if I was completely happy before and it upset me even a little I will be in a horrible depression for the rest of the day.
1363544 tn?1277803097 I have had what I describe as heaviness and a ache in my right leg for a very long time now.... A CT scan of my back showed disc protrusions, and the pain etc has been put down to this for a long time. About 2 months ago I had what I called a "turn" where I felt funny in the head, had shock like sensations in my brain, and right arm weakness. The doc thought I could be having a stroke, and sent me for a CT brain which was clear.
Avatar f tn I imagine the chest pain and Zoloft pain is purely circumstance and not cause and effect. You can call your pharmacist to verify that and get some help through this anxiety problem too. That is what I did and used a 24 hour pharmacy, because anxiety hits you with weird non-issues that appear to be issues at any time and I always wanted someone to talk to. Thinking Zoloft makes heart pain is similar to this story. A guy took his kid for a vaccination but the lineup was too long so went home.
Avatar m tn sometimes i can tell when they are gonna get worse cause i get this pop in the right side of my head and feel this rush of something go through my body then i get the floaters again. couple of yrs ago i was put on zoloft for depression and it seemed to help for a little while but now it seems to be coming back worse. if u could help me i would greatly appreciate it.
Avatar n tn I sleep light crap too. Sciatic leg pain. left arm and shoulder is sore a lot. And on top of all that, I have costochondritis. So thats fun. Working out is hard when i exert myself in the slightest and I can feel and heart my pulse pounding like all hell. Couple years ago I saw a neurologist for headaches and he said my brain scan looked like a normal brain so he has no idea why the headaches.
410475 tn?1262942367 The only way to really know if Zoloft will be effective for you is to try it Cat. If in your heart, you know you simply can not get relief from your depression and anxiety to a point where it is seriously effecting your life then it's worth it to try. Try not to let the horror stories you read about scare you. Have you ever read the back of a bottle of Advil? You know, the over the counter head ache medicine. It lists the possibility of some pretty nasty side effects too.
955560 tn?1250194545 I know this is super late! but no, zoloft will not kill you. — You can overdose. Overdosing on zoloft is a living hell, & when I say hell I mean pain, pain, pain & more fricking pain!
Avatar f tn s what it is yet my dr is looking into it though he put me on Zoloft and gabapentin which is for leg pain or nerve pain he wants me to take one at night every night but I haven't yet Bc I'm on a high dose of methadone and the dr won't be at my clinic til next Monday or Wednesday so I jut started the Zoloft and my blood pressure has went down and the chest pain and the way my head was feeling like it was gonna burst has stopped ad te past two nights it haven't kicked almost atall
Avatar m tn Today I took 1 Vicodin (Labeled M367, 10/325 norco) I took my last Zoloft 14 days ago. I was on 50 mg Zoloft. I took my first Zoloft pill on December 19, 2014 and I took my last Zoloft pill on January 19, 2015. I'm currently going through Zoloft withdrawals and have many of the typical Zoloft withdrawal symptoms. I was just wondering if taking a Vicodin will interfere with the recovery of my Zoloft withdrawal?
Avatar f tn I am really surprised it is this hard. I started taking an occ hydro for chronic leg pain and after 3 years got up to 12 10/500 a day,-cuz it helped all the other pains........ My Dr started me on the Ultram ER 200 mg one month ago. I did not realize that it was also difficult to get off of, My initial plan-after many failed weaning attemps was to go ct off hydro and then deal with the Ultram. After reading this site, I realized that I should just get the whole thing over with.