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Avatar f tn Does anyone else experience leg pain that has endometriosis ? I get pains in my thighs, knees, shins, side of my buttocks and sometimes even in my ankles or feet. Varies from dull and sometimes sharp. I Also get a sore hip always on my right side ! I go in for surgery next Thursday so hopefully the pain stops !
420469 tn?1217647363 I just wish my symptoms at least had some consistency to them, then I would be so much less likely to forget them! I have had this leg pain before (although not this bad), but it's not in my timeline because I forgot about it. Any suggestions on what to do for this sort of pain/discomfort?
Avatar m tn my 19 month old granson started limping on his leg butt no pain .
Avatar m tn My granddaughter is seven. She has complained about severe, generalized leg pain which makes her cry. She can't locate the pain but says her legs ache really badly. Laying down helps but takes a full twenty minutes or so. Also, a baby aspirin. Seems to lessen the pain. The pediatrician dismissed it as "growing pains" but did no testing. Any knowledge would be appreciated.
8140497 tn?1406158255 ok so im 37 weeks and i been having alot of pain on my leg it hurts so bad like from my waist to my knee any1 had this beforeM
Avatar m tn She may certainly be in pain! I would make an appt to see your Vet ASAP. Please do not let the kids carry her around. Try to keep her quiet and no jumping or stairs.
Avatar f tn At first it started on my left leg just a sharp pain in my thigh all around mainly the inner part and now I have it in both legs. Even putting on my shoes or lifting my leg or even walking hurts..I'm 32weeks does anyone know why it happens or what it could be and what helps besides rubs and baths?
Avatar n tn That pain is in my right leg and in my left leg there is pain in my knee. I am not crazy, but my doctor ( a county doctor) seems to dismiss it.
7981160 tn?1400440941 Im 21 weeks and am having terrible back pain and when I bend over I have a shooting pain down my leg and occasionally lose stability and almost fall.... What could be wrong?? Did I just over work or... Idk Help???
268698 tn?1222553884 I see what RA has done to her so if i have it I want to find out early on, Can someone please tell me what this could be, I find it weird how one day i have pain in one leg and not the other, and its mostly from the knee down.
9156053 tn?1406059654 I literally just called my doctor yesterday and asked her why I was having leg cramps like Charlie horses. And she said it is dehydration and to drink more water. Also said bananas will help.
Avatar f tn Hey, POTSies! I was wondering if any of you experienced leg pain with your POTS... I have been getting really bad pains in my legs. It's pretty much constant, worse as the day goes on, and although I feel like I ought to move my legs, moving them really offers no long-term relief. Any advice? Is this typical POTS behavior? (I'm new to this whole thing.) Any tips on combating this?
1145020 tn?1281419567 Odds are that it might be something minor, but if he is holding the paw up and limping when he uses that leg, then he is uncomfortable and in pain. I know that you can manipulate the paw and leg, but many dogs are very stoic with their responses to pain. The limping is really the key....
Avatar f tn My right hip is killing me and the pain shoots into my butt, and down my leg. It only hurts when I go from laying down to standing... Or sitting on a heavily cushioned couch to standing. It doesn't seem to bother me at work with my office chair, though.
Avatar f tn t hurt or nothing well the next day around 5 it my neck started to hurt and it bulged alittle my aunt said it was a pulled muscle to put heat on it so I did and it went away well about a month after that I started to get pains in my right side like where your kidney is went to hospital they said muscle spazoms got me in and out in like tem mins of talking to them and the pain was so bad well it had went away for about 2 weeks then it came back I was also hurting under my right rib cage and pain
Avatar f tn m having the hardest time moving around, it is extremely painful just to turn in bed, or even put on clothe.The pain is right in between my legs, very sharp, it feels like i pulled something . Is anyone else experiencing this or am I alone ?
Avatar n tn To stand or walk was allot of pain, used a heating pad on high for days and the pain finally eased up. Since this I get pain in my hip that I can deal with but doesn't go away and also when I lean or pick my leg up I get a pain that runs down my thigh, and sometimes while having sex I get a burning stabbing pain on backside. Most of the time it feels like I need to pop or have my hip pulled..
Avatar f tn At that appointment when testing my reflexes, I had virtually no reflex in my right leg. It felt like a sharp downward pain throughout my leg. Many times I thought my leg would go out from underneath me because it felt as if there was no strength in it. This lasted in full force the rest of Aug, all of September and part of October. At which time it was an off and on thing.
Avatar m tn This is not a question, but a positive statement for those considering getting a neuro stimulator. I had one installed in Denton, TX. over 2 years ago, and it has literally brought joy back into my life. I had sharp R. leg 'S-1' pain (running from outer hip directly down my right leg to the foot, only on the outer half of my leg. It was so bad that I would scream when standing up, and laid on ice 24/7. Now, thanks to Kyle and Dr. H., I can do anything.
Avatar m tn I started experiencing severe pain in both of my legs about 6 months ago. I purchase my vitamins and supplements from a Holistic Pharmacy and the woman used to be a Doctor in her Country of Romania. She recommended a whole food supplement that contained Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium. I started it and after 3 days I noticed a big difference. I continue to take the supplement because I don't ever want to experience that leg pain ever again.
Avatar f tn It works to walk and to sit.. and i have to take care of my other 3 kids while in pain. Please help me if you can..
Avatar f tn s hard to rest and take it easy with kids around but you have to. Resting helps. When I get the leg pains, I lay down and put a blanket around my leg. Sometimes it goes away quickly, sometimes, it takes days for the pain to go away. I know I wasn't much help but I just wanted to tell you that I feel for you. I am sorry and I hope you feel better soon. Please try and rest.
1609098 tn?1298092077 He makes up screaming of leg pain sometimes he cant walk without limping, i have tried all pain meds for kids rubs massages cream nothing helps i refuse to accept its growing pains its too much pain and too often. its been since he was 2. My husband was wrestling with him around that time and my sons knee was twisted i guess he cried and cried and limped for a week his doc said he was fine could the 2 be related ?