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Avatar f tn Yup, I can know sitting will worsen the lower back pain but the pain is so severe that it make me constant at one place if someone gives a support to move then I am able to move. I will be definitely seeking for an medical attention.
Avatar f tn I have had leg pain that occurs in all parts of my legs at different times. It becomes so severe that I have to sit for a time before it will go away..I cannot go upstairs at any time without pain. Tests for blood clots have been done,also circulation. Doctiors don't seem interested in finding the cause. Must use electric cart to shop. Cannot do normal houseword without many resting periods. I'm thinking BCG treatments or some medication may be the cause I would appriciate any help.
Avatar n tn he has chest pain and tightness unable to walk more then a few step befor shortness of breath and leg pain, after pain ceased his leg felt numb for an hour. can you help me determin what he has.
Avatar n tn I always feel pain in my both legs. Not a certain part of my leg i feel pain, i feel pain in hole part of my leg. So what is the best drug for that to become normal .
713151 tn?1229544393 Hi Vroni, Welcome to the Pain Management Forum of MedHelp. I am sorry you are experiencing pain in your leg. You do not say what type of pain it is. Is it a sciatic type pain? Is it sharp, shooting, throbbing or burning pain? I frequently have sciatic pain and it hurts all the time. How long have you had this pain? It is very possible it could be related to your spine but there are other many other possibilities. Is your calf red or warm or swollen?
Avatar n tn My husband has trouble with that and the pain is so bad at times he tends to fall (loses feeling in one leg or the other) and can't sleep at night. Just wondering. . .
Avatar n tn I am havin a regular pain.. initially it startd wid my left leg.. only the calf muscles.. then the joints.. that is the knee and the ankle pain.. n nw its reachd slowly the thigh and hip muscles.. i continuously strtch my leg to get relief.. its more den a year to this pain.. chngd may docs.. initially, a allopathies.. den homeopathy.. in homeo, it wz lyk til i take d medicine tb tk its fine.. bt found no soln.. then physiotherapist.. agn no soln..:( nxt, nw to a specialist..
650397 tn?1228831384 Hello, Without examination,confirming a diagnosis is tough but the various possibilities for your symptoms are muscle fatigue or strain from overuse,stress fracture, tendonitis, claudication, osteomyelitis, arthritis(osteoarthritis,rheumatoid arthritis or inefctive arthritis), nerve damage like sciatic nerve pain (radiating pain down the leg) caused by a slipped disk in the back or benign tumors or cystsof the bones.
Avatar m tn These doctors are trained in advanced anesthesiology, chronic pain as a disease, the central and peripheral nervous system, the use of advanced pain medication, and in techniques that can deliver pain relief with injections and other non-invasive procedures to specific areas of the body. They are also experts at diagnosis of rare pain syndromes, like central pain, CRPS, and RDS.
Avatar f tn He did not have any real answer and I just went about my life with pain and numbness in my right buttock and right leg for years. As the years went by, I began to have more and more difficulty sleeping as the pain and discomfort was getting worse and worse. Every couple years I would get to a point where I just couldn't take it anymore and I would go to a doctor.
Avatar n tn wondering what causes pain in my right leg during the night? It doesn't hurt at all during the day.It's not a cramp, it just hurts. Thanks!!
Avatar f tn I have leg pain more on right when I walk. It stops when I rest. Plus I get cramps in my feet,legs,hands and when I yawn cramps in my neck. I have had doppler studies with no results and I cant' get my Dr to understand the pain I'm in when I try to walk.Plus my left leg swells. I do have high bp which is controlled with meds. Any suggestions on other test we might try. I miss going for long walks and just walking the mall.
Avatar m tn My granddaughter is seven. She has complained about severe, generalized leg pain which makes her cry. She can't locate the pain but says her legs ache really badly. Laying down helps but takes a full twenty minutes or so. Also, a baby aspirin. Seems to lessen the pain. The pediatrician dismissed it as "growing pains" but did no testing. Any knowledge would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn hi im just wondering if anyone else has suffered with back ache and pain that goes down to hip and top of leg. it an achy pain down my hip and leg. ii thought that i was pregnant but i took a test and it was negative and thought the 2 could be linked but im not so just need some advice really.
Avatar f tn THe second neuro we saw is a professor of neurology and specializes in Diagnosis, he is perplexed himself, the have both mentioned ALS however they said the pain throws a wrench into the diagnosis since pain is not usually a symptom of ALS. Our visit last week left him scratching his head, my husband has lost 27lbs, he can see the muscle loss and after examination can notice the weakness progressing in arms and left leg. He has now referred us to another neuro for his opinion.
372366 tn?1284403873 He ordered a bunch of tests and they suggested RSD was not the issue but he wanted to send me on more tests. Mean while the pain was to the point I was going to saw the leg off myself ,so we went to another ortho guy that said the knee may have some damage that won't pickup on the xrays, but also warned me an operation may make it worse. I went for the operation and he found some mild damage, but also noted the cartiledge was very red. He said he had never seen this before.
Avatar n tn The pain is mid way between the right side and the front.
Avatar n tn I have had leg pain (my right leg ) for more than 2 months now ,i had consulted the doctor she says that i am insufficient on nutrients .My leg usually pains in the afternoon when i sit ideally .But after a brisk walk in the evening and after taking my insulin dosage i feel releived .My leg pain starts i.e from my knees to my foot and pains occassionally at different areas of the leg(knee to foot).
Avatar f tn It feels like the tissue/muscle is where the pain is. But duren the night it seems the pain goes all the way to the bone. Plus there is pain when the area is touched-sensitivity. I want to scream because the pain is so bad. I notice that the pain begins when i sit longer then 2 minuts. or lay on that side too long. I have tried over the counter pain meds for it. On the first day it took the med it helpd but the next day it did not offer any relief.
Avatar f tn Another possibility could be compression of nerves due to obesity or spine disc prolapse/degeneration. By the reason of that nerves from the spinal cord can be irritated causing leg/thigh pain and numbness, tingling, or weakness in the leg. Few persons also face generalized body weakness and numbness due to other nerve irritation on back.
Avatar n tn My muscle cramping has disappeared as has the leg pain. Granted I have sciatica that nothing touches but the leg pain I was experiencing was not associated with my chronic pain. So if you have not had a battery of lab tests to check the levels I mentioned I would encourage you to request them. Your pain may be related to the Fibro progression but in my opinion it wouldn't hurt to cover all your bases. I assume with your diagnosis you are being monitored and treated by a rheumatologist.
Avatar n tn for the past 3 months everyday I have had left leg pain sometimes it feels like it is just in my calf and aroung my ankle and other times it feels like it moves up to the front upper part of my thigh. This pain is a constant ache that starts whenever I stand or walk to much. I can eventually get it to subside when I get off of my leg. I have done 13 treatments with my chiropractor and 4 therapeutic massage sessions (OWOWOWOW), they are now telling me to start acupunture.