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Avatar f tn Hi, Just recently i feel my back pain, it's like my viens at my back center is stiff and when i'm stretching i can feel the pain.Now i'm doing stretching exercise and with hot compress in the morning and evening. Pls. help any advise.
Avatar n tn Yes, Gerd and LPR can cause severe, sudden back pain between the shoulder blades.
Avatar f tn I feel a palpitating pain on right hand corner of abdomen few times a day; similarly feel a palpitation pain on right hand side in between the diaphragm; back also hurts now and then, but not consistently. I feel really exhausted most of the times, low energy and tend to get confused and forget things. I went to Doctor to discuss in this regards, he gave me some probiotics and asked to take Metamucil for a week, given I had Kidney infection few months ago and was on antibiotics for few weeks.
Avatar f tn hi im just wondering if anyone else has suffered with back ache and pain that goes down to hip and top of leg. it an achy pain down my hip and leg. ii thought that i was pregnant but i took a test and it was negative and thought the 2 could be linked but im not so just need some advice really.
Avatar n tn I am having sharp upper and lower stomach and back pain with swollen stomach can you tell me what those sysmptoms are caused by?
Avatar n tn I have mid back pain and so I have a few questions. Where did this come from and how can I prevent this from happening again. What would be the best route to solving this mid back pain problem. How should I be sleeping at night in order to relax my back? Should I be sleeping on my back or my front side? How long does it take for my back to be normal? I'm overweight and the night before the pain, I decided to do some pull ups. So, I'm guessing that was the cause of the pain.
Avatar f tn Hello im 16 years old and latley i have been having some lower back pain and i get sharp pains in my abdominal area also i frequently have the urge to urinate.
Avatar f tn I would soak my gym shorts whenever I did strenuous excercises. Now, I have low back pain. If I do something that causes my back to really start aching, I will start having pre menstrual cramps then full on bleeding with severe gas pain & bloating. I would have to take over 24000 ibuprofen tablets (200mg) in one day to get through & to slow down the bleeding. Otherwise, the gas would make me throw up & blood would soak my clothes. I use clothes & have stopped using pads.
Avatar f tn I injured my back while lifting a child out of the bath tub. There is pain in my buttock radiating down my leg to the thigh left leg and to the foot on the right there is burning in my private area in my right thigh with numbness and tingling. what does these symptom suggest?.
Avatar n tn You have prolapsed intervertebral disc at L3 L4, L4 L5 levels with neural compromise which could be causing back pain and also neurological symptoms in leg and thigh due to nerve compression by thecal indentation and lateral recess narrowing. Cyst/ hemangioma need investigation as this can result in uncontrolled bleeding on rupture.
Avatar n tn I have pain in my lower back and sides that seems to be making me nauseous, my stomach is a little irritated as well which is making it worse. The pain is dull and constant, and is made worse by moving. I did take some Tylenol yesterday, but it was only 2 pills, this has been going on since yesterday but is a bit worse today. I was working Friday and yesterday and was standing on my feet most of the day.
Avatar m tn Last week went in for yearly and my liveer enzymes were elevated AST 48 ALT 105 (range 7-60) non-reactive hep panel. I am currently having RUQ pain thru to my back. I rarely drink, I probably DON'T eat right, little overweight, but my abdomen looks like I am 7 months pregnant. I haven't reported the abdomen distension or pain - should I? Does anyone have anything like this? Could MS/lupus/hashimoto's cause something like this? I'd appreciate any comments...
744765 tn?1233164496 Welcome. I was dx'd approx. 5 yrs. ago, but I can trace the symptoms back to my teen years. At that time they called it 'fibrocitis'. When I was dx'd I had gone to see my physician because my ankles had hurt continuously for over 3 mos. (My mother also had the symptoms of FMS). Flare-ups are different for everyone. I am typically achy most days, with a few inbetween where it wanes. There are also days where I can stay in bed for 48 hrs. to recoup from a bad flare.
Avatar m tn i have for séance one year to be back pain its right side near almost kidney side thet is coming menace pain is coming urinate to i am not clear this some time one hour dily some thats problem ple give me sollution
Avatar n tn Go to the Lyme Disease forum and check out the symptoms there Fibromyalgia has similar symptoms so check them out also, there are lists of symptoms put up by other members or you can google for them.
Avatar f tn I sometimes get back pain to the point i cant stand up straight I have to get up real slow iam 24 years old what can I do for the pain I really hate geting this pain when iam cleaning a room or the whole house or when iam working
Avatar m tn On Tuesday I developed the same symptoms, burning and pain around vagina, red swollen vulva. The area is visibly very red and swollen and there is pain upon touching but not when doing daily activities. I went to a clinic yesterday and she said she did not see the leisions but did a swab test for yeast. She did another swab for herpes even though there are no sores and also requested another chlamydia and gono test just to be sure.
Avatar n tn It is uncomfortable to turn my head from side to side. My lower back and shoulders have been achy, which comes and goes. New symptoms are cramps in lower legs and achy calves. I do read alot and have my head down but this has never happened before and I have been reading all my life. I do spend several hours a day on the computer but don't feel that is it. I take something for anxiety, so that is not it. I am 64 and in good health maybe a little over weight. (aren't we all). lol.
Avatar f tn The areas of pain you describe could be due to a variety of causes .... I think if I were you I would make an appointment with my Physician and discuss it with her/him as far as it's possible relation to your previous diagnosis. The only way to know for sure is to have some sort of investigation into these areas. Waiting never solves anything you know. There can be a bruise without anything showing externally but I would have it checked out just to be sure. Take care .....