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1225331 tn?1333365769 I scheduled an appt with my neuro for early April to discuss a differential diagnosis with him. It’s on the list for MS mimics. Several reasons why I’m kind of wondering if it is: About 2005 I started going to my doctor for shortness of breath. She thought it might be asthma & gave me albuterol. Since a little after that (about 2006?
Avatar m tn Is there a differential diagnosis for genital herpes that someone can do at home? Just for those cases where it's clearly not obviously herpes, with classic oozing sores, prodromes, etc. For example, I have a patch of skin about the size of my thumb that's red and sore, on the shaft near the glans. Been there a week. I thought it was poison ivy due to the way it felt (patchy, itchy mild bumps in a line, irritated, slight oozing from the skin), but it wasn't that bad.
Avatar m tn weakness, blurred vision, trouble swallowing, trouble breathing, chest pain, and last year they found the Thymoma. I have had blood test that say I have high creatine and hypoklemia?(sp)....I get worse in heat and tire very easily. My doc has already wanted me to get a Thymectomy but I'm leary of surgery.
Avatar n tn Multiple pulmonary nodules seen in both hemithoraces concerning for metastatic disease to the chest and lungs but also gives a Differential diagnosis that states consideration could include an atypical bacterial infection with septic emboli. I have some medical knowledge, but am unsure what may come next for her i.e lung biopsy, etc... Is it common for pulmonary nodules to be bacterial infections. Is a differential diagnosis always given as an alternative?
Avatar n tn Have had "atypical" chest pain for years. Recent cardio visit, exercise stress test & echo. No ischemic changes during exercise. Stress test terminated due to bp. Other results from echo include mild mitral and tricuspid regurgitation and incomplete RBBB. Treated for hypertension (metoprolol 25 mg daily). Also take isosorbide mononitrate 60 er daily and sublingual nitro (0.4 mg prn). Diagnosis was ?? with Prinzmetal "in the differential".
Avatar m tn For the past 3 and a half weeks. I have had pain in my back that getting progressively worse. It's difficult for me to sleep, I cannot lie on my back or left side without bein gin excruiating pain. The pain is also in my chest at times. I can'y walk but a few feet outside before feeling short of breath. I have asthma but I know this is something more. Scared becasue I don't know what's wrong with me. Went to the hospital 3 weeks ago but n they checked my chest not my back.
Avatar m tn Chest pain is very difficult to evaluate because there are some many causes. The pain you feel in the middle of the chest could be "referred" pain meaning pain in one location may be a signal from distress at another location. For instance pain in the right side of the chest or in the upper right quadrant (area) of the body can be due to more than gallbladder problems. The differential diagnosis should be done by examination and questioning by your doctor.
Avatar n tn Recently while experiencing chest pain, I went to the doctor had an ekg, inverted T waves were found after taking a ride to the ER , the ER physician said nothing was wrong and sent me home. I still have chest pain during exercise or stress, is it possible there is nothing wrong like the ER doc suggested?
Avatar n tn people can have other cardiac related issues that will cause pain, but in terms of making a differential diagnosis, pain is not a defining issue in diagnosing a murmur.
Avatar f tn Vessel blockage can be the underly cause for your symptoms. The usual procedure is for a doctor to do a differential diagnosis to determine the cause for you symptoms. Although your blood pressure is normal, that does not rule out a coronary vessel issue that impairs coronary blood flow. Also, there can be a heart valve impairment that reduces the cardiac output, etc. Your symptoms should not be dismissed, and a more aggressive evaluation should go forward.
Avatar n tn I have NEVER felt this in my entire life. I have felt pain in the center of my chest, and honestly it would be usually due to some heartbreak or something, something emotional. I have never felt pain in the actual organ. Right now as I type, it's like a light cramped feeling, in more intense moments, it is like a charlie horse that you'd get in a muscle. In a way it is fascinating, because yes we all know the heart is a muscle, but now it really feels like one!
Avatar f tn Also the FLAIR technique adds little to the differential diagnosis. The calculation of magnetisation transfer ratio (MT ratio) may be useful to better characterise some entities, such as vasculitis, from multiple sclerosis. Differential diagnosis of multiple sclerosis: contribution of magnetic resonance techniques.
Avatar f tn (essentially partially blocked blood vessels) and only after an in-person evaluation by a physician can there be a true differential diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Dear Dromi: If your child is having an active problem, such as chest pain or palpitations, you should ALWAYS speak with your primary doctor immediately. Additionally, it may be indicated to have your child seen in the doctor’s office or local emergency room. I would suggest that you do that as soon as possible.
Avatar m tn Okey dokey. The sensations you describe are common with cardiac ischemia - lack of oxygen to the heart...but you haven't scratched the surface in terms of differential diagnosis. Have you had a complete hematological consult? If the red blood cells are not transferring oxygen you may develop cardiac ischemia. Have you considered anxiety? Yes, anxiety can cause narrowing of the blood vessels leading to the heart. Have you had a 24 hour holter?
Avatar m tn X rays are images and can show radiolucent or opaque shadows. And only a differential diagnosis can be obtained from this. The shadow can occur due to local causes like recurrent lung infections and sometimes due to cancer of the lungs. They can also be seen in systemic diseases like systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, sarcoidosis and scleroderma. Only further investigations like a CT or PET scan and sometimes a biopsy may be needed to arrive at a diagnosis.
4851983 tn?1483079662 First described in 1712, xiphodynia is a rare syndrome capable of producing myriad symptoms that can mimic several common thoracic and abdominal diseases. Common symptoms of xiphodynia may include cardiac chest pain; pain radiating into the back, neck, shoulders, arms, and chest wall; epigastric pain; nausea; vomiting; and diarrhea.
407812 tn?1211307057 This usually presents as a nonpulsating headache associated with neck or shoulder muscle tightness. However, this is only a differential .This may not sound urgent but an initial consult with a neurologist will be able to guide you.A complete medical history and physical examination are important in obtaining a diagnosis. Keep a healthy lifestyle, drink lots of fluid, do some stretching and relaxation exercises and keep yourself from unnecessary worrying ( does this apply?).
Avatar n tn This type of headache may cause pain on the head and face as referred pain from the neck. This may also be a headache secondary to an underlying musculoskeletal or arthritic pain. Do you have other associated symptoms like eye redness or tearing and nasal discharge? For how long do the headaches last? How would you describe th headcahes? Are they throbbing, stabbing or sharp?
Avatar m tn No clear plane with sternum and pleural. differential diagnosis includes calcified chondroma, chondrosarcoma, fibrous dysplasia or calcified pleural mass. Calcification is often but not always a sign of a benign lesion. My recommendation is, that given that the Radiologist said that “he has not seen this before”, that he/she seek a second opinion from a subspecialist, a Thoracic Radiologist. It may not be possible to make a diagnosis without a biopsy of this lesion.
254714 tn?1316613355 m also feeling body ache,chest pain shoulder pain..
Avatar n tn S SYNDROME - SYMPTOMS Patients with vague head and neck pain symptoms can lead to an extensive differential diagnosis. One easily overlooked but important cause of chronic pain is Eagle’s syndrome (ES). Beginning in 1937, Dr. Watt Eagle published a series of articles describing a constellation of symptoms associated with an elongated styloid process. This syndrome that bears his name is associated with two classic presentations.
Avatar f tn m running a triple-digit fever every day. I have sinusitis and chest pain and a bit of a cough but no signs of infection in either area. I'm trying to figure out what kind of doctor to go see next. I'd be happy to hear any ideas or suggestions.
Avatar m tn pain in upper back when breathing in, persistant dry cough, general unwell feeling). The report came back that there were signs of 'resolving infection' - however the radiologist flagged up 'pronounced hilar on left lung' - I caught a look at the report to the GP and it scared to **** out of me - it said 'confidentially we cannot completely rule out the possibility of a lesion'. What the hell does that mean?