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Avatar n tn I have a callus looking thing on the outside of my small toe and a knot on the inside between my other toe. I have had these for sometime but, now I am expereincing pain in my foot and knee as well. I can't get up in my foot and leg without severe pain. I have also been expereincing stinging in my foot and leg. I buy shoes often because my feet hurt so bad. I have also been using dividers between my toes to releive the pain and shock but, that does not work anymore. Suggestions please.
Avatar m tn Is severe leg pain in a diabetic and blood pressure patient a symptom of complications of heart?
1353681 tn?1387083733 My sister has had severe leg pain and twitching..no diagnosis for two years. She's diabetic but ruled out neuropathy. She now is experiencing a new clawing pain in the buttocks, that extends down into thigh. (Right) She can BARELY even move. They've ruled out a clot, but are not sure this new severe pain in buttocks and going down leg. Any ideas? They'll be doing an MRI of spine a second time soon.
Avatar n tn You people are great.Great American's,aren't we, Love you all.Thanls,thanks for all the advice. (76 yr.
Avatar n tn Your mother requires evaluation by a wound-care specialist, commonly associated with diabetic clinics. As soon as possible. As of yesterday. Leg wounds that won't heal are common in diabetics (as well as the elderly with compromised micro-circulation) and require a lot of professional attention. The avergae GP is above his pay grade in treating these. There are various approaches, the most recent and (non-approved) is the use of a nicotine patch or smoking a cigarette or two a day.
Avatar m tn My mom is diabetic and she has severe pain , and it looks like its anerve pain , in the ruq , US was negative m, MRI was negative . What is the best diagnostic method and treatment . We are in Houston -Tx This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/294640'>Is there any treatment for nerve pain</a>.
Avatar f tn 3 weeks ago I started doing my shots in the top part of my leg. Last few days both legs are cramping from the knee up. Is this normal? Am I destroying the muscle with the shots there? The pain is pretty intense and today can barely walk. I'm done shooting in the leg, but had to stop doing shots in my stomach because of the stomach pain. Now where can I do the shots? Or will it be the same thing with the pain no matter where I do it?
Avatar m tn you could possibly be diabetic-i would make a dr appt!
Avatar f tn Lately I have been fainting and falling alot (very embarrising since I am in High School). Just recently I have also been getting severe leg and back cramps/spasms. I am having a hard time sleeping at night getting only about 3 to 4 hours of sleep. This has also been going on for over 1 year. I have seen several doctors, who have run MRI's, CAT scans and they all have done blood work. Everything always comes up normal. I just don't feel well anymore.
Avatar n tn i have a 52 year old brother who lost his right leg from diabetics two years ago,he wont take no bath maybe once a month if that,an he keep bottles of urine in his room i clean his room a week ago found 9 bottles of urine in 2 liters of coke bottles an in the trash can i have talk an talk to him so sick of the smell please help?
429432 tn?1343594190 Anyone ever hear of Metanx? My Dr. prescribed it for nerve damage in my leg/back, but the website says it's for diabetics. I'm not diabetic, shoulds I even be taking this stuff? Years ago, she gave me Vioxx, I read the warning leaflet and threw the pills in the trash. I was right, they were pulled off the market later on. I'm not sure about this either...
15956007 tn?1444226957 my mom,s diabetes level are good and normal her problem is her tips of the middle finger of both hands hurts, when she touches any thing the tips hurts and today she also she got pain in her whole stomach and back . we went to doctors but they could not help about the finger tips please help me?
Avatar f tn My Mom was told this in the ER after she broke her leg... she was already a dialysis patient at that point, though.
Avatar f tn You may have a potentially life-threatening problem. Minor toe infections often develop into full-fledged osteomyelitis. Painful pinching is sometimes the warning symptom. You could lose toes, a foot or a leg. This is very common with diabetics. This, of course is a "worse-case" scenario. You need a visit to a good podiatrist affiliated with a hospital to take an x-ray and then an MRI if indicated, as well as a diabetic screen (an hba1c blood test).
Avatar f tn He gets trouble whenever need to go out with bare foot or itz raining. Wanna knw if this is common one in diabetics or not.. if yes what is the permanent solution to this problem??
1432235 tn?1306515480 I have had several operations on my back L5 S1 and still not fused this has been on going now for 3yrs I ended up with nerve damage in my lower right leg but now for the past few months when I am lying in bed I get severe pain in my left leg any ideas what may be causing this? Even when I try to move my leg it absolutely kills me.
1353681 tn?1387083733 It can change and go up the leg as well. Such a big pain in the behind to deal with all of these things! How well is your blood sugar controlled?
Avatar n tn I've been looking into using wax & its recommended diabetics do not wax. I just read a previous answer to a waxing question that it may have to do with neuropathy. I was wondering if the amount of fructose, glucose & maltrose used in the wax may be another reason? Is it possible that they could be absorbed through the skin?
10589910 tn?1413272458 Do we have any diabetics that were diabetic before pregnancy? Not gestational diabetes. If so I'm wondering some things...
2187006 tn?1346698119 Not so much my back mainly in my bum and back of my leg, its just the one leg my left one is fine! Is it bad for the baby in any way?