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Avatar n tn At night my right leg is aching and causing me to be nausea and not sleeping well. It is not cramping just a dull pain. My doctor over worked myself and told me to try a sleep aid and tylenol. This did not help and I have also tryed potassium pills, aleve but nothing helps. Does anyone have any ideas?
Avatar f tn can anxiety cause right leg pain, and dizziness? on 50mg of zoloft and 1mg of ativan that i take 2 times a day but still having problems....
Avatar f tn Then I was experiencing pain in just my left leg. The pain was coming from behind my leg just above my knee. I assumed it was because I pulled a muscle. I notice it mostly when I get up from sitting at my desk for a while or walking for long periods of time. Sometimes it doesn't hurt at all. Here recently I've been feeling the pain go down to my calf. It almost feels like I have a charley horse in my calf.
1058261 tn?1256061140 you might want to have a x-ray of your foot arthritis forms where there have been breaks.. I also dealt with leg pain for awhile. I walked around a ball fiend with my dogs everyday for about 6 weeks and they would be sore when I started but I would just walk it off and it would help so much with the rest of the day.. Hope it eases for you soon and Congratulations On 12 days !!
Avatar f tn Right now I feel a burning chest pain below by right breast also on the left side of my chest and in my mid back on my left side, still dizziness, a bit of pressure behind my left eye, and nausea, still leg cramps/pain, upper back pain.This has been going on for over two weeks. I'm Really worried. What could be wrong with me?
Avatar f tn Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms include extreme fatigue, nausea, vomiting, tachycardia, leg pain, low grade fevers, anaemia (a cause of low body temperature). Vitamin B12 deficiency is highly misdiagnosed due to far too low a reference range. I recommend levels over 800pg/mL or 600pmol/L. "Vitamin B12 Deficiency, the Epidemic of Misdiagnosis A good friend of ours, otherwise healthy, had the sudden onset of severe leg pain which baffled her doctors who could not explain it.
131817 tn?1209532911 Anyone have experience with steriods for bone pain? Also anyone have a suggestion about nausea meds? Since I have no clue when I will hurl, I really don't want to take something all the time. The pain meds come up, so I can't get rid of the headache. Does anyone have these effects with Neupogen? If the sx are so bad with this Neulasta, but not with Neupogen, perhaps Hemo will give me that instead.
Avatar n tn No visible cue or pain when touched, he just feels there is pain along the leg between the knee and the ankle. It seems like whenever he is really active during day and the night is cold, the next morning he will complaint about the pain. What should I do?
1490854 tn?1288380707 This week, during this flare, my doc put me on Oxycontin. It helped the leg pain but it made me so nauseaous that it took me two days to get my stomach back to normal. You can't break them so that's not an option. I'm wondering if anyone else takes Oxy. and if so does the nausea every go away? I've only taken two and they helped me sleep which made the leg pain a little more bearable.
Avatar n tn I have a protrueding disk on L4 and 5. left leg pain down the back of my leg my calf pain is very bad down to my numbing toes my DR.
2011699 tn?1328936953 There are lots of reasons for this type of leg pain, some of them serious, like deep vein thrombosis. Most are not related to hep c, go get it diagnosed, guessing is never a good option...
1444901 tn?1284753542 i can handle the chills and nausea, but the leg pain and diahrea is brutal... i dont have a choice now i guess though... i go to see my pain dr tomorrow, and he refuses to prescribe narcotics so i dont have to worry there. they do massage and PT in house though so i hope it helps.. ill try and get out of the house to buy those leg pain helpers you decribed.... I have a bottle of requip, have you heard of it? does it help? Send me good vibes!
Avatar m tn I was just diagnosed with sub-acute lupus last month and prescribed Methotrexate and Prednisone. Before I was diagnosed, I was experiencing severe pain in my left leg to the point that if I sit for any amount of time (5 minutes or more) I could literally not walk the pain was so intense. I also had and have pain in my right arm (can't even pick up a half gallon of milk without dropping it). Since my diagnosis and being on the medication for three weeks, I feel no difference.
Avatar f tn When it past the pain would ease but still be there. Oct 2012 I started getting sick all the time. Nausea, pain LLQ, LUQ.. My GYN did an ultrasound which showed a large cyst in my left ovary and said I should have it removed. I tried to put it off as long as possible. I continued to be very ill, irregular bowel movements, blood in stool, pain that went from lower left pelvic to back and down my left leg. So I decided on scheduling surgery.
Avatar f tn They even checked my liver and pancreas with these blood tests....and still not sure why I am having this pain and nausea. They said it could be flu or food poisoning. Well a week went by and was still in pain and throwing up. The phenergan was not working for the nausea, and I was on a limited diet that consisted of plain toast, when I could eat...and broth when I wasn't feeling well. I had a fever of 102, which went away 4 days later.
Avatar f tn The same thing happened to me after a myelogram. I had terrible leg pain and a spinal headache. I had to go back and get two blood patches before I got rid of the headache. It took about a week for the leg pain to go away.
Avatar f tn I've noticed some bruises appearing out of nowhere on my body (mainly my legs). -Dizziness -Headaches -Nausea -Diarrhea -Fatigue -Chest pain (though this only happens once in awhile). I don't know what's going on with me but I know something's wrong. I just can go see a doctor next month and i'm starting to feel so worried that I want to have at least an idea of what's going on. I hope to get an answer and sorry for my english.
Avatar n tn since my diagnosis I have had pelvic cramping, back and leg pain,nausea and gassy. Also a lot of discomfort from the lower pelvis swelling.I have had an t/v ultrasound ct scan and the ca125 test I will get all the results this friday,, I am very concerned this could be a malignant tumor. Has anyone else had such sudden onset of symptoms with a large mass and have it be benign?
Avatar m tn Usually starts within a half hour of waking up and continues on/off during the day, localized to that spot on the left side, usually branches off from there, rarely travels to the right side of my head. The arm and leg pains are back. The leg pain has been bothering me the most over the last few days, localized to the ankle area at the top of the left foot and travels across the top of my left foot down to my second toe.
Avatar n tn My mother, who is 71, has been experiencing lower back pain and leg pain all the way to her toes for several months. She has some degenerative arthritis noted, but nothing significant that would require surgery. A cervical and lumbar MRI yielded normal results. The leg pain is characterized as more of a heaviness where she has to literally lift her legs manually to enter a car, or to get out of bed, etc. She had vascular tests, all which were negative.
1032898 tn?1258602307 I'm still weaning, but the leg and muscle pain is the worst. Will it ever stop?
Avatar n tn Since '02 till last December I have been fine, yes I had the numbness in my leg but no pain. Almost 7 years after my surgery all of a sudden I have excruciating pain in my right leg. It started with muscle spasms, weakness, and finally pain. Why after all these years is it happening? The MRI and xrays say the surgical site looks fine. I can barely handle stairs, walking, and even driving now.
Avatar n tn Prior to the injury I had been taking over the counter Panadene (500mg Paracetamol, 10mg Codeine). I have had constant pain in my leg and the infection has not gone, but over the past 7 days I have been trying to taper off my Forte usage to 2 tabs a day at the most. I now have debilitating headaches which occur at the front of my head, along with severe sinus pressure, serious dizziness that occurs when I look up or down, and nausea that gets worse around meal time.