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Avatar f tn can anxiety cause right leg pain, and dizziness? on 50mg of zoloft and 1mg of ativan that i take 2 times a day but still having problems....
Avatar f tn Then I was experiencing pain in just my left leg. The pain was coming from behind my leg just above my knee. I assumed it was because I pulled a muscle. I notice it mostly when I get up from sitting at my desk for a while or walking for long periods of time. Sometimes it doesn't hurt at all. Here recently I've been feeling the pain go down to my calf. It almost feels like I have a charley horse in my calf.
Avatar n tn I have a protrueding disk on L4 and 5. left leg pain down the back of my leg my calf pain is very bad down to my numbing toes my DR.
Avatar f tn I am on blood pressure meds and Plavix every day. I have severe nausea and extreme fatique. I still have leg pain at night and I am in the bath tub about 6 times a day!! Does this just keep going ? Are my other meds interfering with the B6 and L-trosine. And where is Thomas when you need him anyway! The nausea is so intent I could not even think about taking another pain pill nor can I eat....
1490854 tn?1288377107 This week, during this flare, my doc put me on Oxycontin. It helped the leg pain but it made me so nauseaous that it took me two days to get my stomach back to normal. You can't break them so that's not an option. I'm wondering if anyone else takes Oxy. and if so does the nausea every go away? I've only taken two and they helped me sleep which made the leg pain a little more bearable.
Avatar f tn What could cause numbness on the right arm, hip and leg, nausea, in addition to acute chest pain.
1058261 tn?1256057540 you might want to have a x-ray of your foot arthritis forms where there have been breaks.. I also dealt with leg pain for awhile. I walked around a ball fiend with my dogs everyday for about 6 weeks and they would be sore when I started but I would just walk it off and it would help so much with the rest of the day.. Hope it eases for you soon and Congratulations On 12 days !!
Avatar f tn I had an ultrasound for leg pain to rule out dvt and when she pushed under my knee and a place in my thigh and calf I had a stinging sensation and my foot began to go numb. Also, when she pushed on my left groin it caused terrible pain which im still feeling the effects of a day later, along with nausea. What would cause this since im negative for dvt? Could my lymph nodes be causing that? A nerve?
2011699 tn?1328933353 My question is,I am having severe,severe,leg pain at night that it is to the point of waking me...it goes on throughout the day as well..but,not as badI walk daily but it does not seem to make it better,if anything it makes them ache more...also very tierd and nausea all the time...ideas?...Anyone else like me?
Avatar f tn Wow, you do have many things that need attention. The first thing to to is make a detailed list of what is wrong; when it is wrong and for how long? For instance: "Leg Pain; right leg only; at night; painful to move but rarely need medication". Such detail will help isolate just what you have going on. A good initial step is to see an endocrinologist who will ask for blood work to investigate your hormones and related matters.
533880 tn?1237612452 and he asked if she had any leg pain/swollen legs...and the funny thing about it was that she has been complaining about her legs lately. She doe snot want to walk anywhere..what does leg pain have to do with stomach problems?
Avatar f tn The same thing happened to me after a myelogram. I had terrible leg pain and a spinal headache. I had to go back and get two blood patches before I got rid of the headache. It took about a week for the leg pain to go away.
1444901 tn?1284749942 geeez this *****.. i can handle the chills and nausea, but the leg pain and diahrea is brutal... i dont have a choice now i guess though... i go to see my pain dr tomorrow, and he refuses to prescribe narcotics so i dont have to worry there. they do massage and PT in house though so i hope it helps.. ill try and get out of the house to buy those leg pain helpers you decribed.... I have a bottle of requip, have you heard of it? does it help? Send me good vibes!
911669 tn?1294099188 First, I started having severe nausea, then abdominal discomfort, and now I am noticing my right leg particularly my foot feels burning-like or cool type sensation. Last night I noticed my normal restless leg symptoms are increased on the right side. Most all my problems are on the right side anyway, but I am concerned about the innumerable side effects for Cymbalta. This medication is so darned expensive and I am contemplating not continuing to take it. Any suggestions Quix and all?
Avatar f tn I have very bad back pain from last week especially left leg and bumps. Whenever I get up in the morning its severe and later on it goes down. I also have nausea and very stupidly i crave for chalk, white cement, slate pencil, sand etc. Can you please help me.
Avatar f tn Hi to all the awesome future mom's! It's our first time and I unfortunately don't have any family to assist. Our first visit is in 3 weeks time but I'm in extreme leg and back pain, sensitive to smell, can't sleep and fatigue.. This morning no had my first bout of morning sickness and it was really bad even hubby came in tot he bathroom to hold me up.. o's this normal? Someone suggested toast for he nausea but it just seems to aggravate it.. Please help!
Avatar f tn Hi. It started when I work up yesterday, just a vague pain in my left leg. I thought maybe I slept on it wrong. Then I started noticing other left sided symptoms that are all getting progressively worse as time goes on. The next thing I noticed is the left side of my throat, under my chin(I imagine where my lymph node would be?) is very sore. Like, I can feel pain there when I look up, strain the area in any way. It's sore to the touch.
Avatar n tn what is the connection between parkinsons disease and severe leg cramps? How can it be treated?
Avatar n tn Kidney stones cause severe nausea and severe flank pain. Usually doesn't travel down the leg. Sounds more like sciatic nerve pain to me. You should get it checked by your doctor, you may have a disc problem in your back causing the swelling/pinching of the nerve. A simple urine test at the doctor's office will tell them if you have blood in your urine that usually indicates a stone.
Avatar f tn Hi ZYgY, my wife has the same Leg Pain after Chiari Surgery that you had. I was wondering please.... how things went for you as for you since your comment about it here....? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I had no morning sickness Just a bit of nausea by 19 weeks I got really bad leg pains and horrible headaches and back pain now I'm 25+1 and have really bad Sciatic nerve pain along with the leg cramps back pains and headaches .
Avatar f tn Hi I am 5dpt and I also the pain on my right side and down my leg, I was wondering if that was normal. I had cramps for a couple days but that was it. My breast are not sore but as you also said today I woke up with a bad headach. I know this is TMI but my stuff was hurting also like throbing.