Side pain in pregnancy

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Avatar f tn Im 31weeks pregnant and have a stitch like pain in my right side that is painful, started last night and happened twice again today. Anyone have any ideas what it could be?
Avatar f tn i had ectopic last year and i had pain in my side i hd to have my tube and baby removed ,.
Avatar n tn I m facing pain in left side of stomach in 8th week Of pregnancy. What I can do.
Avatar f tn Has anyone experience pain in their right side from their back down to their feet.... This has been bothering me for a few days Tylenol not working any suggestions?
Avatar n tn How far along in your pregnancy are you? It is very normal, I had the same problem when I was pregnant and I went to Labor and Delivery quite a few times it is just your body making room for your little one.
5609583 tn?1373500339 I've had a horrible pain in my right side about my pelvic bone like directly across from my bellybutton for almost 2 days now. I stay hydrated so i know that's not it and I do not have a UTI. Any other ideas what this could be? I say the pain is about an 8 on a 1-10 scale and only feels better if I'm curled up in a ball.
4251679 tn?1370305531 So pretty much all day today I've had this pretty sharp pain in my right side. I'm not really sure what this could be. I've tried taking tylenol twice and it seems to only dull it slightly. I took a nap cuz I figured maybe I'd wake up with it gone, but no such luck. I'm just wondering if anyone else gets this pain, as I'm a ftm and not sure if I should be concerned or if it's just part of pregnancy.
1523981 tn?1311318595 I was making a snack a little bit ago and got this sharp pain in my left side just slightly inwards from my hip bone. I thought it might be just some normal pain from the pregnancy but its not dull its sharp and hurts when I walk. could this be just some new normal pain with the pregnancy or should I be a little concerned?
Avatar f tn s been two weeks that I get severe lower back pain and feel tingling in my toes. I am only 20 weeks pregnant and never experienced this with my first pregnancy. Dr. Prescribed pain meds but don't want to take everyday.
1123420 tn?1350561158 m 20 weeks 1 day with my baby girl and starting yesterday I started getting this pain in my sides every time I stood up. And now today is constant and only on my right side. Even just sitting here it someone is stabbing me. Is this a normal part of pregnancy? This is my second baby but the first was 4 years ago and I cant remember this happening..
1523981 tn?1311318595 t seem to stop, they do ease up and then all of sudden I will be in pain again, the pain moves I am also in a lot of pain by my vagina and this pain I am use to but it usually goes away. We went to eat cause I was hungry and by the time we got are food I couldnt eat.
Avatar f tn Hi am 6wks 3days and been having pain in my right side like fallopian tube like it's being pushed apart. I had a miscarriage last year. And 41 years old my dr said to come in.
1577200 tn?1331725719 i am almost 36 weeks and lately in past few days i am getting a really bad vaginal pain, ,, my baby has not drop yet, he is side to side , but i have these pain that i can not sit or laydown or walk .would someone tell me what is this?
Avatar f tn Has anyone else experienced side pain? Im not cramping thankfully but side pain is concerning me!
Avatar f tn Don't know what I did. I sat in my car and reached over to the glove box to grab something and feel like I pulled something in my side. It feels like a side cramp you would get after eating and walking or something in my lower right hand side. It's a constant pain. Feels worse when I'm walking or hit bumps when in the car. It's been about 20 minutes straight now. Anyone pulled a muscle before. I'm 4 days overdue now. Can still feel babe moving around.
Avatar f tn I'm 18 weeks 5 days I some I woke up on with cramps & hurt!! Last night my back was hurtin on the left & right side I couldn't sleep on my left I think I might have sciatic pain but are these cramps normal???
Avatar f tn I've been having serve right side pain it gets to where I can't move until it's gone to a little pain. It comes and goes but it's been an every day thing. Nervous on what it could be. Or if I should go to the doctors.
Avatar f tn Ok so today I am 25+3! I have been having this BAD pain in my left hip/side for almost 3 months now. I have asked my gyn and he said its just my hips lossening up! Sometimes it feels like my hip is trying to people out of place but it is more in my side above my hip. I can't even do dishes or really anything with the pain. Also my son is so low in my belly I can feel him in my bottom moveing! Is this normal? Any advise would be great!
Avatar f tn If got painful hips more my right side midwife told me its pelvic girdle pain
1369359 tn?1314451884 i read something somewhere that pains in early pregnancy in the embryo embedding into your womb. and you can also get spotting called breakthrough spotting again cased by th embryo settling in your womb. dont worry to much but make an appointment anyway just to make sure all is well. good luck.
Avatar f tn Yess!! I've had back pain throughout my pregnancy but from around 29 weeks to now(33 weeks) I just can't take it especially right now it's just on one side of my back nd in front ...
Avatar f tn m never comfortable sitting up,laying down on either side, In a chair with pillows. Sorry for venting but this time around hurts the most. What do you guys think? T.I.
1225070 tn?1344709174 I think I'm going through the round ligament pain. I had that same pinching pain when I was around your stage as well, and thats what I was wondering was twins. I'm starting to get the same pains, but they hurt more now, usually it happens if I stretch my legs the wrong way when I'm falling asleep. I had an u/s yesterday and one when I was 7 weeks. The baby is still in there with a HB so everything is fine.
Avatar f tn That sounds like exactly what happened to me and it turned out to be a kidney stone. And am still dealing with it! I had pain in my right back side that would come and go and kept getting worse. Definitely go to the doctor! !