Side pain during pregnancy

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Avatar n tn 23 weeks sounds early but anything is possible? The pain is getting progressively worse at night when rolling from side to side now (currently 36 weeks), but I have less then 28 days now - yipeee! Yes I am feeling the same thing. I am 35+3 days and I have been feeling like this for almost a week. I am "waddling" more and the pain is slowly getting "worse". I read that this is normal.
Avatar f tn I had that pain off and on. I had called the Dr and since I wasn't bleeding and my pain was almost like period cramps I was told to keep drinking lots of water stay off my feet on bed rest and take a full dose of Tylenol.
10720243 tn?1415582269 // You can find this in the app by going to the Pregnancy Diary from the home screen and selecting Morning sickness from the Symptoms menu.
Avatar f tn I am 14 weeks pregnant and I feel a sharp pain in my right side ( where the right ovary is). I felt that before this pregnancy and now when I wear pants with elactics it puts pressure on and I feel the pain afterward for hours. My last u/s was at 8 weeks and that is when they saw a cyst, and the doctors did not specify where exactly it was (uterus or ovary).
268356 tn?1236002604 Okay, has anyone else had jaw pain during pregnancy. I am having it on the right side and it hurts worse when I talk or when I eat. Just started today. However, jaw pain can also be a major symptom of a heart attack in women. What is your opinions. Anyone else?
Avatar n tn Who has suffered with hemorrhoids during pregnancy, how many weeks were you & how did you get rid of them ?
Avatar f tn Any time you have severe pain like that you should see a doctor. I had severe pain like that with an ectopic pregnancy AND with a normal pregnancy. It's always better to be safe than sorry. You can always call the doctor and get their opinion on if you should be seen. They won't mind the call. Hope you are feeling better!
11317840 tn?1428020516 So I know that you can get pain after sex and all that, but last night me and my boyfriend had sex and I was on top everything was going ok, untill I got this very tight sharp feeling on my right side of my belly. It felt like my baby was moving to that side but it was very uncomfortable. after he was done, I went to the bathroom and I got like a major contraction, or at least it felt like one.
1486020 tn?1354028475 Tylenol (acetaminophen) is okay to take during pregnancy, just not too much. I'll try your clove idea. Someone also suggested a baby toothing gel, since it would be safe for a baby it should be safe during pregnancy. I wish the dentist would take me sooner! This is agonizing..
Avatar f tn I had a large right side ovarian cyst rupture 8 months ago. I am now 20 wks pregnant. I've had right side pain since 17 wks when they did an ultrasound. It made my gender reveal appointment so painful while they did the ultrasound, that I couldn't wait for it to be over. The baby is perfect and they said they don't see any cyst on my ovaries. That it might just stretching in that spot.
Avatar f tn Me and my husband have been wondering lately if it is safe to have intercourse during my pregnancy? I am about 7 weeks in and I have been craving my husband more than anything else. It's not like me. Does this have to do with the pregnancy? If we do have intercourse would it hurt our baby? Especially since ive been spotting and been a lot of pain lately. Im really confused. I know I shouldn't want this rite now but idk what to do. And we r too shy to ask anyone face to face.
761653 tn?1266271699 So I went to the doctor to day for my regualarly schedualled apointment... And everything with my baby is looking good, he/she has a strong hearbeat, 2 legs/feet, 2 arms/hands, a torso, and a head. Nothing to worry about there, however, they also found a cyst on my left overy about the size of my uterus now. My doctor said that it's nothing to worry about, but I can't seem to stop worrying, that it why I am posting this.
Avatar f tn After I started using Crinone this month, the second day, i had slight pain in the uterus and ovaries like what we get during periods. The next day it became little worse. I took some tablet for the pain. Then my pain subsided but occasionally i have light pain in my uterus or ovaries. Can any one tell me if this is symptom for anything good or bad? Will pregnancy cause any of these symtomps? Or is it some kind of pain due to the polycystic ovaries?
480331 tn?1310403529 I have gone to a Chiropractor throughout my pregnancy. He also worked with his wife for 5 of her pregnancies. BUT.. Then my OB doc suggested that I go to an OMM doctor and that was ABSOLUTELY the BEST experience I had ever had! They do not crack you at all, they just find your pain points (knots) and move you while pressing the knot out. I walked in there crooked, walked out like I was never pregnant and I was 8 1/2 months!!
Avatar m tn On Jan. 31 I was admitted to the ER with pain on the right side of my abdomen, at that time I was 5 weeks PG (LMP) but after running urine & blood test with a vaginal US etc. the obgyn said that its possible I have an ectopic pregnancy and I’m 4 weeks PG. I had a laparoscopy and was given general anesthesia-endotracheal. 2/4/08 the same obgyn call and said it was not an ectopic PG, I'm still PG, my hCG level is normal, and I had a cyst on my left ovary which was drained.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a mother of two and expecting. I wondered if any one else has been through my situation and can help me out. In July I had removed my IUD merina which is a birthcontrol implanted inside. My fiance and I are trying to have kids. On September 11th I found out I was almost 3 weeks pregnant (hcg level 99.5). Then on the 14th I started spoting bright red blood.