Neck pain early pregnancy

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Avatar f tn s more dull and achy. I also have pain in my neck and on my right side. Has anyone experienced that so early before?
Avatar f tn I would just wait a week and test again if you don't get a normal period. I also tested too early and ignored the back pain for two weeks before I tested again and got a positive.
Avatar n tn I have a buldging disc in my lower back and neck. I am 13wks pregnant, the pain is so severe at times I take a hydrocodone 5/500 for the pain. I try to limit myself to 1 or 2 a week. Is this going to harm my baby?
Avatar f tn I've had this problem for more than an year now. I was once studying at night and fell asleep on my study table. Woke up early in the morning and found my pain and back aching. Didn't seem much of a problem at that time. However the pain increased by afternoon. I didn't consider it any major thing and turned my head a bit sideways. It helped. Sort of. Momentarily. The pain became persistent and I again turned my head. This sort of became a habit and I've still been doing it!
Avatar f tn They are constant but sometimes they are very light so its hard to feel them.
Avatar f tn I am a LimboLander with an uncomfortable new symptom--or maybe not a symptom?? I have a stiff neck--and not the kind that you get after you sleep weird--and not like something is "out." It's just this line of pain from my neck dowm my right arm--and up to my jaw--I feel stupid asking because maybe it's just a stiff neck--but I've never had pain like this before and was just wondering if this sounds like something to add to my log of sx or if it seems unrelated.
Avatar n tn I made an appt with my doc to see me early because I had a previous m/c and I had been having some cramping and RT shoulder pain. If they catch an ectopic pregnancy early they can treat the tubal with a methotrexate shot instead of having to remove a tube. If you are worried I would call your doc just to make sure. Good luck!!
Avatar n tn I'm 4 weeks and 2 day pregnant. I'v been having adbominal pain and cramps since before and still having them is that normal? My whole right side from my neck all the way down to my feet has been in alot of pain & diffcult to walk and tylenol doesn't make the pain stop is that normal?
Avatar f tn would you mind looking at my post about neck pain? I posted last night and it's down the list a little. . .I'm wondering if what I'm experiencing is a neurological problem or unrelated to the "probably early MS" that my dr is talking to me about. Thanks!
Avatar f tn In early pregnancy do u start to feel soreness on the sides of your Lowe stomach??
Avatar f tn BUT just to put your mind at rest a little, the shoulder pain would literally be unbareable, and I also had pains in my left side with this pregnancy which was due to a small cyst on my ovary which is very common in early pregnancy, I am now 34 weeks gone. Pain at the beginning of pregnancy is common and shoulder pain is also a sign of wind.
Avatar f tn Is it normal to feel cramps and discomfort in your lower abdomen in early pregnancy? I'm about 3 or 4 weeks.
Avatar f tn I have been having some bad pain in the right side of my neck. I have always had some neck problems but it hasn't been this bad in awhile. On top of it all my right shoulder is hurting and so is my right arm. My arm muscle is so sore and feels so heavy and tight and I haven't done a whole lot. I have taken Tylenol and tried biofreeze but nothing is working. Has anyone else had this happen? I'm 9 weeks right now.
Avatar f tn and also what kind of pain sensation..? throbbing pulsating or acheing - wad the pain constant or intermittent..
Avatar f tn Please do not, under any circumstances, try to ignore bleeding accompanied by severe pain, or any severe pain even on its own, during early pregnancy. Click here if you need to know more about ectopic pregnancy. Placenta Praevia In late pregnancy it can sometimes happen that the placenta is still lying low in the womb instead of having migrated upwards, as it should. In such a case, the baby's route down the birth canal is blocked by the placenta.
1290113 tn?1294319043 I am roughly about 5 weeks along, even though this is my 2nd pregnancy i still wonder what every ache or pain is as i seem to forget what it was like, as like every expecting mum i am worried about anything going wrong. Im not in 'pain' but i do have dull aches that all seems to be one sided someone told me this could be due to the fact that it may be the side the embro is lay in the uterus...has any1 experienced this or could give me information on weather or not its normal?
1960024 tn?1355014582 I have had pretty severe Pain in the back of my neck that radiates into the back of my head for about 5 months now. I've seen my Dr. and at first he said a pulled muscle then when it did not go away he tried PT, still no relief so he tried these shots that numbed the area for a couple hours, but that was it. There's also lumps now, at my hairline and in the mid neck close to the spine, I decided to see another Dr.
Avatar n tn I'm having trouble deciding. I was looking at the Leacho back n belly and heard that the seam by the neck is painful. Thinking of going with the Cozy Comfort by Today's Mom. What's everyone's favorite brand and style?