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Avatar f tn I am just in the beginning of my second trimester and I have a pain in my lower back on the right side. What should I do about it?
Avatar n tn I'm just wondering if anyone else who is on their second pregnancy is having a lot if pain. I'm only 18wks 4days. I been feeling a lot of pressure and pain anytime I cough or If I walk more than 10 minutes long. The pain is right where my c section scar is. Been felling like this since around 14 wks. Is this normal for second pregnancy? Just seems too early for me to have this kind of problem?
Avatar f tn I'm 13 weeks pregnant and I have this HORRIBLE lower back pain its so bad I can't even bend down to wash my hands or scratch my lower legs I have to squat I've tried cracking my lower back but it doesn't crack and nothing is helping. is it common to have lower back pain during pregnancy and what can I do to make it go away.? or feel a little better.?
Avatar f tn I thought when you get into the second trimester, your energy begins to return and you feel better. I'm so tired lately it's just as bad as the first trimester. I'm 15 weeks and I am still getting naseous time to time. I am so exhausted. Does anyone feel like this?
Avatar f tn Lower back pain is considered a common early sign of pregnancy. I experienced lower back pain early on, but it subsided after 12w or so. Now is a good time to strengthen and stretch the back muscles using yoga or pilates to keep it from being too painful in the 3rd trimester. Hope all goes well in your 2nd pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I got a lot of back pain too in my second trimester, I had to sleep propped up with pillows and a heat pack. Now I'm 2 days off 40wks and the little guy is giving me more back pain...and a whole lot of other pain with it!
9498641 tn?1411576331 Yeah i just entered my second trimester and I'm still always so tired or exhausted.
Avatar f tn My second has been way better than my first i had a girl and was sick the entire time this one is a boy had a little morning sickness in the beginning but it was gone right into the second trimester a little more pain in my hips this time but been a way better experience :)
Avatar f tn I know how you feel this is my second pregnancy very different from my first and she always has the hiccups lol.
Avatar f tn Same happened to me. turns out I have gallstones. You should talk to your doctor to rule out gallstones and kidney infections. They didn't find mine until 30 weeks so now I have to live with it until baby's here, where as I could've gotten It removed in the second trimester and avoided this pain.
Avatar f tn So I thought the second trimester you were supposed to get your energy back... In 2 days I will be 17 weeks along and I am still tired as hell all the time....
Avatar f tn I had everything from constant nausea and committing throughout the whole pregnancy, heart burn, leg and back pain, insomnia, mood swings from hell, and so on. This pregnancy has been so wonderful! I have definitely been more tired this time, but other than that and a little nausea at the beginning, its been a piece of cake. Some days I almost forget I'm pregnant.
Avatar f tn Anyone experiencing back pain already? I am 15 weeks and 3 days with my second and oh man! By the end of the day I am in agony. With my fist I remember it hurting more towards the third trimester.
Avatar f tn Finally at week 13 any other mom's just start their second trimester how are you feeling
Avatar f tn I am 6 weeks w. my second pregnancy too. Till yet didn't notice any different symptoms than the first. Let see. I am curious also to see if it will be similar to the first or different in term of symptoms.
Avatar f tn I was told by my OB that my headaches would subside in my second trimester....but they're getting worse. And it's down into my neck. I almost think its a pinched nerve. I've called them to see about med I can take or something but still haven't heard back. Any tips or advise on how I can get rid of this pain. Its crippling. My head hurts, my eyes hurt, my neck hurts, all of it.
3203877 tn?1358032521 For me, it was!! I'm 28 weeks today & have been feeling 3rd trimester symptoms I'm the last week. The second trimester is full of cool new experiences & fewer pains. I got over morning sickness, wanted to eat, craved foods, really started feeling the baby, didn't really have any aches or pains, felt much more energetic, family could begin to feel her, & it was cool to watch my belly grow before it got big & bulky. Hope this helps & good luck.
Avatar f tn But it sounds like your pregnancy is going in a normal direction. Your symptoms are normal. They will get better second trimester. Then they will come back third.
Avatar f tn Is this normal in the first trimester? Its my second pregnancy and with my first one I had absolutely no aches, pains, morning sickness throughout the entire pregnancy so I dunno if its normal....
Avatar f tn t provide them I would say the furthest you b should go in that job would be when you hit your second trimester. In the meantime try to find a job that is not so labor intensive.
Avatar f tn I am officially in my second trimester! Everyone says pregnancy ***** but I feel great for the most part expect being hungry alot and peeing and being tired and sore. But nothing else.
492921 tn?1321289896 So I have made it to the second trimester the so called "honeymoon stage". How far into the second trimester does it take to consider it the "Honeymoon" I am still running to the bathroom every 15 minutes. The neausae has actually gotten worse this last week. When I try to eat meat I want to puke. I'm on an antibiotic so that doesn't help with the neausea. My prenatals kill my stomach. I am always eating!
475551 tn?1284950702 Hope u recover fast and get your well deserved pregnancy back soon after u start trying. try to take some rest and feel better.
Avatar f tn She said it might be normal pregnancy pains too.This is my second child. I remember what the second trimester pains feel like. I just can't help but get a second opinion tomorrow. Anyone have this experience?
Avatar f tn My body has been so irregular with this pregnancy. My first pregnancy was perfect but this one is just torture. I will be so stopped up for days and then all the sudden it is very loose. I'm about to be in my third trimester. My Dr never said it was an issue so I'm guessing it's ok?
Avatar f tn My first I don't remember being sick until closer to the second trimester. & then off & on after 6 months. .. This time I've been sick since 6wks!. Awful.