Sharp right side pain pregnancy

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Avatar n tn I am 10 weeks 6 days and I just experienced a sharp pain on my right side by my ribcage anyone know what it could have been?
Avatar n tn It could be so many different things or maybe just nothing? Pain on the right side could be appendix, a cyst or tubal pregnancy. There is no way to know without a doctor. She should make an appointment to see her ob/gyn soon.
Avatar f tn Hi all I am 14 weeks Pregant and last nite i had a sharp pain in my right side below my ribs that lasted a few minutes but was pretty painful. I also had a lower abdominal pain earlier in the day that wouldnt allow me to stand up striaght again only for a few minutes. I am pretty worried any ideas are appreciated??
443753 tn?1205185408 This morning i woke to sharp stabbing pains on my right side under my rib. The pain worsened if i led on my side. I have had the pain on and off all day with it increasing after eating today, although i have not noticed this correlation before. The precise location is inbetween my navel and my side, on my right side. It feels tender to touch but does not hurt when i cough/sneeze.
145992 tn?1341348674 could be the baby moving!! im 10 weeks and i get the right side sharp pain. when i roll over or get up too fast. i think its round ligament stretching. some get it for min. others might linger for a bit longer. unless you have bleeding or cramping i bet its just that!!! your baby is growing quite fast now, lots and lots of stretching going on . i cant wait to feel my baby either!!!
Avatar f tn Hey ladys i am 7 weeks n 4 days....i have a sharp pain on my lower right side of my abdomen. It comes n goes....n when it comes is really sharp. Any of yall know what it could be. I am not bleeding is just hurting. Any advice?
349463 tn?1333575176 On Saturday dh and I were driving around and I got this pain so sharp and sudden on my right side like a cyst or something burst only a little higher above my hip bone. It took the breath out of me I gasped and reached my hands up at my dh right when it happened. It scared the heck out of me. It went away after like 5 minutes and didn't come back. Then tonight I'm driving home and same thing happens. It hurts so bad that I had to pull the car into a ditch and lean over the stearing wheel.
Avatar f tn Had a sharp pain in my right side last night it lasted bout a minute the disappeared should i b worried im 7 weeks four days
Avatar m tn I have been having quick sharp pains in my lower right side, i dont know what is causing it but its been going on for awhile now and iam kinda worried. the pains dont last long but they keep occuring often and frequently, the pain itself doesnt stop me from moving but i can feel it and its getting worse.... i was thinking ibs or maybe gallstones but i dont have any of the symptoms...anyone got any answers?
3136949 tn?1369528305 I was sitting up in bed eating and I got a sharp pain under my ribs on my left side. It only lasted about 2-3 seconds and happened twice. Im 13wks and never had it happen til now. What could it be?
15065362 tn?1438207287 so my question is,when I turn over in the middle of the night from side to side I get these sharp pains below my stomach. Is this ok? Also,from time to time I feel movement like right above my vagina area. It is where he's turning or is he already that low? TIA!
7485098 tn?1391268553 Today I had this sharp pain / cramps i guess in my right side all day, I'm kinda wondering does this have something to do with being pregnant because this the first time this happen. I'm planning on taking a test next week. So can somebody give me some feedback!?
10032452 tn?1414663321 Anyone else had sharp ache under the rib on the right side of their body. Midwife says its normal, it gets so painful i cry!!
447077 tn?1222794170 I am about 11 weeks, and last night I started getting this sharp pain in the lower area of my stomach. It has not gone away so I called my Dr. this morning she said to lay down and take some tylenol if it doesn't go away to come in later this afternoon. It's a very strange pain it's kind of sharp but constant it's not cramping. It does not go away though its kind of where my leg connects to my stomach on the right side.
Avatar f tn I keep getting a sharp pain a few inches above my belly button on my right side. It happens when I move the wrong way like laying down an turn. I am 26wks 5days. Its pretty painful could it be like a hernia or something? Any one experience this or know what it might be or if I should worry....
Avatar f tn I'm 29 weeks and I get a sharp pain way down by my hip on my left side.. It usually happens when I sit up suddenly or push something heavy and then goes away after a few minutes, but this morning it is still sore after an hour.. My doc is off today and I'm not sure what to do.
Avatar f tn My issue is I am severe sharp pain on my right side. My pills show I should have started Wensday, but I knows body I start 3 days later typically. So, while I am not worried about pregnancy I am tired of this pain. It has been there all day. Could it still be cyst on my ovaries, even with birth control. I got those alot when I was younger but the birthcontrol was suppose to help. I am in pain any advice will help! May god bless you all.
Avatar f tn Hi im 6w+5d pregnant and since yesterday iv a dull pain on right side sometimes its shooting pain Has any1 else had this im a bit worried it might be ectopic or something bad i have a hospital appointment wednesday would it be to early for a scan to check everything.i did have brown blood yesterday but only when i wiped sorry for the info.
Avatar f tn I just found out that I'm pregnant and I'm having a sharp pain on my right side a little under my ribs it feels like. Could this be bad.
Avatar n tn For about 6 months I have been having a sharp pain on the lower right side of my back. The pain comes and goes and does not seem to have anything to do with my position (happens sitting, standing or laying) I went to the doctor because aleeve and advil were not helping it anymore. Had a lumbar x-ray, and an abdominal CAT scan, both were negative. I went to see an orthopedic and he said to take a aleeve and stregthen my back muscles. The pain does not feel like it is muscular.
Avatar n tn I have had pain on my right side for 2 months. The pain is just below my waist at my hip and maybe right about where my ovary would be. Sometimes it is burning sensations and sometimes it is like a shooting sharper pain but not bad enough to double over, and most of the time it is achy and sore in the lower right from my groin up to the waist. I did have an ectopic pregnancy and my right tube was removed in 1987. On a pain scale it would be about a 6 most of the time.
Avatar f tn My question would also be.....specifically where is the pain located? If you described your pain to your doc a lower right side and they took out your gallbladder, something doesn't 'jibe.' Gallbladder pain is usually located in the upper right quadrant. The only pain typically associated with the gallbladder that might be lower would come from spasms at the sphincter of Oddi - a place where the common bile duct enters the duodenum.
Avatar n tn - the original sharp pain in my lower right - lower right back pain - right leg and right hand tingling and numbness - bouts of nausea and dizziness, worse in the mornings - tender groin on the right (where my lymph nodes are, I think) - bad taste in the back of my throat along with chest tightness and heaviness, pain is worse on the left - cold sweats when sleeping I haven't lost my appetite yet and luckily, have been having BM's pretty regularly and painlessly (regarding my history with wha