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Avatar n tn Itching, and a feeling of fullness inside the ear - usually the first sign of infection * Swelling of the ear canal * Watery discharge from the ear * Severe pain and tenderness in the ear - especially when moving the head and jaw, or gently pulling the earlobe. Unlike a middle ear infection (otitis media), the pain of an ear canal inflammation or infection is worse when you chew, when you press on the "tag" in front of the ear, or when you wiggle your earlobe.
Avatar f tn s ear infection (bacterial or yeast) becomes chronic or recurrent, then an underlying cause must be present, such as ear mites, food allergy, pollen/dust allergies, or ear canal mass or polyp. The yeast are normal organisms in low numbers in all animals, but the underlying disease makes the yeast overgrow, creating infection.
Avatar n tn (an infection within the external auditory canal/ear canal) The middel ear infection could not possibly be caused by the ear buds/insert ear phones he has been using... it is just not anatomically possible. Is it possible that they have caused an infection within the ear canal? Yes and no. They themselves, if clean should not pose any real harm, but if they have any bacteria on them, and he is then introducing the bacteria into the ear canal... I would imagine it is possible.
Avatar n tn Exostoses and osteomas, on the other hand, are benign bony tumors of the ear canal These may grow large enough to block the ear canal, trap wax in the canal, and interfere with hearing. Are there signs or symptoms present? If a cyst becomes painful, it may be infected. Treatment may include antibiotics or removal of the cyst. It would be best to have it evaluated by an ear specialist also to rule out other causes.
Avatar n tn It itches very bad and is just inside the inner canal. White crusty flakes come out into my ear. The doctor gave me ear drops, but it seems to just make it drier. My wife has been putting monistat cream in there with a Q-tip which makes it feel better. Do you know what medication I can use to permanently get rid of this? We live in a very low humidity area and it is very dry here.
Avatar n tn I had a blocked ear last week. i asked my gp about it and he said he can see wax. so he gave me softner. but after 2 days my ear started to hurt ALOT. i went to the gp again and he sent me to see an ENT specialist. i didn't get to see one but i saw a doctor who said my ear canal is inflamed so he gave me antibiotics. I took them for 5 days and the pain got worse, and my jawline under the infected ear is swollen and it's hurting right underneath my ear in my neck etc.
Avatar m tn It's not in the canal it is still on cartilage before the outer canal starts I just used canal side to describe where on the tragus it was
Avatar f tn It is possible to get infections of the ear canal (external ear infection) as well as an infection of the middle ear (if there is a hole in the ear drum, drainage can escape to the ear canal). A careful exam of the ear by a physician will help differentiate the two. If there is an infection, you would need treatment with antibiotics. Using Q tips in the ear canal is not the best idea. It tends to push wax in further rather than remove anything.
1312218 tn?1279615579 This could an inner ear process, fluid in the middle ear, wax in the ear canal, inflammation of the jaw joint...
Avatar n tn impacted wax, swimmer’s ear, middle ear infection, fungal infection of outer canal, boil in outer canal, pinched nerve, benign intracranial hypertension, blocked Eustachian tube as seen in cold and sinusitis etc. TMJ, sore throat and tooth ache can cause referred pain to ear. Mastoiditis is also a possibility. It is difficult to diagnose on net. Please consult an ENT specialist. Take care!
Avatar f tn (Letting gravity take over by laying on my side, chewing gum while laying on my side, hydrogenperoxide, rubbing alcohol, rubbing alcohol with vinegar and even over the counter swimmers ear drops.) My ear canal is sore and still nothing has helped. It’s annoying and things that friends have had worked aren’t working for me. Help!
8216878 tn?1403882912 An ear wick works like a tampon.
Avatar m tn Trying to remove on your own with something like a Q tip is a bad idea as it can push it further into your canal. Foreign objects in the ear can cause irritation, infection or hearing loss. While it is not a serious emergency, it does need to be removed and within a day is ideal.
1154548 tn?1262213018 Head tilt may be due to either discomfort of fluid in external ear canal, middle ear cavity or more rarely the inflamation affecting the balance structures within the inner ear complex. A swollen external ear canal lining makes visualization of tympanic membrane and cleaning or medicating ear structures difficult down the canal. Thats also why systemic antibiotics and/or intiinflammatory medications are often necessary.
Avatar n tn The pain continued for several days and now I have a horrible ear infection (but on the ear on the other side). I am now on 4000 mg of Augmentin for the ear w/ruficin (sp) shot as well. I am in horrible pain ~ My question is should I try to get an emergency extraction of the tooth that is black and hurting? Can the tooth be the cause of the ear infection? Please help, any advice is GREATLY appreciated...I am scheduled for the root-canal re-do in 6 days but I don't think I can make it.
Avatar f tn I had a root canal on one of my front teeth done and I was wearing temporary crowns for almost two months on my both of my front teeth; I never had this problem with my ears before it only happen after this procedure ; I went to the the ENT I had a hearing test done & everything else he told there's little pressure on my left ear but no infection he prescribed me some sinus drops which hasn't help me at all ; like three days ago I had my new porcelain crowns placed on my front teeth
Avatar f tn t hit the eardrum if you tried), the dog ear canal still makes a 45 degree turn, so you can use a cotton ball with a bit of mineral oil on it to clean all the brown, waxy exudate from the outer part of the ear and canal near the ear opening, and then use a cotton swab with a bit of mineral oil on it to get just inside the ear canal. While there will still be exudate further down in the ear canal, it will help immeasurably with the dog's comfort to get out the stuff that you can easily see.
Avatar f tn I am a 59 year old female, every other year or so have had to have my GP clean out and unclog my ear - use some antibiotic drops and clears up right away. Last November (2007) I was experiencing the familiar pain but had moved to another city an hour away from my GP, and on a weekend, so went to an ER where they gave me a few names of ENTs in the area and prescribed something to ease the pain til I could see him.
Avatar f tn impacted wax, swimmer’s ear, middle ear infection, fungal infection of outer canal, boil in outer canal, pinched nerve, benign intracranial hypertension, blocked Eustachian tube as seen in cold and sinusitis etc. TMJ, sore throat and tooth ache can cause referred pain to ear. It is difficult to diagnose on net. Please consult an ENT specialist. Taking care of the cause will take care of the lymph node swelling too. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn The dog will not have hearing when the ear canal is removed, however considering the severity of the infection necessary to push vets into doing an ear canal ablation, deafness is preferable to a life of pain and smelling so bad that nobody wants to get close to them. Also, if she has balance issues, this has spread into the middle or possibly even inner ear so I would find an ear specialist QUICKLY to get this evaluated and taken care of.
Avatar m tn Your symptoms could be due to a fungal infection of the external ear known as Otomycosis. Otomycosis most often occurs when too much water gets in the ear canal such as after swimming or showering in chlorinated water. It is also called Swimmer's ear. Antifungal agents and analgesics are prescribed for therapy. Avoid swimming, or water getting into the ear until the fungal infection is fully eradicated. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn s highly unlikely that a dental infection can spread to ear. However, upper front teeth infection is possible to get to nose. If your ear problem is not caused by infection, tmj evaluation is advised.
Avatar n tn what I have noticed in the past few days, that when I sleep on my right side, meaning on the right ear which is the discussed ear, some sort of liquid (runny not thick) builds up in my ear canal and starts coming out of my ear during night, and what is weired though that this yellow colour liquid dries out once it reaches the entrance of my ear and creates a build up of dry patches and feels like my ear is almost blocked.
Avatar f tn what kind of ear infection do you have? Do you have otitis media (an infection of the middle ear, with pressure behind your eardrum) or do you have swimmer's ear - an infection of the ear canal that comes from swimming in too much chlorine?
Avatar f tn s ear canal, rub the ear in a circular motion, and then your dog will probably shake her body out. That's okay, the vinegar solution won't all come out it will spread about a bit in the ear canal. If the yeast infection is also just inside the outer part of her ear, then bathe the inside of her ears with a cotton wool pad and some of the solution. This doesn't want to be too wet. You don't want too much liquid going down into her ear canal.
1899725 tn?1321500363 m actually a pediatic RN and know that this is not normal. A couple of nights, the ear drops would not even go in the ear canal. His ear canal has a fuzzy, white appearance to it. I'm waiting on an appt with his ENT for next week. He has a history of asthma and severe GERD. This is the first ear infection that we have dealt with since he was 18 months old. Can anyone offer any advice?
Avatar n tn This winter when I was down south I had a 2 month sore throat, followed by a pressure in my right ear. When I arrived home I went to an ear nose and throat spec., was examined she saw no problem. This disappeared eventually, now I started having a sencitivity in teeth on right side, hot cold, chewing, etc. My question could this infection have been there for all these months causing these different symptoms? My appointment is next Tuesday, can this be splved with and antibotic?