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Avatar n tn Other symptoms have continued to arise including ringing in my left ear now; a feeling of hearing loss in my right ear; and the most recent is a very painful touch to the right side of the top of my head. My question is this: Should I be overly concerned and try to find another E.N.T. to meet with sooner than two weeks or would it be best to wait the two weeks for the doctor recommended by my primary? In addition, any insights you have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you..
471949 tn?1236904026 In many cases these problems are the result of an inner ear infection or some other treatable condition. Once the infection is treated and healed, the dizziness and ear ringing should gradually disappear. Another reason for dizziness and ear ringing may be Meniere's disease. This is a condition characterized by an excessive build-up of fluid in the inner ear. Cause is not known, but mostly related to head injury, ear infection and syphilis.
Avatar n tn My name is Amber and I am 19. When I was 17, I came down with an ear infection known as "swimmers ear" ever since then I have had a balance disorder where very often, at least once a month, I get really dizzy, the side of my face that was effected by swimmers ear swells slightly and is sore to the touch, my jaw is tight and i get a migraine with an aura. Smells bother me, they are so unbearably strong that I am nauseated and cannot eat. Light and bright colors hurt my eyes...
Avatar n tn Sometimes, when there is nasal congestion, ear symptoms such as ear fullness, pain and even ringing may also be observed. This is caused by the presence of the eustachian tube that connects the nose to the ear. Allergic reactions may also manifest with eye, skin and nasal symptoms. Drinking plenty of fluids and taking decongestants and antihistamine medications may help provide relief. If this is due to a viral infection, this usually resolve after a few days of rest and symptomatic relief.
Avatar n tn I had ringing noises in my ear for a while. I went to walmart and bought over the counter ear wax remover kit. It was drops that soften ear wax and helps some come out. After doing that i stopped hearing stuff. But you might want to check with your doctor. Could be medicine or anything.
Avatar n tn Tough question. There are many reasons for post nasal drip and tinnitus. If your nose is still running, could it be sinusitis? Do notice any weird smells from your nose? Headaches? A chronic sinus infection will cause post nasal drip. But it could be that one month with Flonase isn't long enough to get your symptoms under control. I would say 2 months would be more reasonable to decide if there is something else. this type of therapy takes a while for things to set in.
1390055 tn?1365615055 It actually tuns out that it might be an ear infection and that I was misdiagnosed AGAIN by the urgent care facility. They didn't even look in my mouth, and when I went to my doctor again after some new symptoms presented, she took a look in my mouth and saw redness in my mouth on the side where I was experiencing the ringing. So she put me on Amoxicillin 3 times a day for 10 days.
Avatar f tn Anxiety or cardiovascular problems can cause the last two, but these would not cause ear pain. Ear pain could be an ear infection, TMJ problem, or something else. Dr. Jimmy is right about the symptoms of Meniere's. Doesn't sound like you have Meniere's at all. Good luck, Nancy T.
Avatar n tn Hi, this could be swollen lymph node due to either ear or throat infection. Ringing in ears is mainly due to middle or inner ear pathology. Ringing is the symptom of some underlying disease. Causes like wax, middle ear effusion, external ear infections, brain pathology all causes tinnitus or ringing. To pin point the cause, an evaluation from ENT surgeon is must. A course of antibiotic like cephalosporins along with anti inflammatory drugs usually are prescribed for ear infection.
Avatar f tn On Jan 13 I had muffled sound and a little pain in my right ear, that night it got worse. I felt the right side of my face swollen and had pain in my ear which did not allow me to sleep at all. I got some antibiotics by Thursday evening and was feeling a lot better by the 16th.
876588 tn?1267813519 Hopefully this post will go through. Thanks so much for the response, I've been doing the shower nasal thing since I read your reply several weeks ago. My ENT removed a large amount of wax blockage from one ear (the lesser ringing one), the other was good. The tinnitus got louder in my other ear (the primary ringing ear-the one that wasn't plugged), and has stayed the same for 3 weeks.
Avatar f tn Talk to your primary care physician. This may be an ear infection.
Avatar f tn Are there other symptoms present? Tinnitus or ringing in the ears may be caused by various issues including fluid, infection, or disease of the middle ear bones or ear drum and side effect of some medications.. You may benefit from further evaluation by an ENT doctor. Diagnostic tests including blood and imaging studies may also be done. Anemia, TMJ disorders and migraine should also be ruled out. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn On Monday morning I woke with an ear infection. I went to the doctor right away and was given Otic Edge, told to continue an antibiotic I was already on, to call if it wasn't felling better in a couple of days, and to schedule a recheck for a week later. Thursday, my ear still felt plugged, I was getting sharp pains, and ringing so I went back to the doctor. He said that there is alot of drainage in there and it kinda looked like swimmer's ear.
718727 tn?1230533384 in 2001 i wrecked my motorcycle and had a head injury . my ear drum were bleeding cause of brain swelling i lost my smell and taste also.my question is every now and then my ears will ring for a short time,but today they stated at about 3pm and its 249am next day and still ringing is this something to worry adout?
Avatar m tn I ate a strong space cake last weekend (but please let us not discuss the merits of such consumption; I regretted it immediately). At that point I had had an ear infection for about two weeks and was currently undergoing treatment with antibiotics. The thing is, as soon as the space cake took effect my ears began hurting like never before. I lost my balance and threw up, and my tinnitus (which has always been very mild) flared up to an uncomfortably loud level.
1288270 tn?1301287612 For the last few days my left ear has been ringing. My mom, My moms sister and My grandfather all have ringing in their ears/ear... I've had alot of ear infections in my left ear too...Should I worry about this, Is there something seriously wrong with my head, Do I have a brain tumor or a brain aneurysm? Im only 15. Im not sure if alot of 15 year olds have brain tumors or brain aneurysm's.
1297743 tn?1272617236 hi my name is heather i got a bad ear infection in my right ear back in 2006 that caused my right ear to start ringing really bad and it has only got worse and now hearing nerve in my right ear is gone and i was wondering if there is a pacemaker for ears that will drown out the ringing and the nose so i can hear out of my right ear a little bit i was recently told by my ent that im losing my hearing in my right ear and i wanna know if the pacemaker would help even just a little and if medical pa
Avatar n tn I think the flight may have aggravated it as you said,I also have symptoms of an inner ear infection such as ringing in the rings. Also sometimes my ears feel as if they are underwater and my hearing fluctuates. Are any of these symptoms related to vertigo?
Avatar f tn So many things can cause tinnitus . My son was left with ringing in one ear, from a ear infection. Never went away ,it's been two years . It did lighten up to a low ring . He says doesn't bother him . But he does worry if it will get worst . I hope yours goes away .
Avatar f tn first i had ringing in my right ear for a day now its in my left ear and stopped in my right ear. very loud high pitched and annoying. i also suffer from a year and two month long migraine, not sure if that has anything to do with it. does this ringing ever go away???!
Avatar m tn Your symptoms of loss of hearing and tinnitus could occur with problems in the inner ear. It could also be due to a middle ear infection. Only a complete evaluation can help diagnose the cause. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn That seemed to cure my ear ringing and sick feeling for 12-24 hours. But the amox, augmentin, keflex, and bactrim-ds oral that I was given four different times will not work. The bactrim-ds did seem to help but only after 5 days of taking and I felt worse the whole week of taking them. Is there a reason the Rocephin when IM or IV works but nothing else does? And why do all symptoms return 12-24 hours after?