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Avatar n tn Im sure the first thing that should have been mentioned was a case of vertigo most likely caused by a type of inner ear infection, however if you have seen three doctors that couldn't find an ear infection....well they are either terrible doctors or it's NOT an ear never mentioned specifics on your illness back in may. what were your symptoms then?
Avatar n tn Yes I have a history of adult ear infections
Avatar f tn You really need to see a doctor. It could be something simple, such as a sinus infection with drainage and irritation to the arterial flow in the back of your nose which would drain down into your throat. It could be something much more serious. For any health problem, it is wiser to be proactive and tery to deal withy the problem when it is smaller. Please, if the symptoms have continued by the time you read this, PLEASE see a doctor.
Avatar f tn Hello~I hope that you are feeling better by now, but if not, I suggest you see your GP as soon as possible. You may have an inner ear infection and you don't want that to get any worse.
Avatar f tn took my dog to vet today, said she has a ear infection. she has been having some extreme symptoms tonight though, licking her lips, looking upward, and biting at unseen objects.
Avatar n tn Other conditions to be strongly ruled out in your case could be Meniere’s disease of the ear, infection of the middle or inner ear, benign positional vertigo and benign intracranial hypertension. Hence it is important to consult an ENT specialist and a neurologist too. Since I cannot examine you and know other related conditions you may be having, nor is a detailed history possible on net, I have listed the various possibilities that should be looked into.
Avatar f tn However, it can sometimes be difficult even for neurologists or ENT ear specialists to say for sure whether symptoms are due to central or peripheral (ear) causes. Don't count for sure on getting a "final diagnosis." Lots of people go away from neurologists empty-handed as far as a diagnosis. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn com/brain/what-is-labyrinthitis#1 That can cause these symptoms you describe. I personally had those symptoms due to inner ear issues with my Eustachian tube. My tube was closing in on itself. I did reverse ear pops which helped. Here's some info on that. https://www.healthline.
648987 tn?1231201877 Can someone please tell me what works for inner ear infection on a Sunday. I have had this once before, but NEVER had it this bad, the nausea and dizziness are never ending. Okay, it has only been 4 hours, just feels like more. Can't remember what the doc gave me when I had it a couple years ago. Does a decongestant work?
Avatar m tn If your dizziness feels like you are spinning or the room is spinning (and especially if associated with nausea or vomiting), this might be due to an inner ear problem. Other causes for these symptoms are brain disorders heart problems, fever, stress, low blood pressure and anxiety. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Often if we have an inner ear problem or sinus infection, bending our heads over can cause dizziness. You said you saw a doctor a few months ago for fluid in your ears. Did you discuss your feelings of dizziness with them at that time? Are you taking anything for your anxiety/OCD? Many medications can have dizziness as a side effect and this might be something to discuss with your therapist. Perhaps a change in medications MIGHT be called for.
Avatar n tn It itches very bad and is just inside the inner canal. White crusty flakes come out into my ear. The doctor gave me ear drops, but it seems to just make it drier. My wife has been putting monistat cream in there with a Q-tip which makes it feel better. Do you know what medication I can use to permanently get rid of this? We live in a very low humidity area and it is very dry here.
Avatar m tn I have done all kind of tests (blood, urine, MRI, Hepatitis, HIV, and whatever you can think of, except inner ear, which my doctor think my symptoms are not similar to inner ear problems (he says symptoms should be strong dizziness like you can't even walk). I also tried Clonazepam (Anti anxiety) occasionally to see if it fixes the problem , but didn't do much.
425189 tn?1210470255 if everything comes back normal then its a inner ear problem. how can a inner ear problem throw my balance off. im curious im in good health and today is 2 months for not smoking.
Avatar m tn These symptoms could also be related to stress/anxiety, or a cold I was getting over (inner ear infection)... Previous to the cold I was taking an antibiotic (2 the first day, one for the next 5 days) I don't know the name of it though.
Avatar f tn need to go back to the dentist ... he will be able to make sure all the tooth is out... and that your not having some kind of TMJ problem... or make sure that there is no infection.... there is alot of antibiotics that can be taken with birthcontrol and have no effect on the birth control....
Avatar n tn m not sure about bacterial infections (for which antibiotics are given), but viruses can affect the inner ear and cause dizziness. Usually the symptoms clear up in a matter of days or weeks, occasionally longer. If they don't improve, see an ENT, preferably an inner-ear specialist (otologist or neuro-otologist). As for activity, take it slow, but do remain active. The key to getting over a viral inner-ear infection is to stay active once the acute phase passes.
Avatar n tn Hi, Baha or the Bone anchoring hearing aid is a type of hearing aid where in the hearing aid is directly anchored over the bone, which in turn stimulates the nerve fibers in the inner ear and sending the impulses to the brain. It is usually fitted in those individuals who have unilateral hearing loss, conductive or mixed hearing loss. It does work well as it stimulates the inner ear directly bypassing the ear drum and the middle ear.
941564 tn?1245303185 Hi Khalid, I don't know about the numbness and giddiness, but muscle spasticity as seen in CP is often worsened by stress, excitement, panic and other strong feelings. My partner has worked with children who have CP, and says it was incredibly common for them to work really hard, finally manage to complete an exercise like kicking a ball or hitting a balloon, and then become so excited at the achievement that their muscles would spasm and prevent them from moving.
Avatar n tn The cause could be an inner ear problem with your symptoms of tinnitus and deafness. An ENT examination, auditory brainstem response (ABR), a computerized test of the hearing nerves and brain pathways and CT/MRI brain may be needed to diagnose the cause for your symptoms. So, please dont worry, its unlikely to be due to a tumor. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I am currently experiencing a bout of vertigo. It has only happened once before, last August 2008 for about 6 weeks off and on. It has just recently began in the last week, again off and on. I would just suddenly start feeling fuzzy and my eyes can't focus so I just have to closed my eyes. My doctor tells me it's a virus which affects my inner ear. She perscribed me meds for the vertigo/dizzy spells symptom, but nothing for the actual problem.