Treating an ear infection at home

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Avatar f tn what kind of ear infection do you have? Do you have otitis media (an infection of the middle ear, with pressure behind your eardrum) or do you have swimmer's ear - an infection of the ear canal that comes from swimming in too much chlorine?
Avatar n tn Saturday intense itching in ear, tube/jaw area, audible sloshing noise when rubbing neck/jaw area. Sunday morning during an ear irrigation at home i noticed a gray cloud like substance hanging out of my ear, rinsed it away.Week 3- finished all meds, intense pressure and pain is unbearable. Yesterday(wednesday) back at Kaiser. Dr saw what he thought was a foreign body in the ear.
Avatar f tn since then i have seen the doctor a number of times for the issue been told each time there is no redness and no infection .i have tired earwax removal kits ,the netting pot, and many home remedies nothing has worked its been 3 months it's itches like crazy inside and there is a little pain .
Avatar f tn Gary has gone through a sinus infection, bronchitis, coxsakie, stomach bug, and now an ear infection in the past couple months. He was prescribed drops because he has been on antibiotics twice in 2 months. I don't think it is getting better after 6 days of drops. Dh & I are going to Virginia for a wedding this weekend so I am going to take him to be checked aging today or tomorrow. The problem with GW is he doesn't recognize or acknowledge pain. Some say it is a result of the ASD.
746512 tn?1388807580 You are certainly a terrific pet sitter to be so concerned about this dog, and by your description, yes it sounds like there is a skin infection (bacterial or yeast or both) probably secondary to an underlying allergic cause (fleas, food allergy or pollen/dust allergies).
Avatar n tn So my son has been sick (cough and fever) he has an ear infection but I also have a newborn at home he's only 2 weeks can my newborn get sick if I'm breastfeeding he is throwing up phlegm like once a day witch i read its normal for newborns he eats well and he isn't fuzzy he only seems to cough when he wants to take the phlegm out or he gags I'm kind of worried
Avatar f tn Any ladies have an ear infection while pg? I, of course, can't get ahold of my dr or her assistant to ask what is safe to take for an ear infection!
1450842 tn?1287452262 Hi my dog has ear problem she is on otmax i think it is for fungel infection, not sure. i was wondering if i can catch fungus on my skin from my dog?
Avatar f tn Hi, the symptoms described could be due to an infection, most probably streptococcal or a viral infection. Strep sore throat needs to be treated with an antibiotic as strep is a bacteria. Viral sore throat is best treated with rest, warm oral fluids and (OTC) tylenol (acetaminophen) or ibuprofen for pain.
Avatar f tn has anyone on here had an ear infection during pregnancy? I'm 34 weeks and in constant pain, but am trying to avoid the hospital unless I absolutely need to. Is there any home remedies I can try?
Avatar n tn i went to the ER last night and he said I have an ear infection. Now this morning my ear is hurting 10x's worse then it was last night. Now i cant feel the right side of my face and there is an unbeiliveable pain in my neck. Is there anything I can do or whats wrong?
6985828 tn?1386742571 Temporary hearing loss can be seen in Eustachian tube dysfunction or collapse. The cause could be an inner ear problem if your symptom of loss of hearing is accompanied with tinnitus and dizziness. It could also be due to a middle ear infection. The other common causes for loss of hearing are cerumen (ear wax) impaction and otitis externa. You will need to consult your primary care physician for further evaluation, who may then refer you to an ENT specialist.
Avatar m tn It could be an infection or irritation from your hearing aid. I have the same thing though and do not wear a hearing aid. My Dr told me it was eczema. I did try a couple of prescription ointments he prescribed but it did'nt really help. I use an over the counter med called Dermarest and it really helps. You really need to get a diagnosis first though before treating yourself.
Avatar f tn His doctor had noticed some fluid in his left ear and said he had a small infection. I told her he had a cold and some congestion but I didn't know about his ear. She prescribed him Amoxicillin for his ear and told me something about the dosage. All I remember her saying is something about 1 tsp. I figured the pharmacist would write the dosage on the bottle when I got it so I didn't bother asking the doctor to repeat herself.
Avatar f tn Once back home I went to my doctor and he diagnosed an inner ear infection causing the dizziness and it would go away in time. However eleven months down the line it is still there. On a daily basis I feel lightheaded. This can vary from feeling slightly lightheaded and able to carry on with life to feeling dizzy and completely housebound. I have to be very careful not to over do things or it makes my condition worse (e.g I need a lie down after the hoovering).
Avatar f tn On Jan 13 I had muffled sound and a little pain in my right ear, that night it got worse. I felt the right side of my face swollen and had pain in my ear which did not allow me to sleep at all. I got some antibiotics by Thursday evening and was feeling a lot better by the 16th.
3430705 tn?1347400934 I tried oil hot rags peroxide none worked i ended up in the insta care i had a severe compacted ear and it took two hours to break down n i have a ear infection i bet if it wasnt so severe it would of worked
Avatar f tn My problems started when i got really sick with a very bad sinus infection which turned into and upper respiratory infection and bad ear infection. it didnt respond with anti biotics and i was in and out of the hospital i had fever , vertigo dizzyness extreme ear pain couldnt walk i was to dizzy. well throughout the course of this i developed excruciating neck pain in the back of my neck and up the sides and severe headaches with dizzyness .. The infection finally went away.
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm a 34yo female with an ongoing problem. I was diagnosed with an ear infection by 3 separate nurse practitioners last month. However, when I finally got into my ENT, he said I don't have an ear infection -- my ear pain is caused by acid reflux. So, I'm treating that. My ear pain has not subsided, but he said it would take about a month. However, I have had a low-grade fever for over 4 weeks now continuously. My lowest temperature is 99.5, my highest is 100.8.
Avatar f tn ll have a better idea of what to do to treat a bacterial infection in his ears the next time it occurs. (Before this last ear infection, I only knew how to treat ear congestion from a virus: The homeopathic treatments clear up the congestion and ear pain within 2 days.) Are there any studies that might attribute inner ear congestion with eye-rolling tics?
Avatar n tn I was away for New Years, and the hotel I stayed at was extremely dry, even for winter, expectedly my sinuses got very irritated. After I got home I came down with a "cold" about 2 days later, but it was odd in that the irritation, a real burning, was localized to the back of my sinuses in the upper throat around the eustachian tube area on the right side only.
Avatar n tn I have also had three rounds of ear drops, even had to have a wick put in my ear just to get the drops to the ear. This has been the most painfull ear infection I have ever had! I had to be given pain meds, too just so I could sleep. I fianlly went to a specialist who told me my ears looked pretty good, but gave me one more round of drops just to make sure. It is now a week since I finished them and my pain is starting to come back already.
Avatar f tn He will also need to determine what caused the hematoma, for example does the cat have an ear infection, parasites etc? How is it treated? There are several methods for dealing with ear hematomas in cats. These include; The simplest method is to use a needle to remove the fluid from the ear. Cortisone is then injected into the ear. This method is best for small hematomas only. This method isn't always effective & the hematoma may recur. Larger hematomas require surgical treatment.
1345088 tn?1276382527 the other guy got hold of my ear with his hand. Later when I got home I saw blood on my ear. i had some (3-4) fingernail cuts on my ear and there was dried blood over it. I washed my ear and went to bed. When i woke up in morning I realized that it could have caused an HIV infection because he may be having blood on fingernails from nail-biting . I do not know the the other guy and i have absolutely no idea about his HIV status. But I am too worried about getting an infection like this.
Avatar f tn I had a bad earache from flu years ago, I was treated with antibiotics, ear drops, and had an ear-nose-throat guy flush out my ear, a ton of earwax came out of there. Also, three people in my neighborhood all had vertigo, our public water system goofed up for a while, and I think their trouble came from the water bacteria settling in their ears.