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Avatar f tn Gary has gone through a sinus infection, bronchitis, coxsakie, stomach bug, and now an ear infection in the past couple months. He was prescribed drops because he has been on antibiotics twice in 2 months. I don't think it is getting better after 6 days of drops. Dh & I are going to Virginia for a wedding this weekend so I am going to take him to be checked aging today or tomorrow. The problem with GW is he doesn't recognize or acknowledge pain. Some say it is a result of the ASD.
Avatar f tn Sounds like "glue ear" secondary to a middle ear infection. How long has this been going on? No Pediatrician visit?
1875073 tn?1320454493 it kills 99% of germs do it three times a day for 3 days an it will go away .my grandmother did it to us i did it to my kids an my kids are doing it to there kids. it helps the pain as well.
719902 tn?1334165183 m not sure about the waking though. My friend who has two kids told me that ususally with an ear infection they pull at their ears. But I know that's not for sure. Just wanted to tell you what my LO is doing as maybe it will help.
Avatar n tn The doctor said that nicotine is highly toxic to the ear drums and that my child did indeed have an ear infection,so she prescribed a low dose of anti-biotics.My mother simply does not believe that she could hurt my child unless she actually smokes around her.Which I and my husband both know simply isnt true.
719902 tn?1334165183 Three weeks ago, my 8month old son was diagnosed with an ear infection. His symptoms included pulling on his ears, low fever, crying/screaming when I laid him down, etc. He was given 10 days of amoxicillin, but his symptoms (other than the fever) never really seemed to go completely away. He has been super fussy, where before he literally NEVER fussed and was the happiest/easiest baby EVER. My daycare provider says he is like a completely different child, and I agree.
Avatar f tn Do they make sure the ear infection is cleared up before they diagnose him with another. There are I think 4 antibiotics that they should rotate so that he doesnt build his immunity to any one antibiotic. Some antibiotics dont clear up certain ear infections. If they are recurring after being totally clear it is different than not clearing up and then it still being there.
Avatar f tn took my dog to vet today, said she has a ear infection. she has been having some extreme symptoms tonight though, licking her lips, looking upward, and biting at unseen objects.
7892775 tn?1395673991 s a sinus infection without seeing doctor. I get a sinus infection this time every year and sometimes an ear infection with it. I was so hoping that maybe I would have some luck and not get one this year. I would call my other doctor and ask them to just call me a prescription in for an antibiotic but they won't do it because I'm pregnant and says to get permission from obgyn on what I can have. This really ***** I feel horrible.
Avatar f tn I did have a day where my ears were bothering me. After my symptoms left I was left with my left ear feeling like pressure .I would tug on the ear lobe and feel better. But now I feel like my lymph node is swollen.
Avatar f tn t act like he has an ear infection when he does, I have brought him in and he will have an ear infection, I will take him back a week later for his breathing and he will have a double infection then, and still be on antibiotics. So hard to say, especially if you have been through it before and know the drill. Cam now sucks his thumb and holds his left ear, he started it about 2 months ago in the midst of ear infections. He hasn't had one in over a month now.
Avatar f tn I woke up today with a itchy left ear and my left gland is swollen . Just wondering if it is a ear infection . Is there any way to treat it at home ?
Avatar f tn A middle ear infection can definitely be the culprit and you can have those without a fever. My kids did plenty of times. But, I also found this interesting article. https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/earache-in-the-cold_uk_5e4babf9c5b6eb8e95b2131a A doctor in the article says : "Cold temperatures and strong winds can irritate this canal, which can, in turn, cause pain.
719902 tn?1334165183 will go back to sleep then wake 5 minutes later over and over again The head slinging has got me wondering if he could possibly have an ear infection. Has anyone seen this symptom in their child with an ear infection?? He has no other symptoms... I hate to make a trip to the doctor for nothing, exposing him to worse things like h1n1, not to mention that i can't really afford to take off work..... Any experience or advice? Is he too young to have an ear infection?
Avatar n tn Im South Indian. Im having ear infection due to non gold earrings. during this infection im having severe irritation, scratching swelling and a bad smelled liquid is coming out of it. i cant adjust with gold earrings due to my profession. so kindly help me how will i cure it. also my ears are now little pierce can i join the gap between it. im 21 years age. please help me by prescribing suiatble treatment.
Avatar f tn Hey! Ever since March I've been experiencing problems with my middle and outer ear. 1) It started from a simple middle ear infection of the right ear that went untreated for a month. After going to a doctor, I got amoxicillin pills for 10 days. The symptoms went away but came back pretty quickly. 2) May: I went to a doctor again, they took samples from my ear and the result was Enterococcus faecalis bacteria.
162279 tn?1270601359 your ped may want to see him... although my peds office has told me before that if the fever doesn't go away after 3 days then they would want to see them. it could still be the brginning of an ear infection. my middle dd has done this twice like what you're describing and then it just went away.
377012 tn?1283965435 diarreah, sty inside eyelid, dark orange ear drainage,yellow-green nose drainage, coughing, sneezing, congestion, slight wheezing, and slightly high temps around (99.8-100.1) can someone tell me what could possibly be wrong with him before his next appt.on feb.19th??????
Avatar n tn even if it was just an ongoing infection, I think to keep having them constantly, plus your painful symptoms, and your eye symptoms, this all suggests you need a scan, to look for possibly more tumors. By the way, whenever you finish up a round of antibiotics, drink some Acidophilus milk for about a week, it will help restore the normal "good" bacteria in the body that helps fight off the "bad" bacteria. See, the antibiotics kills ALL the bacteria.
Avatar n tn About 10 days ago I began to have ringing in my right ear accompanied by cold sweats and slight vertigo. I seen my doctor and she said my ear looked fine, no infection or wax build up at all. A few day later another strange symptom occurred, it was suddenly very painful to hear common sounds like the water running; the sound of water hitting the shower floor; people talking, ect... I went back to my doctor and she was stumped because I still had no infection in my ears.
6985828 tn?1386742571 The cause could be an inner ear problem if your symptom of loss of hearing is accompanied with tinnitus and dizziness. It could also be due to a middle ear infection. The other common causes for loss of hearing are cerumen (ear wax) impaction and otitis externa. You will need to consult your primary care physician for further evaluation, who may then refer you to an ENT specialist.
Avatar n tn I think the flight may have aggravated it as you said,I also have symptoms of an inner ear infection such as ringing in the rings. Also sometimes my ears feel as if they are underwater and my hearing fluctuates. Are any of these symptoms related to vertigo?
Avatar f tn Well...my kids have never had an ear infection so I'm not sure if your daughter had the outward symptoms what the liklihood would be that her inner ears wouldn't show one day but be so apparent the next. That being said, I would perhaps give the doc the benefit of the doubt that her ears were not showing the signs when he saw her...but what I would have issue with is your feeling that he rushes you through AND that he didn't use your judgment (past exp.