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Avatar f tn I woke up today with a itchy left ear and my left gland is swollen . Just wondering if it is a ear infection . Is there any way to treat it at home ?
Avatar m tn Ive had an ear infection for 4 weeks now. 3 Weeks ago I went to the doctors and she wouldn't give me anything for it. Been really painful this weekend and felt sick and a bit dizzy because of it. What should I do? How long can I expect to have it with not taking anything for it?
Avatar n tn m not sure about bacterial infections (for which antibiotics are given), but viruses can affect the inner ear and cause dizziness. Usually the symptoms clear up in a matter of days or weeks, occasionally longer. If they don't improve, see an ENT, preferably an inner-ear specialist (otologist or neuro-otologist). As for activity, take it slow, but do remain active. The key to getting over a viral inner-ear infection is to stay active once the acute phase passes.
Avatar m tn On Monday morning I woke with an ear infection. I went to the doctor right away and was given Otic Edge, told to continue an antibiotic I was already on, to call if it wasn't felling better in a couple of days, and to schedule a recheck for a week later. Thursday, my ear still felt plugged, I was getting sharp pains, and ringing so I went back to the doctor. He said that there is alot of drainage in there and it kinda looked like swimmer's ear.
Avatar m tn I have been taking a course of amoxicillin for this ear infection. They seem to be working as symptoms are progressively going away but I am getting very light headed and dizzy off them. Is it the amoxicillin doing this ?
Avatar n tn I was on 875 mg of amoxicillin for respritory infection then the day i finished that I was given levaquin for a sinus infection I got while I was on the amoxicillin and now I have an ear infection with discharge and bleeding and the sinus infection is not gone? Is it possible to get all these infections one right after the other while on these anibiotics?
Avatar f tn The problem is you cannot easily tell the difference between a bacterial and viral infection. As for "there is no indication of an inner ear infection", it is not possible to inspect the vestibulatory canals, although sometimes there is inflammation in the outer ear. Viral infections tend to last ten to fourteen days, and he is already being appropriately treated on the assumption he has a bacterial infection. Stress is irrelevant, except insofar as stress degrades the immune system.
Avatar n tn If you temperature keeps fluctuating, going up and down, you may have an infection which may be a bacterial or a viral one. It is still worth making an appointment to see your doctor to check you out. If the doctor feels it is a bacterial infection, you will get prescribed with an antibiotic. Wishing you a speedy recovery.
Avatar n tn I think the flight may have aggravated it as you said,I also have symptoms of an inner ear infection such as ringing in the rings. Also sometimes my ears feel as if they are underwater and my hearing fluctuates. Are any of these symptoms related to vertigo?
613536 tn?1294238447 t have a fever (that I can feel). She was not like this a few days ago. We suspect that she has a viral infection (just by what she has been doing). Has anybody ever dealt with this?
Avatar f tn The more common is viral in nature and symptoms such as caused by the inflammation may resolve after a few days of rest and symptomatic relief. Other symptoms that may be present with such infection include nasal congestion, ear pain, headache, fever and dizziness. Rest, increased fluid intake, decongestants, gargle and lozenges may help provide relief. If it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Hi and thank you for reading this, I hope someone can help. I was diagnosed with a bacterial ear infection in Nov 2011 which the Dr said had spread to my throat, and was given a seven day course of cephalexin (keflex). The throat instantly felt better but the ear infection appeared to spread from the left ear to my right ear (fullness, popping, pain).
Avatar n tn My question is, can a non hiv type viral infection cause all these symptoms and last this long? What is my risk for catching hiv from french kissing? I believe I was tested years ago and showed antibodies for both cmv and Ebstein Barr Virus and have read you cannot get mono twice. I am worried about french kissing this woman and the things that are going on with me.
Avatar n tn I agree that this could be a viral ear thing rather than an infection. Just because your ear drum is "inflamed" does not necessarily mean infection. Inflammation can also sometimes occur from allergies (although wiht a fever this isn't as likely). For the fever you might want to try either ibuprofen as stated above or tylenol - of course, making sure that neither will interefere wiht any other meds you are on (you can ask your pharmacist this question).
Avatar n tn Sometimes, when there is nasal congestion, ear symptoms such as ear fullness, pain and even ringing may also be observed. This is caused by the presence of the eustachian tube that connects the nose to the ear. Allergic reactions may also manifest with eye, skin and nasal symptoms. Drinking plenty of fluids and taking decongestants and antihistamine medications may help provide relief. If this is due to a viral infection, this usually resolve after a few days of rest and symptomatic relief.
Avatar f tn Dear Doctor, I have been experiencing dizziness for over 2 weeks, not every day, but almost. I have never experienced this type of dizziness before. I am 43 years old. These spells seem worse in the morning with the longest one lasting 20 minutes. I'm not sure if this is just a coincidence or not, but they started the day after being on a rocky sailboat where I had lost my balance a few times after going underneath where I couldn't see the waves coming.
Avatar n tn I had ringing noises in my ear for a while. I went to walmart and bought over the counter ear wax remover kit. It was drops that soften ear wax and helps some come out. After doing that i stopped hearing stuff. But you might want to check with your doctor. Could be medicine or anything.
1889242 tn?1321354938 t have a pseudo, or an actual relapse from an infection, or viral because you can.... but, it definitely sounds likely related to the chest/head cold...
Avatar n tn may present with similar symptoms. A viral infection may affect the inner ear. You have mentioned of a cold prior to your condition. This could be significant. Source: Drink plenty of water and see your primary physician so you may be assessed early on.
Avatar m tn most of my friends and family say its probably an inner ear infection. i am concerned and am just curious if this sounds like inner ear infection symptoms?
Avatar n tn Usually a swollen lymph node behind the ear is probably a virus or ear or throat infection. Is the lymph node small or large? It is normal for the lymph nodes to swell even when you don't have symptoms it means you are fighting something off. That is the job of the white blood cells inside the lymph nodes. It will pass.
Avatar n tn Ok, still scared though. Could these symptoms be caused by an irritant like cigarette smoke? Is throat inflammation the symptom or is it swollen glands in the throat?
Avatar m tn Swimmers ear is infection of external ear canal. Ear canals can get swollen due to infections when it is referred to as otitis externa. The infecting agents are bacteria, fungi and viral. Bacterial infections need antibiotics and fungal anti fungal agents. Viral infections are by exclusion and do not need any antibiotic therapy. Keep the ear canals dry and complete your antibiotic course, apply the ear drops meticulously.
623537 tn?1243564908 (my 7 year old still has some from 2 years ago when he had just a viral infection) I would say if the fever is still there today then maybe he needs to have a different antibiotic for his ear infection or else he could have just a viral infection that needs to run its course of a few days. My 5 year old ran high fevers (102) during the night time only for 4-5 days it was just a viral infection he had to get over.