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719902 tn?1334168783 Has anyone seen this symptom in their child with an ear infection?? He has no other symptoms... I hate to make a trip to the doctor for nothing, exposing him to worse things like h1n1, not to mention that i can't really afford to take off work..... Any experience or advice? Is he too young to have an ear infection?
Avatar n tn Im South Indian. Im having ear infection due to non gold earrings. during this infection im having severe irritation, scratching swelling and a bad smelled liquid is coming out of it. i cant adjust with gold earrings due to my profession. so kindly help me how will i cure it. also my ears are now little pierce can i join the gap between it. im 21 years age. please help me by prescribing suiatble treatment.
719902 tn?1334168783 Has anyone seen this symptom in their child with an ear infection?? He has no other symptoms... I hate to make a trip to the doctor for nothing, exposing him to worse things like h1n1, not to mention that i can't really afford to take off work..... Any experience or advice? Is he too young to have an ear infection?
Avatar n tn The doctor said that nicotine is highly toxic to the ear drums and that my child did indeed have an ear infection,so she prescribed a low dose of anti-biotics.My mother simply does not believe that she could hurt my child unless she actually smokes around her.Which I and my husband both know simply isnt true.
Avatar f tn I still get that way if I lay down or if I look up. I also have the ear pain. Could I actually have an inner ear infection without showing signs on the outside?
Avatar n tn Doctor said it's because of sinus infection but I have no other sinus infection symptoms. I'm very active and demanding of my body so I think I would know if I was still sick. It is also worth noting that my ear doesn't give me a lot of pain, though it is uncomfortable. And I still have hearing in my left ear, but it is noticeably decreased (though I can still have a phone conversation with the phone on my left ear). Should I expect my ear to pop on its own?
Avatar n tn ENT said no ear infection could both my ears hurt from a single sensitive tooth?I have no jaw pain even though i had at least 8 bite adjustments during this time. He did all four fillings at the same time and they were all real high. I am just a mess over this.
Avatar n tn what is it when it feel like something is crawling in a person ear? There is no water or nothing in my ear. Then when I rub it it gets hot.
Avatar f tn I have a pain in my right ear, it seems to be deep down in my ear. The right side of the upper part of my head just in 1 spot is very sore, even to the touch. I went to a family doctor & he could not find anything wrong with my ear. No infection or nothing. I told him about the top part of my head & he just kind of brushed it off. Told me to just take tylenel for the pain. I have never had my ear hurt before & my head being so sore.
Avatar n tn If there is no middle ear infection, which is easily ruled out.... I can not see how this is ear related. Wisdom teeth gone...? So that is not it.... Some of these symptoms sound neurologically based. For example, pain without any physical findings... "sensations of fullness" again without any physical findings. I would considering visiting with a neurologist.
Avatar f tn It is possible that Accumulation of wax, otitis externa, and otitis media all can cause ear pain. Ear pain can also be referred pain originating from the teeth. Dental caries, TM joint dysfunction are few other possible causes. An ear examination is important for determining the exact cause of your symnptoms.Consult an ENT specialist. I hope it helps. Best wishes and kind regards!
Avatar f tn As mentioned by you your symptoms of ear pain could be due to a fungal infection of the external ear known as Otomycosis. Otomycosis most often occurs when too much water gets in the ear canal such as after swimming or showering in chlorinated water. It is also called Swimmer's ear. Antifungal agents and analgesics are prescribed for therapy. Avoid swimming, or water getting into the ear until the fungal infection is fully eradicated.
719902 tn?1334168783 Has anyone seen this symptom in their child with an ear infection?? He has no other symptoms... I hate to make a trip to the doctor for nothing, exposing him to worse things like h1n1, not to mention that i can't really afford to take off work..... Any experience or advice?
Avatar n tn That definitely sounds like a fungal infection. I've had a sinus infection and ear infection for well over a month now. It was so bad that I was going to the doctor daily for IV antibiotics. I was sent to the ENT who suctioned my ear and found I had a fungal infection. My ear drum also had a small perforation which affected my hearing some. He had me continue with the antibiotics and gave me eardrops. The eardrops smelled like vinegar and burned.
Avatar n tn Hello. About three weeks ago, I began having ear pain in both ears; along with popping from what felt like fluid in the ear. I went to an Express Care doctor, and he diagnosed me with an ear infection and prescribed Amox. I strarted to feel better after a few days, but I began to feel sick again while still taking the Amox. Yesterday, I felt a few lumps on the back and side of my neck, as well as my chest; all on the right side. I went to a different doctor and told him the situation.
1759188 tn?1324681908 and I had the ear pain, it felt as though someone jabbing me with an ice pick....and I also had jaw pain....I would wake some days and it felt that I slept in a position that my jaw held my whole body up....which I know is not so....I also use to get this weird spasm when I would yawn in my throat/neck... Most of that is all gone with my surgery...the fact it is neuro it is hard to track down it does not leave a trace....or tracks as to what it could be...Chiari is very sneaky.
Avatar m tn Hello and hope you are doing well. Understand your predicament. But please don't do things that can further damage your ear. Ear candles have no proven benefit in the removal of earwax or other objects in the ear and can cause serious injury. Gently rinse the ear using a bulb syringe and warm saline solution. To ease ear pain, apply a warm washcloth or a heating pad set on low. Follow the instructions for ear drops and complete your antibiotic course.
Avatar f tn I have no idea if I really have ear fungus infection. I was told I may have ear eczema by one doctor but I refuse to put cortisone in my ears so I haven't seen a doctor in years. Wild oregano oil has an excellent reputation in fighting fungal skin conditions. Use very carefully.
Avatar n tn You don't get ani-fungal drops for a middle ear infection. You get ear drops for an outer ear infection which. The outer involves the Auricle, (ear lobe) & ear canal.
Avatar n tn Hello and hope you are doing well. If there is no middle ear infection. The cause could be an inner ear problem with your symptoms of tinnitus and deafness. An ENT examination, auditory brainstem response (ABR), a computerized test of the hearing nerves and brain pathways and CT/MRI brain may be needed to diagnose the cause for your symptoms. So, please dont worry, its unlikely to be due to a tumor. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
719902 tn?1334168783 Three weeks ago, my 8month old son was diagnosed with an ear infection. His symptoms included pulling on his ears, low fever, crying/screaming when I laid him down, etc. He was given 10 days of amoxicillin, but his symptoms (other than the fever) never really seemed to go completely away. He has been super fussy, where before he literally NEVER fussed and was the happiest/easiest baby EVER. My daycare provider says he is like a completely different child, and I agree.
246236 tn?1275482502 Would this have any connection to my now having vertigo? I had gone to my GP to make sure it wasn't caused by an inner ear infection, and he said my ears looked normal. This prompted me to call my MS doctor who promptly ordered the solumedrol infusions that I'll be starting Tuesday. Anyway, just wondered if there's any connection with all of this or if anyone else who has experienced vertigo had these symptoms before the vertigo came on?
Avatar n tn If I were you, I would politely insist on being seen by a good ENT doc NOW! Ask if you might have an ear infection, a sinus infection, etc. Have you had any dental problems &/or dental work done recently, where an infection could have spread upward to your sinuses & ears? (For example, some root canals "fail", and infection can spread from the root canaled areas).
Avatar f tn I'm having intermittent ear pain and pain in front of the ear. The pain is so sharp it can stop me in my tracks. I'm so tired of doctors, and I prefer not to go if I'm dealing with something neurological.
Avatar m tn I don't seem to be getting any better and there is a constant ringing and clogged feeling in my ear and i can feel a fluid moving around deep in my ear but there is no pain. I haven't been to any concerts or listened to anything loud recently that maybe would've caused the ringing. Could this be a combo of an ear infection and tinnitus? I would be really happy if someone could help me out. Thanks! P.S.
Avatar n tn Very bad ear ache that I can not sleep because of humming and blockage in left ear, they said it was an ear infection and prescribed pencilian, still no improvement. I went to an ENT, yes lots of fluid in ear, prescribed more antibotics for 7-days, plus Sudafed and/or Benadryl to help me sleep - I have not had a good sleep now in 4 weeks, still no improvement. Since then I have had verigo, loss my balance and sprang my ankle; more antibotics - still in pain, Advil not effective.
Avatar m tn Visited the doctor the third day of the infection when I was sure it was an ear infection due to thr completely clogged ear and the presence of fluid which I could feel + the severe pain (strong pulsing). The doctor just gave me Clarithromycin 500 mg and Nurofen (painkiller) which on the first day made the situation worse because my second ear got also infected and totally clogged.
1735059 tn?1310455029 Swollen tongue (particularly in the back, and on my left side - as it was my left ear that was afflicted) Painful swallowing (this is extreme sometimes, and is the most painful aspect of the ailment) Feeling of fullness and severely affected hearing quality Constant mucus drainage (I do mean constant, in that at any given moment I can hock up a disgusting thick ball of mucus) Mucus with 'fungal' appearances (dark brown splotches scattered within the normal white/yellowish mucus I'm used to seei