Hydrocodone and oxycodone drug test

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Avatar f tn Does anyone know if there is a reliable home drug test that can detect hydrocodone?
Avatar f tn How long will it take me to pass the drug test? Keep in mind that oxycodone and potentially hydrocodone are the only drugs in my system. Btw, the drug test isn't for anything serious like court or probation.. I'm thinking about applying for new jobs.
Avatar n tn Absolutely - a drug test WILL show the difference between Hydrocodone and Oxycodone. That's one reason that so many people have lost their PM - Pain Management - Doctors and no longer have any Pain Management to help them with their pain. It's VERY important that you take the medication that your Doctor prescribes to you AND that you take it ONLY the way that is prescribed!! Otherwise, you will wind up in trouble.
Avatar f tn But I was worried cause 1st, my pain contract states that I can just take the narcotics my PM prescribed, and 2, they have a specific test that test for oxycodone because one is a opiate and the other is a opiod. More or less one is derived from the poppy plant and if im not mistaken the oxycodone is a synthetic. Alot has to do when they test is the frequency of using the drug, mg used, when you stopped ect ect.
Avatar f tn If I was to take oxycodone then hydrocodone and went to take a drug test will I fail for the same thing or two different drugs?
Avatar f tn One thing I have not see anyone say about the differences in hydrocodone and oxycodone is that hydrocodone is schedule III while oxycodone is a scheduled II......
Avatar m tn They are two different drugs and they metabolize into different substances in the body. They should not come up as oxycodone if you are taking hydrocodone.
Avatar f tn t have any problems. And have been on pain management and on Oxycodone since 2011 and never had any problems on them. They have to be made with different components?
Avatar n tn I have been taking pain medicine (oxy/hydrocodone) for over 2 years. Dr. has switched me from Hydrocodone to Oxycodone and after surgery he gave me Morphine. I usually have hand tremors, a gift from my Grandfather. But after being OFF the medication for about 1 month I took one Oxycodone on a "bad" day, It seems that since then the tremors are worse and I've been the gift of jerking in extremeties.
Avatar m tn Oxycodone can be prescribed as an individual drug - giving you and your physician more flexibility when dosing. Oxycodone prescriptions also have to be physically handed to a pharmacist - they can't be phoned in and you can't have refills. It is generally considered to be a stronger medication, however, it is different for each patient. I prefer the oxycodone, only because I want to have control of how much acetaminophen, or other NSAID I take.
Avatar f tn Percocet is the brand name of the generic drug oxycodone and acetaminophen and Vicodin is a brand name of the generic drug Hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Both oxycodone and Hydrocodone is a narcotic drug and are often used in combination with acetaminophen or APAP, a no steroidal anti inflammatory drug which helps in increasing their potency.
Avatar n tn Actually Vicodin has Hydrocodone with acitominophen. Oxycodone is in percocet and Oxycontin to name a few. Oxycodone is much stronger than hydrocodone. I agree in just asking what the packets are, show concern not judgment. It could be cocaine, speed, heroin, etc...
229538 tn?1300377767 The recommendation from a panel of drug safety specialists would subject Vicodin and dozens of other medicines to the same restrictions as other narcotic drugs like oxycodone and morphine. The Food and Drug Administration panel voted 19-10 in favor of the move, which is supported by the Drug Enforcement Agency. The FDA will weigh the vote in its decision-making process. Hydrocodone belongs to a family of drugs known as opioids, which include morphine, heroin, oxycodone, codeine and methadone.
Avatar m tn Do you suspect that they filled it with Hydrocodone instead of the Oxycodone? If so - that tablet is important and should be checked. Different manufacturers make different looking tablets - of the same drug. They all have to meet the same FDA standards. Oxycodone is oxycodone regardless of which manufacturer produces the tablet. They will all test the same. With GC/MS or LC/MS testing, Hydrocodone may show metabolites of Hydromorphone but it shouldn't read as Oxycodone.
Avatar f tn Oycodone is in a different class of drugs than Vicodin. Vicodin is a Schedule III drug and Oxycodone is a Schedule II drug. It is stronger than Vicodin and probably the reason your doctor prescribed it rather than the hydrocodone (vicodin) is because oxycodone is available in a pure form without acetominophen in it. Hydrocodone is not.
Avatar f tn When I saw my Dr when she came back I ask her to give me a new test to prove was taking all meds, the morphine, Hydrocodone and the oxycodone. She called me in a week later and dismissed as a pain patient because she said my test was negative for anything. She said she didn't doubt I was taking my meds and she knew my pain was bad enough I would not be to live with my pain without my meds but that her hands were tied.
Avatar f tn A certain portion of hydrocodone is metabolized to hydromorphone, so if you were doing a urine drug test on somebody who was taking hydrocodone you might also see hydromorphone in that person's urine. That's important to know.", to bring into your doctor and hopefully clear your name. Good luck. http://www.medscape.
1778305 tn?1314483931 Hi! I'm 32 years old and 6 weeks pregnant. My dr has me on 5mg oxycodone 5-6 times a day for degenerative disc in my neck. I've been on this medication for 3.5 years. I know this medication shouldn't be used in late pregnancy because the risk of withdrawal is very high. I'm so worried that although my dr says this med isn't hurting my baby...it is. Any real life stories or advise would be greatly appreciated. Please don't judge me and leave unhelpful comments at the door.
699217 tn?1323438700 I believe that oxycodone is the generic name for Roxicodone, which is also obviously percocet without the tylenol. Oxycontin and oxycodone are the same thing, EXCEPT oxycodone is a quick release tablet, and oxycontin is a slow release of the same med. Hydrocodone is the ingredient in Vicodin and Lortab. Although they are all narcotics, vicodin and lortab are lesser strength than the oxy's and morphine.
Avatar n tn what about oxycodone showing up on a saliva drug screen
968560 tn?1307451498 Hi mpace6983, all I can say is I had the same problem with Tramadol and I also got insomnia from Tramadol and hydrocodone. So, I think you could try Valium but that is stronger I think. Maybe you have a cross reaction with another drug too? I know you will get a better answer on this site. Good luck and hope your pain gets better.
Avatar f tn I am tested for schedule I and II meds like, Methadone, Oxycodone, hydrocodone and cannabis etc. The results of these tests are posted in my medical record and I am able to view portions of it myself online. I always test positive for oxy and cannabis, because those are the scheduled meds that I use for pain. I have a great doc and she is very compassionate. But she follows her role in prescribing my pain meds to a tee as she could lose her license if she did not.
Avatar n tn Hydrocodone is a CIII and Oxycodone is a CII... the CII is more controlled and cannot be filled in most states without a handwritten rx that is sealed.
Avatar n tn I am addicted to hydrocodone, i will be given a drug test to check for opiates and i was wondering how long will it take to get this painkiller out of my system, and what can i do to make it happen faster. also i want to know what the easier way to get off them is?
Avatar f tn I have severe Gastroparesis and am on GJ feeding tubes. I was in pain management, but got kicked out because hydrocodone wasn't showing up in my system. I did a DNA test and I don't metabolize opioids and with all the liquids that run through my body with feeds, I feel like it dilutes my urine. Is there anyone that can help me document or verify this. I'm distraught.
Avatar f tn I said no I take hydrocodone and he said no you have tested the last 2 times for oxicontin. I told him that was wrong and asked why it would show up if I hadn't taken any. Thats when he said it's prob. just a build up of the lortab. As you can tell I know very little about drug testing and the drugs. I'm a 57 year old woman that just has cronic pain in my back and butt due to many problems with my back.
Avatar m tn ve been diagnosed with RSD and have been on Demerol, hydrocodone, oxycodone and Lyrica. After seeing what works and what doesn't, I am currently only taking the oxycodone(2-7.5 every 4-6 hrs) and Lyrica(3-75 mg a day). The side effects I'm experiencing are constipation and my libido is mia. I can deal with the constipation, but at 45 and married, the libido change has GOT to be corrected.