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Avatar m tn i took 2 hydrocodone pills last month. how long does it stay in my system because i have to take a hair test friday?
Avatar n tn I stay in bed the first 3 days. I am on disability so I don't have to work. Every bone in my body and every hair on my body hurts, cold sweats, chills, no sleep for 3 days. It's the hardes but, it's the fastest for me.
Avatar m tn I'm not clear which medications are showing up and which are not showing up but a lot of that depends on the particular test and the particular laboratory and or or the amount of drug in the bloodstream. The medication is not used up by the neurons that control pain so I do not believe the explanation you are thinking about will be helpful to you.
Avatar n tn the use of the forum to obtain info on how to pass a drug test etc..I explained to her that the attempts ti get info on this and one or 2 people over the past few months have tried to sell drugs but of course theri attempts were futile....there are always one or two bad apples that try to spoil the bunch...She told me she would read the post and discuss the matter with Dr. Steve.......I really think the decision is up to her and Phil,,not Dr. Steve...so..at least cindy is willing to help.
Avatar f tn I have had 2 test come back negative for hydrocodone. Today the nurse told me I could loose my job over this and if the lab work comes back negative they will release me. I do not understand why I am testing negative when I don't miss a dose, and take as prescribed. I have been taking 2-3 7.5 Norcos for over a year, due to a compound fracture of my leg, along with severe back pain.
Avatar n tn I would have the doctor order a blood test as these are MUCH more reliable and gives th doctor much more detailed information. There is also a test you can purchase that test you hair and it will tell the doctor everything you have taken for up to 90 days. I also would like you to know there are many drugs that contain hydro such as cough syrups. Have you taken any other drug other than what you mentioned?
Avatar f tn Blood tests are always an option if you have a negative dipstick, but not if your doctor sends it to the labs, because they take time to process. Did you take your hydrocodone within eighteen hours of your urine test? I have read that some people can metabolize them that fast--in eighteen hours! I don't know about the other medications that you're taking in regards to if they would effect the results. I'm trying to think of reasons.
Avatar f tn I demanded blood work and they said everything came back fine. I took my test results to a doc in the box with some information I got from the Internet. My symptoms to me seemed like Lyme. I asked to get tested for that and anything else she felt appropriate. It came back as sub accute hyperthyroidism. Writing this now reminds me of what she said. That was be prepared for possible depression. I thought she was nuts.
Avatar n tn I'll be thinking of each and everyone of you in my dreams...ahhhhhhhh as I'm flotaing around in the pool on my little sleepy raft....just drifting and floating,,,,maybe waking occasionally to take a sip of some sun tea....and to notice the palm trees and the sea breeze.....and maybe take notice of george Clooney lounging next to me...OOPPSS sorry,, got lost in the moment..
Avatar f tn As my rather long post spells out my situation, 1st blood tested - NEGATIVE FOR ALL OPIATES, if it didn't happen to another patient I think I be trouble, the the urine test showed HYDROCODONE in my system - there's a letter that's NOT public knowledge that my friend sent me as a 'pre release: URGENT' showing just how the manufactoring process of OXYCODONE, this finding was sent to the AAMRO which I don't have access, but got a copy of the document which confirms WHY & how I tested positive f
Avatar n tn It's too bad it isn't only as long as it shows up in a **** test. I really don't think I have physicals too much anymore I think it's the beast of the cravings that I am fighting. I am taking the Thomas Recp so I think the depression is coverd with that because it really hasn't been that bad, but maybe it hasn't hit yet. Would of it by now after day 16? There is one thing that I do struggle with is the sex drive is gone, is that normal or is that too personal to ask on here?
Avatar f tn I agree with Mary, you should ask your doctor if its OK to use them occasionally for your migraines. But yes it will show up on your drug test, I believe a hair test can be detected up to 90 days. However it is a valid prescription so it will "technically" be a negative result, but it also depends on your employer. Some employers will simply want the yes or no, some will want to know what levels even if its a valid prescription.
805369 tn?1238190191 If you notice your eyes or skin turning a yellowish color then you are really in trouble. It would not hurt to get a liver function test done as well to make sure there is no damage that can't be undone. That is why doctors always say you can't take more than 8 vic's a day if they are the 5/500. One more thing I wanted to mention, many jobs have hotlines you can call for mental health. If your job offers that it may be somewhere you would want to start.
Avatar f tn Hey sandee1818, How do you know this? Do they do the test right in front of you? The only reason I figured out it was being done differently was because the people form the lab would say i'm so and so from what ever lab they were from and they were doing drug testing that day and then try to bill me more than the rate the Drs office told me I had to pay. The last 2 times it was one of the girls from the Drs office. and they seemed to have the results the last time I went in with in a few mins.
Avatar n tn If they are doing a in house test it would simply tell them if your urine was positive for the hydrocodone and soma. I believe your was sent out to a lab and therefore much more precise. You can try and talk to your Dr but to be very honest I don't think it will do much good. You need to be looking for a new Dr while you have your meds so you will not run out.
Avatar n tn Some test react positively for the presence of drugs (substances or derivatives) only if those traces appear in the test medium in certain volumes. For example, a person on parole may be given a test for marijuana (cannabis, hash, etc) that will respond positive if the test medium contains traces above a certain “cutoff level” where the cutoff level is very low (10ng/ml possibly) .
Avatar f tn Worker comp will be have to be dealt with too and if the doctor would be willing to give you a referral this will be like saying maybe there was a mistake in the handling of the test itself and then you will most likely escape the black marks on your record. Be very open and honest and tell him you have been a pt for 10 years and never had a problem. You have to be your own advocate because no one else can be.
Avatar n tn In order to get it out of your hair you have to go in and get a bleach and then have them put color back in. This will be a 3-4 hour process. I was a blonde once. Bleaching strips your hair of everything.
Avatar n tn I take hydrocodone for backpain. I have been taking antidepressant(leaxapro) in the past 1) Do you think because I had so many health problems in the past and so many surgeries, my body must have got immunesupressed? 2) Can I believe my HIV antibody test results as truly negative? 3) Do I need to get a PCR test? 4) Do you think getting a lasik procedure to the eyes might cause any kind of immunesuppression, and there for do I need a PCR test?
535089 tn?1400677119 Substances Causing False Positives According to a report by the Los Angeles Times New Service, a study of 161 prescription and over the counter medications showed that 65 of them produced false positive results in the most widely administered urine test.
356518 tn?1322267242 2009]. •Patients prescribed high doses of oxycodone also may test positive for hydrocodone, which is believed to be present as an impurity; analytically this is a true positive, but diagnostically it is a false positive [Evans et al. 2009]. •It has been clinically observed that unanticipated conversions between opioids going beyond common metabolic pathways may occur, and these can be detected by high-quality assays [Haddox 2005].
Avatar f tn this trigger I think maybe christmas I started yoga the kind you do in 104 degree room ya uh.. it was hot felt good at the time but 4 days in to it I haven't been me I can't do normal things and single mom college student and very alone.
Avatar n tn Most opiates like morphine, codeine, and heroin are detected up to 2 days after taking the drug in urine, up to 90 days on hair, and 6 hours in blood except for codeine which can be detected up to 12 hours after. NIDA, however, legally prohibits the reporting of the 3 metabolites of hydrocodone. Even though it is derived from thabine and codeine the body breaks it down into different metabolites than those of cedeine.
Avatar f tn My mom had something similar and went in to have it removed. She has a tiny scar, but is glad it is gone. I don't know what caused it. Her procedure was outpatient, so she went home the same day.
1925822 tn?1333709217 Does anyone know why some of us get this confused feeling and tunnel vision/blurred vision in shopping males,stores...lets say in places which are lighted.does that come from the many lights and impressions or what is that?
Avatar m tn I've really only heard of urine, blood and hair (with hair tests mostly used in court cases.) Why did you run out of your script 3 days early? Were you in withdrawal when you saw the doctor? Have you run out early before? I'm asking because if you're running out early due to addiction, you need to address that. If you're running out early because your pain isn't properly controlled, you also need to address that.
Avatar m tn I was all but accused of being a liar since there was NO WAY I could be taking my meds and have nothing show up in my urine screen. I asked if I could have a hair or blood test done and was shot down as if I was being unreasonable to even suggest such a thing. I left that office scared ******** because surely I must have something seriously wrong with my liver or kidneys that resulted in a negative test.
Avatar f tn yes the **** test will show every drug and if you dont have a script for it they will probably just yell and lecture you on taking others meds no other repercussions that i know of just remember if you drugs are not working talk to doc about a second pill for backup i have fentynal 50 mcgs and lyrica and oxycodone for bad days and almost any test can tell any drugs blood urine and hair can tell when how much and more and lots of other tests they can run they all show it