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Avatar n tn I ran out of it, I took a couple of my mother-in-laws hydrocodone(lortab). I have to take a urine drug screen. Will they be able to tell the difference between the two opiates? I know I should not have taken a script that is not for me but sometimes the pain is almost unbearable!
Avatar n tn I have a urine test , trying to wean off . How long does hydrocodone stay in urine before considered being clean? Is it 72 hours or longer.Trying to get clean and get job!!
Avatar f tn Normally the answer would be no but there are a lot of variables that come into drug screens. A blood test should obviously be accurate. Urine drug screens done in mass, such as through a PM Clinic has a higher incident of inaccurate results. Studies have been conducted by reputable sources that indicate these tests can be as high as 60-70% inaccurate. The largest factor is Human Error! Much goes into the final results of urine testing such as an appropriate chain of custody.....
Avatar m tn omg i am on Hydrocodone and when the doctor take a urine sample and test for it. It never passes the test though I take 3 times a day every day and have for years for cronic pain for osteo arthuritis. I am soooo upset I just went to the dr this morning as she has me return every three months for my refill prescriptions. She hasn't done an urine for months until today. She said she is going to take me off this because doesn't believe I am taking it. If I was it would show up in the urine.
Avatar f tn Has anyone else tooken hydrocodone during there pregnacy any how long did it take to get out yours an your babys systems? No rude comments.
Avatar n tn My question is, how long does Hydrocodone and Oxycotin show up on a blood and/or urine drug screen? Need the real deal on this, looks like I might get hit this week and I need to prepare if i can.
Avatar f tn A certain portion of hydrocodone is metabolized to hydromorphone, so if you were doing a urine drug test on somebody who was taking hydrocodone you might also see hydromorphone in that person's urine. That's important to know.", to bring into your doctor and hopefully clear your name. Good luck. http://www.medscape.
Avatar f tn I do think though that it depends on how they drug test the baby. It's not always done through urine, it depends on why they are testing. I will caution you to be careful when it comes to self weaning. It is always recommended that that be done under medical supervision. Also, if you are concerned about it showing in a drug test, then there is also a concern about baby withdrawing. That can be quite dangerous if the Dr.
Avatar n tn I am addicted to hydrocodone, i will be given a drug test to check for opiates and i was wondering how long will it take to get this painkiller out of my system, and what can i do to make it happen faster. also i want to know what the easier way to get off them is?
Avatar f tn I know some PM clinics here in Florida are using this now instead of the urine test due to so many mistakes made with the urine testing. If the Pharmacist is correct and the herbs are causing your test to come out incorrect I would do some serious research and take your findings to your Doctor. I do not see how this would cause you to lose your job, unless of course your diverting your medications and then you would lose your freedom as well.
Avatar n tn i have not used drugs in the past thirty days, but this past friday i took a 10mg lortab. today is monday and i have to take a drug test. do you think the lortab will show up today?
Avatar f tn Had old 10 mg of opana from script 2 yrs ago left over when switched pain has been pretty bad so I took them in place of my oxycodone for a few days no help. Will they show up on a urine test 5 days after I stopped taking them?
Avatar f tn My dr did a urine test and I am currently on hydrocodone 10/325 Problem is I was out of town without my meds and my back went out I took two oxycodone 10/325 a day before the test. What will my dr Do if it shows up in my results.? I did let him know the situation?
Avatar m tn On Friday, I was given a urine drug screening due to my pain conctract with my doctor. I had no problems taking this test whatsoever because I only take what is prescribed to me. So. I get a call a half and hour later and my doctor said that my test showed no hydrocodone. So he took me off my pain medications. I KNOW that I was taking my hydrocodone (as needed). How long does it take for hydrocodone to leave my system?
Avatar f tn I'm on methadone and at the end of the visit my dr told me I had to do a urine test. So he wrote me my scripts and then on my way out I had to go pee in the cup, then I paid and left. So what I'm asking is if something was wrong with my test would they call me back that same day or even the next day to come in and discuss it or would he discuss it with me at my next visit?
Avatar f tn It all depends on the test they use. If they use a basic urine test that only test for opiates then they will test the same. However, if they use a lab for testing it will be able to tell what meds you took. I can totally understand family issues, etc. But when going to a pain clinic those rules have to be followed. Pain docs are the most watched docs out there. So there license is on the line which means many times they will fire the patient to protect their license...
Avatar m tn Husband & I have been taking Hydrocodone for over 10 years. New doctor, urine test showed we both are taking Oxycodone also. We have never taken Oxycodone. WHY? I just went & paid out of pocket for an urine test. Oxycodone did not show..
Avatar f tn Could it be he was just trying to trick you to see if you were an Oxy user? I assume this was a urine test. So let me know if it was done right there and if not, ask for a copy of the results since he could now discharge you on grounds you broke any contract they often have you sign. The lowest level they used to be able to detect things like Vicodin (hydrocodone) without spending too much for better tests was 100 PPM. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Hi, I took a drug test at my PM. I know I am going to fail because I will have hydrocodone in my system instead of oxycodone and they tested for soma which wont be in my system. I ran out of meds on a sat. I had some vicoden from a past surgery from years ago that my mom had. I took about 10 of thoes in the days leading up. If I don't have illeagle drugs in my system will they still drop me? I understand the maybe the hydro would be illeagle because the prescription was old.
Avatar n tn I went in to take a random drug test and was told that my test showed negative for opiates. I just need to know if anyone has had this problem before. And if anyone has an answer why this would happen. Thanks.
Avatar m tn If I was abusing hydrocodone 30-90 days ago but am not anymore and I get a hair drug test will this show up and will it show that I no longer am abusing but using according to the prescription?
Avatar n tn So I see my doctor today and he says that my drug test showed only Soma in my urine and NO Vicodin. I told him I take the Vicodin every single day. He told me I was a liar and said he knows the truth and the truth was on that paper he was holding. He said I was probably selling them or I gave him someone else's urine (ewww!). I DID NOT!!! He was just mean. He said that paper would hold up in a court of law and it did not matter what I said. But I take my meds as he prescribes them!!
Avatar m tn I'm not clear which medications are showing up and which are not showing up but a lot of that depends on the particular test and the particular laboratory and or or the amount of drug in the bloodstream. The medication is not used up by the neurons that control pain so I do not believe the explanation you are thinking about will be helpful to you.
Avatar f tn I hope their prescribed but things last a lot longer in their system sense they can't poop or anything. my friend smoked weed through her half her pregnancy and I'd be really surprised if she got to take the baby home i haven't heard from them sense they had it. i smoked a week or two before my missed period weed that is but after that positive pregnancy test i haven't done one thing and I'm still not sure that the baby wouldn't be born with weed in its system.
Avatar n tn I am 51 years old , I came down with a bad case of shingles 06/2006 and they gave me 10/650 mg hydrocodone ,take as needed 3-4 times a day. the pain turn into post something nuralgia(nerve damage) as has lasted until a few weeks ago. I find myself not able to quit the pills. I stop for a day or two and the withdrawel is awful. I am up to 60-70 mg's a day. I have been through alcohal rehab last year and haven't touched a drop since. i am very easily addicted to stuff.
Avatar n tn As we were walking out of the clinic I asked about the urine test. She informed me that they didn't do one because she told the doctor she couldn't go again! So I paid almost $50.00 for him to look at her rash. Yes, she has a rash all over her body that itches. Is this rash related to the drug use?
Avatar f tn I went to my pain clinic doctor this morning and he game a drug test didn't think much about because i know i only take the medication he gives me which are hydrocodone10 and gabapentin and tizanidine well when he came back in the room he ask me when I took my last pain pill and if I had been taking percocet and trading my pills for them. I told him no he said well your drug test came back positive for percocet and no hydrocodone in your urine.