Mixing hydrocodone with oxycodone

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Avatar n tn Amy, I do agree with the above. Mixing alcohol with these meds can kill you, and the buzz is not worth you're family finding you dead. Please get help if you cannot quit drinking and be totally honest with yourself and your Doctor about whether you can get by without relying on these drugs!! God Bless.
Avatar m tn i was prescribed oxycodone 5mg or tabs 2 at a time for back pain and cyclobenzaprine 10mg i was having severe pain so i took 2 oxycodone and 2 of the cyclobenzaprines and also 2 hydrocodone 5/500's i have a high tolerance for pain killers but i want to know if i am in any danger?
699217 tn?1323438700 I wanted to know what the difference is between hydrocodone and like-oxycontin or oxycodone, Percocet, tramadol, is this all just types of hydrocodone? All I ever took was hydrocodone....
Avatar m tn today and I have been perscribed hydrocodone in the past to treat chronic lumbosacral pain. How is Oxycodone 5mg compared to Hydrocodone? I take Hydrcodone 5/500 APAP. Is Oxycodone a good alternative to Hydrocodone? What are your experiences?
356518 tn?1322263642 And Jollyman the reason you experience better pain relief with oxycodone than hydrocodone (most ppl do) is because the oxy is considered a stronger narcotic than hydro.
Avatar n tn If this person is already tolerant to the opiods then there is less of this side effect happening. Mixing Xanax with opiods and the sleeping pill is a dangerous combination, especially in high amounts.
Avatar f tn are just trademarked names for the generics (hydrocodone and oxycodone)...also, those opiates can be combined with other analgesics instead of tylenol....example, "Percodan" is oxycodone with aspirin. Sorry...hope I didn't confuse you...but while the drugs are very similar, and both strong opiates, there are a lot of differences, which people do not always realize.
Avatar f tn Be careful of all that Tylenol. They are taking Hydrocodone off the market all together and replacing it with a long acting med called ZoHydro. it is Vicodin without the tylenol 500 mg of tylenol is way way too much for your liver to handle. I am on Roxy's which is oxycodone 30 mg no aspirin they do fine and for the long acting i am using Morphine Sulphate.
Avatar f tn The lowest amount of tylenol that I know of that comes with hydrocodone would be in Norco tablets. They contain 10mg of the hydrocodone and only 325mg of tylenol. Maybe talk to your doctor about switching you to oxycodone instead? Oxycodone comes in tablet form that's just pure oxycodone, it has no tylenol or acetaminophen in it at all. It's stronger than hydrocodone, too, so the 5mg tablet (the smallest one they make) might even work as well for you as the 7.5mg vicodin.
590280 tn?1310087366 Percocet is Oxycodone and Vicodin ES is Hydrocodone.
Avatar m tn ve been diagnosed with RSD and have been on Demerol, hydrocodone, oxycodone and Lyrica. After seeing what works and what doesn't, I am currently only taking the oxycodone(2-7.5 every 4-6 hrs) and Lyrica(3-75 mg a day). The side effects I'm experiencing are constipation and my libido is mia. I can deal with the constipation, but at 45 and married, the libido change has GOT to be corrected.
Avatar m tn i have a friend who takes hydrocodone 6 pills(10mg) a day, in addition to adderoll..... is there a risk.....
Avatar n tn I have cancer in my pelvis, taking hydrocodone and oxycodone, get my meds from the VA, they started mailing scrips thru the mail instead of picking up at VA, I have run out befor new scrip arrives, my question is can I take ultrcet til new scrip of hydrocodone arrives without adverse effects. this is just for pain, I do not drink.
Avatar f tn hydrocodone or oxycodone? I have not heard good things about oxycodone, so I would be hesitant to try it but I am curious which works better for you. I want to be on the lowest dose possible (of whichever my doctor sees fit) that is sufficient enough to do everyday activities. Is there anything you have tried that you felt works for you that I should ask my doctor about?
Avatar f tn Hi, Thanks for the comments. I ended up on this website because I googled the question, "Can I mix Hydrocodone with Methodone. I enjoyed the testimonies and joined. I am not addicted to Hydocodone (no, not in denial, ha!) I just ended up having to take so many of them that my doctor said I needed something stronger. I was getting immune to them and she didn't want me taking so many a day. I didin't either.
323238 tn?1223753354 As Of write now I take 1-1/2 xanxa a day (and I'm suppose to be on 4 a day at .05mg) And I'm also on vicodine..After hearing about all these acciendents with people taking the wrong medication or to much of something while mixing it with something else...ect..I'm now terrified of taking medication.,And I was doing so much better, now my anxiety has sky rocketed...
Avatar f tn By taking the oxycodone, you can take either Tylenol or Advil along with it, but you can take it with, say, every OTHER dose so that you don't exceed the toxic level every day. You will end up with liver problems if you take large amounts of acetominophen and that will be more dangerous to you than larger doses of opiate. Once a person becomes opiate-tolerant, they can tolerate quite a high dose of opiates safely, it's the acetominophen that will hurt them before the opiate does.
Avatar n tn Hydrocodone is a CIII and Oxycodone is a CII... the CII is more controlled and cannot be filled in most states without a handwritten rx that is sealed.
Avatar n tn Just a quick correction...Percocet is oxycodone with Acetaminophen, and Percodan is Oxycodone with Aspirin, not Tylenol. There are other, less common combinations, like Vicoprofen, which would be Hydrocodone with Ibuprofen instead of Tylenol (Acetaminophen). Vicodin, Norco, Lortab are all Hydrocodone. Dilaudid comes both in oral and injectable forms, with doses starting at usually 1 mg. Fentanyl patches typically start at 25 mcg/hr (micrograms). I have seen lower doses, 12.
Avatar f tn My doctor also gave me a prescription for Hydrocodone Acetaminophen to take instead of the Oxycodone for when I was ready. I tried to replace the Oxycodone with the Hydrocodone but it gave me tremendous nausea and terrible anxiety the one day I took it...I almost had a panic attack in the middle of the night and thought my husband was going to have to cal 911! Does anyone have a suggestion for the best way I can wean off the meds?
Avatar n tn I am currently taking klonopin for my seizures, zolof for depression, and hydrocodone for tooth pain. If all these meds are taken at the same time is their a chance of blacking out or short term memory loss? The reason I ask is because it has happened to me and I need some info on this.
Avatar f tn Percocet is the brand name of the generic drug oxycodone and acetaminophen and Vicodin is a brand name of the generic drug Hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Both oxycodone and Hydrocodone is a narcotic drug and are often used in combination with acetaminophen or APAP, a no steroidal anti inflammatory drug which helps in increasing their potency.
Avatar f tn One thing I have not see anyone say about the differences in hydrocodone and oxycodone is that hydrocodone is schedule III while oxycodone is a scheduled II......