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Avatar n tn Hello Lass,First off is this just routine,or is their some reason of diversion like due you work as a nurse ,and if so,are they checking only you or are you on a Methadone program and all they want to know is there any hydrocodone in yopur system to bebin with,as same not so bright addicts say that they are on this and that and when they run a urine screen,nothing shows up,even the drug that they say is their drug of choice.
2016728 tn?1328358841 Chronic pain is responsive to hydrocodone and to provide a concrete evidence that you are using this medication you can have a urine drug screen done. In regular users this screen should remain positive for two days. Also please ask your doctor or enquire at the lab, if they are using a hydrocodone specific product for screening, as the more common opiod screening for morphiods does not detect hydrocodone presence. Emphasize for the specific test. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I ran out of it, I took a couple of my mother-in-laws hydrocodone(lortab). I have to take a urine drug screen. Will they be able to tell the difference between the two opiates? I know I should not have taken a script that is not for me but sometimes the pain is almost unbearable!
Avatar n tn I have a urine test , trying to wean off . How long does hydrocodone stay in urine before considered being clean? Is it 72 hours or longer.Trying to get clean and get job!!
Avatar n tn For some reason it fails to show up in my urine dryg screen. I take all my medications the way I should every day. 4 Hydrocodone 10/500 mg 4x day, Xanax 1 mg 3x day and Soma 350 mg 3x day. I have failed my drug screen test 5 times ans all 5 times I loose that Dr. Please tell me if their could be a medical reason for it not showing up? I'm so tired of having to find new Doctors when that happens and them looking at me like i'm miss using my medications. HELP!
Avatar m tn Thank-you. The first time we went to this doctor, he was supposed to be a "Family Doctor". Now find out he only knows Drug addiction. The first urine screen he took was 2/27/2018. Thought it was funny, it took less than 5 minutes for him to have the results. The results came from Suboxone Clinic. Which is a drug rehab place that they send people to, to get off of Vicodin, Xanax, Esgic, & others. March, my husband was to take another urine test.
Avatar n tn what could make you have a false-positive on a drug screen for hydrocodone if I do not take them?
Avatar f tn How long will it take me to pass the drug test? Keep in mind that oxycodone and potentially hydrocodone are the only drugs in my system. Btw, the drug test isn't for anything serious like court or probation.. I'm thinking about applying for new jobs.
10363722 tn?1409603189 I borrowed one of her percoset that are 10 milligrams. I went to the doctor a couple days later and had to do a random urine drug screening. I am scared to death now. What happens if that percocet shows up? Will they totally take me off of all my pain meds? Are they likely to give me a second chance?this is not a typical thing that I do. I really need to be on my pain meds as I work two jobs and I'm on my feet all the time.any insight on this would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Go to another facility and pay if you must for the blood drug screen or better yet demand one from the facility that has required the urine drug screen. We have rights too. I sincerely hope that your concern is for not. If it does return inaccurately you will be forced to find another physician. So be prepared to start your search immediately. I wish you the very best. Please keep in touch with us and let us know how you are doing. I will look forward to hearing from you.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if a probation urine drug screen will be able to tell the difference between the two opiates? I know the tylox is oxycodone and the lortab is hydrocodone and both med contain acetaminephen(sp).
Avatar f tn can u fail a drug test, done with urine/ with no lab there, for morphine while taking opana er 40mgs. 2 times a day without taking any other pain meds.?
Avatar m tn there are expensive screens that can differentiate but i would tend to think it would not show up on a standard 5 panel screen....i do know someone who paseed their drug screen/5 panel where i work..she is a nurse on sub/with a scrip but did not want to get into the addiction thing so she did not say she took it....it came back ok...if it woulda come back bad..then she was gonna say something...
Avatar f tn I tried fentanyl patch but was very scared of the strength so stopped and wont go back there. How does talwin show on a urine drug test and how effective is it really. Also on tramadol er with my norco.
Avatar m tn I have been on oxycontin 40mil and oxycodone 10/325 for 13 years . I did a random urine screen for the second time in 4 months and tested positive for marijuana and didn't touch the stuff and never failed one . Now I'm so scared there going to stop giving me my meds and I have severe nerve damage due to chemo that was left running in me for 2 1/2 hours longer than supposed to be . I am burnt from the inside out from head to my feet. My question is can my Dr.
Avatar f tn A certain portion of hydrocodone is metabolized to hydromorphone, so if you were doing a urine drug test on somebody who was taking hydrocodone you might also see hydromorphone in that person's urine. That's important to know.", to bring into your doctor and hopefully clear your name. Good luck. http://www.medscape.
1379106 tn?1279033147 I recently also had a false positive on my lortab drug test. I had taken lortab 24 hrs before and it did not show up in my urine. The funny thing is small amouts of morphine and another drug close to lortab showed up but I have never taken any thing other than lortab. I do take ambien to sleep. I feel helpless. I am so frustrated.
1401392 tn?1280805147 I am very sorry to hear about your current situation. Unfortunately these errors in Urine Drug testing occur way too often. I have seen statistics that claim error rates can be as high as 70-80% with the majority of errors being human. I cannot guess why your drug screen was inaccurate. As far as your recourse you have little if any. Sadly when you signed the PM Contract it was to protect the clinic or physician and not you. Most clinic do not allow for an appeal process.
Avatar f tn I have been in pain management for over a year. I was first prescribed 5/500 Lortabs 3 x daily as needed. I was drug tested within a few months, there was no issue. The dosage was upped to 7.5 over winter, I was tested 3 months ago and was caught completely off guard when my test came back negative. I was only going in every 2 months and didn't even know about this until 2 months later, when I went in last month.
Avatar f tn What sort of drug screen is it? Urine? Blood? I havent smoked marijuana in a while but im still curious as to whether or not I need to be worried.
Avatar m tn Darvocet is a complete different drug than hydrocodne or ultram. I do not see how this is possible unless thee was a mix up or you took a darvocet and forgot.
Avatar f tn who is giving u the urine test? sub doesnt show up in an emplyment urine screen //only narcotics...ur sub dr has a test for sub tho..but it wouldnt be out of ur system in 3 days even had u not used it at all for three days...it takes a while as the drug has a long half life...urine drug screens for jobs test for benzos, pot, cocaine, narcotics (not sub tho) but i do think methadone shows up on most 10 panel drug screens..
Avatar f tn 9mg-once a day, Motrin 1600mgs a day, Asprin 350mg-4 times a day, all these everyday for over a year. I had to take pain management urine drug test and it tested positive for Benzodiazepines and they said my Soma didn't show up at all. What would cause this as I never take anything but what the doctor has prescribed me, and I ALWAYS take ALL of it like I'm suppose to.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me if Tramadol will sow up in a Health Care Professionals urine drug screen? And if so, how long will it take for it not to? In other words, how long does Tramadol stay in your system?
Avatar m tn My prescription ran out and I used a concerta my concern is if I have a urine test or hair follicle test will the methylphenidate in the concerta show up? Concerta is not my prescribed medicine.