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Avatar n tn I ran out of it, I took a couple of my mother-in-laws hydrocodone(lortab). I have to take a urine drug screen. Will they be able to tell the difference between the two opiates? I know I should not have taken a script that is not for me but sometimes the pain is almost unbearable!
Avatar n tn I took a urine test for my doctor and had been on lortab 10mg thee times a day and it came back negative and take several different meds a day and have had diearea ever since i was put on metforman for dibeates is there a reason that hydrocodone would not show up in my urine screen?
Avatar n tn I have a urine test , trying to wean off . How long does hydrocodone stay in urine before considered being clean? Is it 72 hours or longer.Trying to get clean and get job!!
Avatar f tn Is there any reason a hydrocodone urine test would come back negative if the meds were being taken?
Avatar m tn omg i am on Hydrocodone and when the doctor take a urine sample and test for it. It never passes the test though I take 3 times a day every day and have for years for cronic pain for osteo arthuritis. I am soooo upset I just went to the dr this morning as she has me return every three months for my refill prescriptions. She hasn't done an urine for months until today. She said she is going to take me off this because doesn't believe I am taking it. If I was it would show up in the urine.
Avatar f tn Or in my sister's case they tested the umbilical cord and that supposedly shows what was taken in the last trimester. If they do urine it will only show a couple of days previous.Anyways, im sure you'll be okay just stay positive.
Avatar n tn I stay in bed the first 3 days. I am on disability so I don't have to work. Every bone in my body and every hair on my body hurts, cold sweats, chills, no sleep for 3 days. It's the hardes but, it's the fastest for me.
Avatar f tn A certain portion of hydrocodone is metabolized to hydromorphone, so if you were doing a urine drug test on somebody who was taking hydrocodone you might also see hydromorphone in that person's urine. That's important to know.", to bring into your doctor and hopefully clear your name. Good luck. http://www.medscape.
Avatar f tn I know some PM clinics here in Florida are using this now instead of the urine test due to so many mistakes made with the urine testing. If the Pharmacist is correct and the herbs are causing your test to come out incorrect I would do some serious research and take your findings to your Doctor. I do not see how this would cause you to lose your job, unless of course your diverting your medications and then you would lose your freedom as well.
Avatar f tn If you are a poor metabolizer of hydrocodone, you're going to have less metabolites in your urine. Also, people with kidney disease under excrete these metabolites. Ask your doctor to work with you on this. Perhaps you can find another lab that will give you the proper result, or use a simpler test that looks only for the presence of opioids in your blood stream instead of checking their metabolites. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn Had old 10 mg of opana from script 2 yrs ago left over when switched pain has been pretty bad so I took them in place of my oxycodone for a few days no help. Will they show up on a urine test 5 days after I stopped taking them?
Avatar f tn My dr did a urine test and I am currently on hydrocodone 10/325 Problem is I was out of town without my meds and my back went out I took two oxycodone 10/325 a day before the test. What will my dr Do if it shows up in my results.? I did let him know the situation?
Avatar n tn Hey for blood and urine tests, pills are out of your system in about 5 days max. When I got into rehab from the hospital recently, I was in the hospital for 5 days, when i got to rehab they pee tested me and woke me up in the morning and blood tested me. To my suprise, everything was out of my system other than the marijuana which stays in your system a while.
Avatar f tn As my rather long post spells out my situation, 1st blood tested - NEGATIVE FOR ALL OPIATES, if it didn't happen to another patient I think I be trouble, the the urine test showed HYDROCODONE in my system - there's a letter that's NOT public knowledge that my friend sent me as a 'pre release: URGENT' showing just how the manufactoring process of OXYCODONE, this finding was sent to the AAMRO which I don't have access, but got a copy of the document which confirms WHY & how I tested positive f
Avatar f tn I hope their prescribed but things last a lot longer in their system sense they can't poop or anything. my friend smoked weed through her half her pregnancy and I'd be really surprised if she got to take the baby home i haven't heard from them sense they had it. i smoked a week or two before my missed period weed that is but after that positive pregnancy test i haven't done one thing and I'm still not sure that the baby wouldn't be born with weed in its system.
Avatar m tn I'm not clear which medications are showing up and which are not showing up but a lot of that depends on the particular test and the particular laboratory and or or the amount of drug in the bloodstream. The medication is not used up by the neurons that control pain so I do not believe the explanation you are thinking about will be helpful to you.
Avatar n tn 25 years ago i was in a no-fault auto accident at around 25/26 years old that resulted in lower back surgery. then another no fault at around 32 years old that caused bugles, deterioration & bone spurs over the years, along with neck bulges that was never diagnosed on lumbar & thoracic MRI's as would i expected. i was on morphine patches for several months but i didn't tolerate opiates so i was given phenagan. which barely helped.
Avatar n tn About a month ago she told me she needed to go to the doctor because she had blood in her urine. We didn't make it to the Dr because she is never home -she works and attends Jr. College, is Phi Theta Kappa. I made a few phone calls and found a treatment in our area (we are in the boonies), but the lady told me they might refuse to treat her if she had a medical problem. I took her to the doctor that day and told her to tell them why she was there.
Avatar n tn Of course, if you did not have an RX, then that is another story, but I think I heard once that hydrocodone did not stay in your system for all that long. I was tested once after taking my last pill two days prior, and nothing showed up. That was years ago and the testing may be more sophisticated now though. Good Luck. Oh, and congrats on your weight loss! That is something else that I need to do.
Avatar f tn I do think though that it depends on how they drug test the baby. It's not always done through urine, it depends on why they are testing. I will caution you to be careful when it comes to self weaning. It is always recommended that that be done under medical supervision. Also, if you are concerned about it showing in a drug test, then there is also a concern about baby withdrawing. That can be quite dangerous if the Dr.
Avatar f tn This is why I hate to see people dismissed from a pain practice because they fail a particular urine test. There's too much faith placed in reliability of these tests and too often, ignorance in their application hurts chronic pain patients. It's a tough time to have chronic pain, yet there are 116,000 million of us in America. We'd all benefit from getting rid of these tests (and controlled substance agreements) altogether.
Avatar n tn Seems like it could go either way given the time frame.I failed a urine test once because they found metabolites (breakdown products) of the drug in my system not the actual drug, valium.
Avatar m tn html So, doc, I sure hope you don't think I'm taking hydromorphone on the side. In fact, have the testing company evaluate the QUANTITY of hydromorphone in my urine, and you will see that there is only a small amount, appropriate to what the HC metabolized into.
Avatar m tn It would be in your best interest and your child's, although I do not think any damage has been done to the baby it is best your Dr. knows. They test for drugs by your baby's umbilical cord and your urine. If the Dr. is surprised the state will get involved If you are Honest with him/her They will not contact the State..
Avatar n tn What causes a false positive for hydrocodone in a urinalysis? My doctor recently took a drug test and it came out positive for hydrocodone. She said I am getting prescriptions from some one else and does not want me to come back to her practice. The only medications I take I get from her. I have fibromyalgia and am taken the follow medications prescribe by my doctor, trazadone, effexor, estrogen, endocet (perocet), oxycontin, iron pills, ondansetron, albuterol,astelin and thyroxin.
Avatar f tn have been going to this clinic over a year) that my last urine which was done maybe 4 months ago was negative for Hydrocodone as well as the one they did today(?) I was seen 2 months ago by the PM doctor who never mentioned anything about this. The NP told me my urine was negative for Hydrocodone but positive for Tramadol. When I told her there was no way this could be correct, she told me the test is highly accurate and that I need to just be honest with her. I could not believe this!
Avatar n tn My (PCP) Primary Care Provider felt it was from all the medicine that I take. My creatinine was 1.6 in July and after a re-test it was 1.4 in late August which is normal for me. My BUN was 17. To date my nero has not found the reason for my neuropathy. He has suggested Amyloidosis, but feels it would have shown itself by now. I have no symptoms of an Amyloid. I am pre-diabetic, my A 1 C was 5.6. My PCP has given me a Rx for a complete blood work up.