How long hydrocodone in system for drug test

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Avatar f tn how long does hydrocodone stay in your system been takin about 6-7 a day for 8-9 months?
Avatar f tn Has anyone else tooken hydrocodone during there pregnacy any how long did it take to get out yours an your babys systems? No rude comments.
Avatar f tn If your baby is acting weird, they will probably test the baby. But I don't know how they would tell. I was given percocet in the hospital or hydrocodone, whatever. I think they are all the same right? Unfortunately you are extremely concerned which is the only concerning thing about your story. If a Dr. gave you meds, there is no reason not to tell the new Dr. IMMEDIATELY, especially when you had to fill out the new paperwork. SO, that being said, something smells fishy!
Avatar f tn if you have stayed off the pills and are still experiencing withdrawls, be patient, i promise they will go away. as for permanent damage, this would depand on how long and severely you have used. perhaps, really most probably you have not incurred any permanent damage. please see a qualified physician to determine this!! victor what's more important is finding the strength to stay off these pills. that's unfortunately the hard part. seek some counseling either through n.a.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know the TRUTH about how long hydrocodone stays in your system? What is the best way to get rid of it for a drug test for a job? ( 1 more reason to put the pills down...) - I am currently tapering down , but just started...thanks for any help!!!!
Avatar n tn I am addicted to hydrocodone, i will be given a drug test to check for opiates and i was wondering how long will it take to get this painkiller out of my system, and what can i do to make it happen faster. also i want to know what the easier way to get off them is?
Avatar n tn I took one hydrocodone a couple of days ago for sleep. I have to take a drug test for a job, and was wondering how long it would be in my system? I am very in shape and about 155 pounds.
Avatar n tn I took two vicoden because I hurt my back and now I found out I have to take a drug test. How long does it take for the vicodin to get out of my system?
Avatar n tn When you give the sample, don't put the start or end of the urine stream into the cup. While half-life tells you apprx how long the drug may be active in your system, the metabolites from drugs can be detected for days or weeks, depending upon the drug. Opiates such as hydrocodone, I believe, are detectable within 2 to 3 days of use. There are many sites on the web, including those of companies selling drug tests, etc.
Avatar n tn I recentley came off of hydrocodone and am just concerned if it will be picked up on the test. How long does it take to not show up? If anyone has any insight to this its greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar n tn How long does HYDROCODONE-APAP 750mg (generic for vicodin es) last in someone system. I got hurt at work 8/21/2004 was given Vicodin in the later part of 2005 been taking them 1 tablet orally 4 times daily for BURSITIS. Iam now going to take a drug test for new employment here in Hawaii.
Avatar f tn I understood the importance of ensuring you were only taking what you were precribed and could be discharged for testing positive for another pain med, as well as illegal substances. The last drug test, I noticed when I took the bottle into the restroom had different colored bands all around the bottle itself. I read several which included TCH, Meth, Cocaine and a host of others I didn't read any further on the bands.
Avatar n tn I went in to take a random drug test and was told that my test showed negative for opiates. I just need to know if anyone has had this problem before. And if anyone has an answer why this would happen. Thanks.
Avatar f tn It didn't say how they tested them? & it didnt say how long hydrocodone stays In their system! That's what I really need to know! Please & thank you for helping so much! & yes I am done!
Avatar n tn If they are doing a in house test it would simply tell them if your urine was positive for the hydrocodone and soma. I believe your was sent out to a lab and therefore much more precise. You can try and talk to your Dr but to be very honest I don't think it will do much good. You need to be looking for a new Dr while you have your meds so you will not run out.
Avatar f tn Honestly it depends on how long you have used for. Normally it takes about 3 days to leave your system but if you have been taking them for a while it might take longer to leave your system. Also i have no idea how long it stays in a fetus. You have to also think about withdrawl symptoms. Might hurt you and baby. You should talk to a Doc about help weaning off instead of cutting off completely so as to not hurt your baby or you. I hope this helps!
Avatar n tn I hope all is well with everyone, keep it up!! P.S - how long have you been taking the hydro for?? it sounds like you could get out somewhat easy if you got out now, and remember, when you find yourself saying, I just want one more pill, it NEVER WORKS THAT WAY!! "just when I think I'm out, they suck me back in" Withdrawal symptoms: bone aches, chills, cold sweats, restless leg, depression, etc... its not fun, thats why Im telling you to stop while your not that bad.......
Avatar n tn My mother tells me there is a woman who has been in intractable pain and has been for years.Medical Morphine addict...long before Morphine she did Oxy and hyrdro/had verifiable scripts for it...her colon shut down @ 50 yrs old..she is now an older woman of her years in a Nursing home and has had a colostomy bag for 15 years to deal with because of drug damage to her intestines. This is something that does make me feel not so invincible anymore.
Avatar n tn I wish it would only be 1 week and get it over with for me! But not when you have been on meth. maint. for 15 years. It stays in your system for sooo looong and it takes months and months to get out! I am trying though.
Avatar n tn Please tell me if the Klonipin works for Lorcet withdrawal. I have some, but don't use it. Will it help? I take 2 Lorcet a day, every day. Lately I've had chills in the afternoons and evening. I feel awful in the morning, hurting all over. This started because of migraines 10 years ago - have been taking Hydrocodone and Soma together for 10 years, 1 of each, split into half doses twice a day to make a bottle last the whole 30 days before refill. I want out of this mess.
Avatar f tn Well - it kept eating and eating and eating to the point were I wasn't sleeping, spending all night researching how I could test for HYDROCODONE when I don't take, don't WANT TO TAKE IT and in 14 yrs in Pain Management I've never NEVER tested 'dirty'.  At 1st my wife thought I was going crazy and I was needlessly concerned, that is until I showed her & explained to her just how serious something like this is.
Avatar m tn That will have an impact on the severity of your withdrawals. As for the drug test, I don't know how long it takes to get out of your system, but try to keep your electrolytes balanced by drinking a replacement like gatorade or Propel, because if your urine is weak or off balance it may look suspicious. I don't know, but that's all I can really say. Hope it helps some. Good luck!
Avatar f tn It is so sad to think that the nurse who told you to sit it down with the other cups does not take this as serious as she would if she were in your situation and had to be drug tested. The only time I have taken drug tests were for pre-employment and they always sealed it in front of you and you have to sign it also. It should be done that way everytime. One place did the drug test right in front of me and got the results right then so we knew no one else touched it.
Avatar n tn 8th, however, my drug test is scheduled for Tuesday. I have regularly taken 1-2 per day for atleast a year, and before that, I took that many atleast 2-4 days per week for a couple years. Does anyone know how long it might take for those to not show in my system? I really hate to jeapordize this job opportunity, but I also do not want to embarrass myself. I am wondering if I should cancel the test or not. I have a chance to take the test up to Friday of this week, but that is the last day.
Avatar f tn I am due to take a drug test for a job in the next few weeks. I am NOT asking how to beat the drug test, but I would like to know if the drugs will still show up on a test after being clean from them for 2 - 3 weeks. Thanks in advance for any answers and/or help you can give me!