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Avatar n tn thank you for that link. wow, i am taking a lot of those things. amazing how pain doctors rely solely on those tests and dump people everyday because of positive results.
Avatar f tn I do think though that it depends on how they drug test the baby. It's not always done through urine, it depends on why they are testing. I will caution you to be careful when it comes to self weaning. It is always recommended that that be done under medical supervision. Also, if you are concerned about it showing in a drug test, then there is also a concern about baby withdrawing. That can be quite dangerous if the Dr.
Avatar f tn A vicodin isn't going to show up on babys drug test.
Avatar n tn It's rare to hallucinate on Vicodin unless you have been abusing the medicine. Vicodin is not a bad drug at all, but it can be if it is abused. I'm sorry about all your symptoms. Are you taking any other medications besides the Vicodin? I ask this because there could be some kind of interaction taking place. If it is withdrawal it will go away quickly because you have not been on the medicine for very long or in high doses. Drink lots of water and eat a healthy diet. Don't drink!
Avatar n tn Mom is in CONSTANT pain, drs. test and test and find nothing new....during May, June she's made multiple ER visits, driven herself or called an ambulance, and DEMANDS injections (dilaudid) with her vicodin she takes. She ends up getting she went by ambulance from the nursing home, and she got morphine for the first time. My 3 siblings and I are involved, and can't get the drs. to see an addiction....
Avatar n tn Can you become addicted to Vicodin in one week? My doctor put me on it for pain. Because I am sensitive to medications I only take 1/2 in the morning and 1/2 at night. I take Tylenol inbetween. I had what I might call withdrawl even though I didn't stop taking it. Suffer from depression and would really like to put a stop to the medication if that is what caused it. My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest, chest pain, body shaking and scared.
Avatar n tn It has been eight months and i am still on vicodin. Now i am on vicodin es. I tried to stop for two days and never experienced anything like the pain i went through. My doctor is trying to wein me off but it is very hard to stay on target. I am scared and worried what will follow. Is ther hope. SINGER.
Avatar n tn yes I was in to take a drug test this morning, and failed on the basis of having vicodin in my system.
Avatar n tn I have a drug test this week for a new employer and I don't know what to do, I have Vicodin and percocet in my system. I have presciptions for the vic but not the perc, do you think will test both?
Avatar n tn I wasn't sure if itwould,and the Rnat the Dr office said no,but that was with their drug test. i am not too familiar about drug test and if they are allthe same or not. By the way... Christy is doing very well. today she took 2mg, but tomorrow is her first day with none. wish us luck. She seems to be doing very good and i told her that if we have to give her 1mg tommorrow then none then that's ok. She's still ahead of the game, as she started this whole thing on 9-9-07.
Avatar n tn Just a quik question on the original topic. When taking a drug test can the results tell the difference between Hydrocodone and Oxycodone? Or would these two drugs look the same?
Avatar n tn Well, that sob gave me a drug test. I called his office because I thought he made a mistake on the paper. He told me not to worry about it. So my question is what are the legalities of a drug test by a physician with out my knowledge? It really made me angry. I went in today and he asked me if I took any other narcotics. I said yes I take hydro for my herniated disks and flexaril. He said that he needed to know where that came from.
Avatar n tn It was a 10-panel drug screen (urine) and no I didn't watch them seal it or put my name on it.
Avatar f tn Alot has to do when they test is the frequency of using the drug, mg used, when you stopped ect ect. On a 12 panel test which I took prior to my PM's test showed me positive for oxycodone and neg for opiates which gave me a siegh of relief. I don't know when your test is or how many panel test your PM uses but wish you luck, cause I couldn't due without the pain meds being so dependent on them at this time.
Avatar n tn So I see my doctor today and he says that my drug test showed only Soma in my urine and NO Vicodin. I told him I take the Vicodin every single day. He told me I was a liar and said he knows the truth and the truth was on that paper he was holding. He said I was probably selling them or I gave him someone else's urine (ewww!). I DID NOT!!! He was just mean. He said that paper would hold up in a court of law and it did not matter what I said. But I take my meds as he prescribes them!!
Avatar f tn I know because its on the urine cup itself....hydro oxy cocaine pcp and some others. It will show lines for neg and pos when urine hits it. so yes I can see the results before they do.
Avatar n tn He did give me my refills and said we would discuss the results of the test on the next visit. On the next visit he informed me that my drug screen came back negative. I had been out of the perocet for 2-3 days prior to seeing him but had used my fentanyl patch. I asked him to check my back so he could see that I had it on but he refused.
18954 tn?1314301717 I also realize that no one can help an addict unless they are willing to help themselves. The reason I was interested in a drug test is, I hate to admit, a little selfish on my part. I need to be able to trust again. See, the addict is my husband who has been battling his addiction to pain pills for many years. I only found out about it this past year and it has almost destroyed our marriage. I am finding it almost impossible to be able to trust him again because of all the lies he has told.
Avatar n tn It'll show up in your system for 3 - 5 days. If you have a prescription bottle from a doctor though, it should not be considered drug abuse. I believe that Vicodin has a half life of 50%. (At least that's what a doctor told me) And I wouldn't worry too much about taking only two pills. Good luck!
579473 tn?1226024185 i was hired conditionally at the local target for a seasonal position as long as my background check and drug test came back okay. i was sure that it would. i'd forgotten that i'd had my tooth pulled out the week before and was on pain meds for it. i asked the woman if she needed to know any of the meds that i was on when i gave her my sample. she said no.
Avatar n tn She slipped up on Thursday Aug 7 and took 4 5mg Vicodins. My question is - Will she test positive on a urine test on Monday Aug 18nth? Thanks one and all for your response - the anxiety and fear is driving her insane and I would love to put her mind at ease or confirm her fears. Either way, not knowing his driving her stress levels through the roof. Thanks, again.
Avatar n tn I took one the just hours before I tested and results came back negative Nice drug test. GOD BLESS on your journey. I hope everyone finds their way and you will IF your determined enough.
Avatar f tn That's when I stopped, with his help, and the help of the good people here on this site. I got Vicodin, and then Vicodin got me. I was just looking at the info sheet that came with my Vicodin script: It reads: Use this medication exactly as prescribed. Do not increase your dose, take it more frequently or use it for a longer period of time than prescribed because this drug can be habit-forming.
Avatar n tn My sister started taking vicodin for a fall she had in Feb. She started taking a few a day but she said her doesage wasn't enough for the pain and she was getting worse and started taking more, up to 10 a day. I told her she needed to be careful that she didn't become addicted. I think she is addicted now. She keeps telling me that it feels like she is being stabbed by a knife in the middle of her back.
Avatar f tn Im gonna end up going threw horrible withdrawl soon and Im scared to death. Im on Methadone and Vicodin and He just Cut me off after one test comming back Negitive and I dont understand how it could. He called me a lyer and told me to never come back to his office. But there is no other Pain clinic in the area. WHAT WOULD CAUSE THE RESULTS TO COME BACK NEGITIVE when I TAKE THE MEDS????
Avatar f tn I am trying to switch jobs and know I have a drug test coming up and even though they are prescribed I don't want the company I am going to be working for to know I take them. So I decided to try to cut down and then hopefully stop, but I am noticing it is the only thing I can think about and I'm starting to be in pain everything hurts. I have taken Klonopin for anxiety for almost 13 years now but I also notice my anxiety is through the roof. I don't know what to do!!!