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1750814 tn?1311927889 I'm scared of drugs and I just don't know how to deal with this. I want to deal with it naturally through diet exercise or vitamins or something. The doctors don't tell me anything about that they just tell me about the medications and I don't want no medicine. The doctor said there's a chemical imbalance in my brain but how the hell does he know that? He doesn't know what the level of chemicals in my brain are.
Avatar n tn Sorry this is coming so late..but the Thomas Recipe is in this post.. This is a work in progress...something I've been working on off and on for the last couple of weeks. It's not considered complete, but has lots of info from lots of sources. If any of the "old timers" have anything to add, let me know and I'll add it to the document. I hope to use this to post a general "how to" every couple of days or so.
Avatar f tn why must i have it but others don't. its so annoying. i don't do things anyhow. i always stay safe.
1747084 tn?1311826673 The therapy will help you from doing the OCD habits but if for whatever reason you are able to do that if you go into google and type either relaxation techniques to get rid of anxiety or getting rid of anxiety naturally you may find some things. Some great sites are http://relaxationtechniquesforanxiety.
Avatar n tn I try to tell them I have great anxiety about visiting a doctor; I dread an appointment a week in advance. I don't want to start blood pressure medication because I am afraid it would harm me if I really don't need it. Every experience at a doctor's office is a bad one for me which just reinforces the fear. Also, I fear that my blood pressure will be high during the examination which it naturally is. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.How do I overcome this?
2111850 tn?1334369185 I personally think you should try the process I outlined above, to see if you can get your anxiety to a MUCH more manageable level. Let us know how it's going!
Avatar m tn I stated from scratch to recover. I sampled the lucinda basset program and read as much as I could to learn HOW anxiety works. When you are you get educated alot of the fear goes away even if the feelings are the same because you are scare of what you dont understand .Fear of the unknown and the "what if's" are fuel for the fire. ( what if its a heartattack, brain tumor, MS and on and on had em all went to the doc , visted Dr Google, not a good idea BTW).
358304 tn?1409713092 How is that possible? How come the anxiety and depression both can take us to the opposite extreme? To answer these questions, we have to look at anxiety and depression a little more closely. Many times, depression is mixed with anxiety. Studies show that depression and anxiety go hand in hand in about sixty percent of cases. Some depressed individuals feel restless and agitated.
1705346 tn?1349995806 We spent so much time together with her teaching me how to talk and how to socialize and how to use manors, even how to say “Hello” to someone. From my harsh beginning I was so withdrawn and afraid of people that I would not even talk to them! Well, my future Wife ended up falling in love with me and she taught me how to kiss and hold hands and then she gave me the greatest Gift ever, True Love!
Avatar f tn Everyday, reserve some time to practice relaxing. Get a relaxation CD to listen to. You can get over the anxiety or paranoia, but it requires persistent practice, just like with any other skill like shooting a rifle. Practice it over and over. Also, eat properly if you don't already. What you eat makes a profound difference on how you feel and interact everyday. Nutrition is key, don't underestimate it. Exercising makes a lot of difference, too.
Avatar m tn In my opinion this is what makes anxiety so hard to overcome sometimes. It is kind of ironic that we are actually anxious about another panic attack. To get out of this loop one must acquire the long term knowledge to confront and beat it in my experience. Long term knowledge of the cycle really helps....there is a reason that they say, 'knowledge is power....' I am a big proponent of SSRIs like Zoloft, but remember they are only a part of the equation.
Avatar m tn I believe from researching it myself that it's a form of social anxiety. I have somehow recently managed to overcome it. I've gone from having the hot flushes in most social situations to now managing to be 'normal'. I thought it wasn't going to go away and I can honestly say it is a confidence thing and a vicious circle.... you're in a social situation, remember you're going to get all hot and there it comes - woosh, bright red face and chest.
Avatar f tn They offered me anxiety medications but I prefer to overcome anxiety naturally because I believe it’s something I gave myself so I need to rid of it myself n I believe I can. The only issue now is this pressure in my sinus area . I can’t eirk out because the pressure increases . There are very little moments that I don’t notice it but it’s rare lately . During the past three weeks I got sick as well with phlegm n I would have to cough to spit it up . That is mostly gone now .
774736 tn?1311334985 My goal is to go off the sedatives completely and overcome this naturally. Already, I have been able to calm myself when my heart begins to race by telling myself, "Nicole, you are not dying, all of your tests came back normal. There is NOTHING wrong with you. Stop freaking out, just breath." I then lay down for a moment or sit and place my fingers on my throat between my collar bones and feel my heart beating and just try to calm it.
Avatar m tn My therapist says my case is interesting as I have spent years trying to practice getting better at talking to people but nothing seems to work. CBT wouldn't work as my anxiety has got nothing to do with my thoughts, it's just there and its debilitating. Is this just untreatable since there seems to be no cause and it's not based on my thoughts? Do I just have a fear of people and awful communication skills? Can I actually be helped or do I have to remain terrified of everyone forever?
Avatar n tn Hi Sweetdreams, What kind of pain killers are you taking and how much and for how long. To tell you alittle about myself, I was taking Hydros for five years straight, about six a day and I am now three weeks clean off of them, I feel so much better, I dont feel so depressed or tired or grouchy anymore I feel so much better now. About the withdrawals well of course it isn't a pleasant thing to go threw but it was so worth it. And the first three days for me was the worst.
Avatar n tn I am not able to prove that I am better than others The above reasons are not intentional but happens to me naturally. What is the cause for this and how can I overcome it ?
Avatar m tn Thanks for the replies. I'd really like to try to figure out how to stop the physical effects that the anxiety is causing my stomach, rather than just stopping my self from feeling it. Something about the initial anxiety event is causing my stomach to get totally enflamed/irritated, to the point that it takes months to heal and go back to normal.
Avatar f tn I had a close bond with my mom as most babies do, and I had horrible seperation anxiety from her. Whenever she would leave me (to go to work, a store, etc) I would get anxiety. For me, anxiety always meant overwhelming nausea. As a toddler, you dont have the awareness yet to just say "okay, I am feeling anxious and that is why I am nauseous and shakey". I just associated the nausea with something horribly traumatic happening (my mom leaving).
Avatar f tn See your already thinking about can't wait to get on my meds that's already negatively . I'm sure there's naturally ways to overcome instead of meds. But I'm not here to fight just share some thought.
Avatar m tn There are several methods, all very effective, that are out there to help people overcome anxiety, and any mental / emotional issues they may have. Sometimes, depening on the severity of the emotional distress, medication is needed. Medication however, really isn't the solution, it is more of assisting factor in getting over the real problem. Therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and cognitive bias modification (CBM) are very effective.
3455166 tn?1347510733 That resulting anxiety heightens our awareness and makes us think carefully about how to proceed in that situation to not place ourselves in harm's way. Anxiety can also be reactive, for instance (something I experienced yesterday for the first time)...a car accident. It's normal to be anxious in those kinds of situations, and it's funny...
Avatar n tn Its hard to tell whether the symptoms are withdrawal,or are coming from the underlying anxiety that moved you to take the medication in the first place. How is your life going in general. If its going well, and no major decisions or problems, then the headache are probably withdrawal. It may seem paradoxical, but actually lowering the dose more may help the headahces. The other symptoms are typical withdrawal.
Avatar m tn I always believe the best 'natural' way to confront your anxiety is through counseling with a professional and/or a group that are sharing some of the same experiences as yourself. For me, gaining the knowledge to understand the source(s) of my anxiety and how to deal with it, empowered me to confront it.
Avatar m tn If you want to investigate medication, it's completely up to you. Public speaking anxiety is said to respond well to beta blockers, so if that's your one problem -- and it is said to be the most common phobia of all -- you might investigate them. Good luck.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Best of luck to all who suffer from anxiety, it's a lot of reading, I'll give you that, but being informed about our mental health is priceless~ Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) – Learn how to break free from this common anxiety disorder that involves chronic worrying, nervousness, and tension. Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder – Learn about the causes of panic attacks, how to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of panic, and regain control of your life.
Avatar n tn I will get a bad headache that at times I feel like going to bed and never getting up. Most of the time, I cry to overcome the feeling of being alone.... I do not what exactly I am going through....This has been going for over 10 years....
1182431 tn?1264284145 Yes it is actually very common for anxiety to cause the heart to hurt! Like cj29 says, we are not easily convinced that worrying can cause a physical problem like pain in our heart for example. I have experineced the same thing, and thought it was a physical disease, until I learned it was my own worrying, anxiety. Hope you're feeling better.
Avatar n tn i don't kow how to control my general anxiety, but i have been able to control my panic attacks on my own (i also don't want to take any meds considering i have drug-related anxiety and i always get a panic attack when i take meds b/c i feel like i'm having a deadly reaction). i just need to concentrate on other things. i make myself read something or get in a deep conversation, or even if i can't stop myself from thinking about the panicking, i just don't let myself panic.
1006035 tn?1485579497 The books I mentioned have many, many ideas on how to work with children suffering from anxiety. Most of the ideas are socially based. Again, I am sorry if I upset you - I was only trying to help because "we've been there". Our road could have been shorter and easier with better information delivered sooner. I wish you the best ...