How to overcome anxiety at work

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Avatar f tn To be honest, it makes me feel bad to hide this from my husband but if I have to get professional help, I will have to tell him. I would like to see how far I can go by managing this by myself before I think I am falling off the wagon again. Then maybe I do have to tell him. I would like to tell you that I am very appreciative of your response. It is not everyday that I get to talk about this with someone.
Avatar m tn how you would tell your boss and who could step in to do the work at your job while you are absent. The steps you would take sequentially to arrange your private affairs. Steps you would take to do something you had always wanted to do but have never got around to. Think about what you would do if the treatment worked--what special things might you do to celebrate. Then the steps you would take if the treatment was not working, hospice perhaps.
Avatar f tn I have had it subside Ten-Fold since I started on Effexor XR. I still have "moments" but I feel my feelings are much more in check now. I have also done alot of reading. I highly recommend the book "The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook" by Edmound Bourne. I picked it up at my library, and it was easy to read and had tips on how to "ride out" your anxiety.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend is very knowledgeable about sex and stuff and constantly reassures me that I had zero risk and that he would never put me in a position to worry as he knows I have anxiety issues. But it still gets to me. I just want to know tips from fellow anxiety sufferers or paranoia sufferers, how do you cope with this? can we possibly move on? its like I know I have no risk but like something holds me back and ***** me into a bottomless pit of misery.
Avatar m tn My heart still feels like it's being gripped by pure panic and I feel about two seconds away from freaking out again. HOW do you overcome derealization and personalization? I don't think I can go to the doctor, and I really don't want to be put on medication. How can I make this feeling go away? I'm really scared and I don't know what to do.
1664673 tn?1303045773 I remember how excited I was on my first day at law school, and I remember the agony of how long I had to wait to see if I passed the bar. That was a walk in the park compared as to what I am going through now. Everyone on this site says that thing will get better and I believe them and I believe in myself. I believe in you and I think that you believe in yourself as well so please what ever you do stay on the straight and narrow and things will have a way of working themselves out.
Avatar n tn Sorry for babbling but I only can suggest that you burn your bridges from your past as I have done and forget the past altogether. Look at what you have now and what you may want to work for to gain in the future. I hope everything works out well for you. Remember, parents are only yours by biology, that does not mean they are necessarily good people or deserve love or respect.
Avatar m tn Well as far as her past goes thats really not part of now as yourself have had sex with others prior to her correct? Just think of it that way and should relieve your anxiety as fare is fare right? Her hanging out with your friends while you active is most likely comforting to her as makes her feel like your still around. They are the closest thing to you. I think your frustration in part is that you are away from her and not knowing leads to suspicion.
5579991 tn?1377098688 I can't resolve my personal problems at work it's something I have to deal with when I am at home, relax, take therapy or whatever I need to do. The thing is that I start to think about those problems when I am on my desk and they interfiere with my hability to perform a task. That bothers me. When I am free from the office stress I feel less anxious and thinking about my personal problems become less disturbing. Any suggestions?.
Avatar f tn I hate that you're going through this because I've been where you are and I am honestly still trying to overcome anxiety and worry. I saw a therapist once and she told me I wasn't that bad off and that I just needed to keep track of my worries in a journal and my negative thoughts to try and see where the anxiety was coming from.
18860756 tn?1468949309 Listening to doctors about anxiety can be a rough patch. So it seems to me, as a long-time anxiety sufferer, that you have two things you need to do: find a better doctor who can find out why you fainted and deal with it -- if it's low blood pressure, work on that. If it was altitude and dehydration, or low blood sugar, which is what it sounds like, you need to eat better to work on this.
Avatar f tn I know the shame, guilt, anxiety, wanting to be dead all of that. I reached my bottom at 22 years old. I had no friends, family would not talk to me, flunked out of college, almost died a bunch a times. I finally reached a point where I stopped making excuses or putting off treatment. I understand you have a child but not getting treatment will leave your child fatherless. This is a reality that us young people don't understand.
Avatar f tn The groinal response is really annoying and I want to overcome it. The fact that I’m not reacting to these thoughts as frightened as I was in the past has made me believe I am gay. The fact that I’m not the most feminine girl makes me believe I’m am a lesbian. If anyone has tips to over come this please help. The past few months I couldn’t be in public because of how overwhelming the thoughts were. I know I can’t cure OCD but I want to go back to being a 100% straight happy teen.
Avatar n tn The L-Tyrosine is an amino acid for energy and the Valerian Root is to help keep you calm and help with sleep. Although I can not lie- I was out here last night looking for ANYONE to talk to me at almost 1 am because I had a problem falling asleep. Some swear by Sub (sorry I can't spell it)- every individual is different- I am over 100 hour detoxed now and starting to feel OK- it can vary hour to hour and during the first 48-72 hours it was minute by minute....
Avatar n tn My ex-boyfriend noticed this and commented that he thought I was far too sensitive and that he felt he had to be careful what he said to me and that he was walking on eggshells with me at times. I feel myself to be too quick to anger now and to get very het up over things that I used to just shrug off. The truth is, I want my old personality back! I want to take things in my stride and not over-react or burst into tears when I am even slightly hurt.
Avatar n tn i get newrvous at work sometimes when im dealing with a customer usualy someone i know it makes me shake and my heart beat how can i over come this? The more i think about having to deal with this customer it makes it worse.
Avatar f tn Learning how to deal with the thoughts, how to self-coach yourself through them, how to breathe through the anxiety. I know it sounds like work but it is the best way to help him. OCD is about doubt which is why he takes the test and feels good for about 5 seconds and then starts back up with the thoughts of what-if.
Avatar f tn why must i have it but others don't. its so annoying. i don't do things anyhow. i always stay safe.
Avatar m tn Now I usually only have about 2 to 3 bad anxiety spells in a year VS. 20+ So, YES, you can overcome anxiety without meds. I'm living proof. Is it uncomfortable? YES. But does it eventually leave? For me YES. My anxiety spells last for about 2 solid weeks (14 days), then slowly dissipate. Then I can be fine for months. However, I choose to go the non med route, and see a psychologist (talk therapist), one who can not prescribe. But, for me Anxiety is pretty much hard wired in my brain.
Avatar f tn Remember, we as humans, tend to be shaped by the 'bad times' and learn more and grow overcoming these challanges. I believe the best way to handle anxiety and panic is to first, accept it, and second, confront it. There are many alternative ways to seek therapy, but the tried and true method in my experience is by talk therapy with a qualified therapist be it a psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor, etc.
Avatar f tn Like many of us on here we all suffer from anxiety, so please do not feel alone in this. Is there somebody you could talk to about your feelings - perhaps a close friend, your family or somebody at school/college? If things are that bad, make an appointment to see your GP - i know it is difficult, but they can help and can refer you for counselling or prescribe medication.
Avatar m tn I wanted to know if theres anything out there that helps with anxiety. Iv always had really bad anxiety and panick attacks, but now there worst. sometimes unbearable at work and other places. I cant take xanax or any othr benzo due to the suboxone, its considered abuse. and i dont want anything addictive, but something maybe like xanax that will really help. any suggestions?
3232858 tn?1437134277 Just a quick question. How do some of you over come your panic attacks ? Or at least make them a lot more comfortable to live with? Any advice apart from deep breathing would be useful as I'm continuing to have them almost every few hours .
Avatar n tn in some ways. They know exactly what they need to work on to overcome their anxiety. For the rest of us who apparently have anxiety for no reason, we are the ones in the leaky canoe. But there is ALWAYS a reason for our anxiety. We just have to work a bit harder to figure out what the root cause of our anxiety is and learn to deal with it. This is usually done through therapy and often a combination of therapy plus medication. I hope I answered your question.