Ways to overcome anxiety without medication

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Avatar m tn if i start seeing a psychologist weekly, and take the klonopin if i need to, can i learn to live with this? if you have learned to deal with your anxiety and panic, without medication please tell me your story!
Avatar n tn Prior to that I was on a heavy dose of Oxycontin along with Norco 10/325 up to 8 tablets a day. I never really had to abuse this medication cocktail as it offered adequate pain control. But my pain doctor mentioned the fact by delaying the surgery any longer would not be wise. As I could end up with permanent nerve damage and quite possibly end up in a wheelchair. I had the surgery in 3/07, started to do a taper on the opiates, but I was unable to stick to the taper.
Avatar f tn why must i have it but others don't. its so annoying. i don't do things anyhow. i always stay safe.
398624 tn?1266273049 You have a really optimistic outlook and although I'm not in a position to offer any advice regarding the medication I just wanted to post and say hello and to let you know that you're not alone in what you're going through. We're all on a boat, it's letting in water and we're paling it out and also paddling with our hands.
3060903 tn?1398568723 If you're taking a benzodiazepine Make regular appointments with a psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders and who is up on the latest research on benzodiazepines and other anxiety medications and therapies. DO NOT discontinue your medication without talking to your psychiatrist first. If you’ve been taking benzodiazepines for over a month, you should gradually reduce your dose under your doctor’s supervision.
Avatar f tn Most of tend us to do everything to avoid the things that make us panic but the best way to overcome this is to do exposure with the things you fear so you can come to accept the sensations you feel and eventually, with small steps, do the things you used to do. Have you ever looked into cognitive behavorial therapy or group therapy? It helped me a lot. If that's not an option you can always look into the Linden Method which was a lifesaver for me.
Avatar m tn I felt like I needed to take baby steps in order for this to be effective, but my Psychologist told me that I have to really push myself and Drive. I of course failed to comply to his demand, and gave up. I eventually was able to overcome driving somewhat, but I don't go far. I have a hard time driving by myself. Maybe exposure therapy works for some people, but I don't think it was appropriate for me. I don't know, maybe I didn't give it a chance.
732519 tn?1232272023 I'd like to know in case I do, eventually, need to be back on medication- we'll see for now. on medication, I did not feel I needed to do anything extra to help myself, which is really not the case.
Avatar f tn Tuck had to give up the Patch because she was allergic to the adhesive on it and couldn't overcome it. As far as I know I think that she really liked the pain relief that she was getting but she just broke out. I haven't had that problem at all. PLEASE be sure and let me know what happens. I'm very anxious to know how it goes!!!..
Avatar f tn So my question to membes is how does one overcome this fear of medication. I know I have to learn to conquer this anxiety, so any responses would be appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I'm someone that does believe medicine can greatly help but if you are not wanting that type of intervention, then you at least need to go the route of working with a professional to learn how to handle your anxiety in other ways.
Avatar n tn There are natural ways of dealing with anxiety and depression and thats through 5-HTP and amino acids and without any side effects. Also, read this articles, http://www.naturalhealthweb.com/articles/Nelson4.html http://www.fibromyalgiacfsstore.com/healthnews305.html good luck to you all. Please do not stop your medicines cold turkey because you will go through hell. The key is to start amino acid therapy and then slowly wean off the prescription medicine.
Avatar n tn put distance between myself and those in the program whose lives I was constantly exposing myself to..I was able to remain clean for 4 years..without relapse...the longest period of sobriety in my entire adult life and something that was a struggle while actively involved in AA/NA.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately my anxiety attack the other day led to a slip these past few days and I am down on myself about it. I have started and stopped drinking so many times, I wish I could get back to that two year period of sobriety I had 1 1/2 years ago. I hate to admit a relapse, yet again, but it is the truth and time to fess up. This thread may have been a tough one, but I think I see some things in a different light now. Take care, and God Bless.
Avatar m tn Hi, I felt a need to reply to you, first because I actually have the same problem and I googled "anxiety related gas" to see if I would find anything useful..and I came upon your post. And second, because I noticed you didnt get much response from others. I know every single feelings you described, and it took me many years actually to realize that what I have is anxiety related. Lucky for you though, your problem only started 3-5 years ago...
Avatar f tn When I went to see him in his office all by myself, it did not take him long to realize what my situation was. He told me I was too young to take medication, my heart was fine, but I had to study a stack of papers he gave me and to follow all the written instructions to the "T". He could tell I was a fast study and quite mature for my young age.
Avatar m tn You do exhibit signs of anxiety and hopefully the therapy will ease this, if not you may need an anti-anxiety medication to help you get thru this time. It's best to see a psychiatrist regarding medication as they are the most knowlegable as to what will work best for you. A therapist can teach you relaxation techniques as well which can be very beneficial. Seek help right away so you can start to feel better and think more clearly, and get some sleep as well.
Avatar m tn WELCOME TO THE ANXIETY FORUM! Welcome everyone to the Anxiety Forum. This is the place to come if you have questions or concerns about anxiety/panic, related medications and their side effects and recovery. Some of our members have been living with anxiety and related disorders for years, while others are new to the waiting rooms of psychiatrists/therapists and the rainbow of medications available to treat our various conditions. Regardless of what brings you here, welcome!
Avatar m tn In fact, most of my time/anxiety is spent trying to figire out ways to NOT to drive, i.e., stay at my mom's, lots of things. I definately spend more time driving than others because I take side streets and avoid major roads and freeways. It ***** and my anxiety spikes really high in the morning thinking about the day ahead. Trouble is, I drive for a living inspecting houses so I kind of have to!
Avatar m tn i want to overcome this anxiety problem and pls help me by suggesting some ways to overcome this problem except medication and do you think Cognitive Behavioural Therapy could help or any other therapy like hypnosis could help...please suggest.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Once you’ve given up the idea that your worrying somehow helps you, you can start to deal with your worry and anxiety in more productive ways. This may involve challenging irrational worrisome thoughts, learning how to postpone worrying, and learning to accept uncertainty in your life. Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) treatment tip 2: Practice relaxation techniques Anxiety is more than just a feeling. It’s the body’s physical “fight or flight” reaction to a perceived threat.
Avatar f tn HI how you doing??? ....ive been following your story from the sidelines and just wanted to take a minute to encourage you...your in the beginning of this thing...try to keep a postive attitude it will help out emencley in the next few days...dont let fear into the equation its always worst in our minds then it actually is...remember this is 1/3 physical 2/3 mental so prepare your self for a fight on both fronts ...I truly believe this is a battle one or lost in ones own mind...
Avatar f tn The moment you start treating it like it is the end of the world, that's when it overcomes you like it's the end of the world. Remember to stay positive for yourself and especially for him. Millions of people overcome anxiety; it's not an impossible feat. I used to experience it severely and I have since learned to harness it and channel it in many other ways. A lot of history's greatest minds were anxious :) Just keep positive and treat it as a common cold.
1750814 tn?1311927889 Anxiety and panic attacks is one of the conditions that allows for great flexibitity in the way it is treated. The first thing i would say to you is to start reading up about anxiety and panic. Go to your local library or bookstore (if you can afford it) and get books on anxiety/panic attacks, look for books that both explain how anxiety works, effects your body and also gives you techniques on how to control them.
3060903 tn?1398568723 and develop better coping and problem-solving skills. Therapy gives you the tools to overcome anxiety and teaches you how to use them. The anxiety disorders differ considerably, so therapy should be tailored to your specific symptoms and concerns. If you have obsessive-compulsive disorder, your treatment will be different from someone who’s getting help for anxiety attacks. The length of therapy will also depend on the type and severity of your anxiety disorder.
1538831 tn?1294202802 Really puts some science behind anxiety and teaches you how to beat it, and also ways to cope with sensations and symptoms. I recomend the Linden Method to anyone who suffers from anxiety. This has made me feel a hundred times better. So good in fact, that i know i can and will overcome my disorder. Thanx for all the help and suggestions. I wish the best for all of you!!
Avatar f tn I agree that getting professional help is a good idea in addition to turning to your faith. There are MANY different ways to approach anxiety treatment, there is something for everyone. Some choose a more "natural" approach, some choose medications and therapy, some choose things like accupuncture, meditation, biofeedback. I would start with your doctor. Express your concerns about how you've been feeling and ask for a referral to a therapist.
Avatar f tn Still I wonder if from now on I will not be able to take any kind of prescribe pain medication. Because it did not take long for me to get hooked on the pain med after I fractured my knee. I have told my doctors that I was in a 30 day rehad for oxy and xannix. But gave me the hydro any way. What to do?? I have no pain now but for future reference.