Ways to overcome anxiety without medication

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Avatar m tn I am trying to cope with anxiety without medication. I was on an anti depressant that got rid of depression and anxiety, but since stopping a year ago anxiety has crept slowly back. I do so want to try and manage without medication. I think it depends how severe your anxiety is. I keep myself occupied as best I can as my anxiety is caused by loneliness. I know what my problem is, so can face it, and try to deal with it.
Avatar m tn I felt like I needed to take baby steps in order for this to be effective, but my Psychologist told me that I have to really push myself and Drive. I of course failed to comply to his demand, and gave up. I eventually was able to overcome driving somewhat, but I don't go far. I have a hard time driving by myself. Maybe exposure therapy works for some people, but I don't think it was appropriate for me. I don't know, maybe I didn't give it a chance.
Avatar f tn I just want to know if it is possible to overcome anxiety without medicines. I'm scare of taking them and become addicted or affected by the side effects. I think i'm getting better. I'm startint to look forward to family reunions and activities related to the holidays and i actually get excited thinking about christmas. The only thought that keeps coming back is the fear of end up not loving my daughter.
Avatar f tn m someone that does believe medicine can greatly help but if you are not wanting that type of intervention, then you at least need to go the route of working with a professional to learn how to handle your anxiety in other ways.
Avatar m tn Anxiety is one thing. Reflux, though, is another. That is usually a dietary problem. For some it's caused by lying down too soon after eating. For some it's not chewing your food thoroughly. For some it's the food you're eating. Medication doesn't control this very healthfully because it suppresses stomach acid, and you need that to digest protein and minerals. My own experience is that changing how you eat and when you eat, plus using natural remedies works better.
Avatar m tn There are only two ways to overcome it. The first is using cognitive behavioral therapy. This is where you learn ways to calm yourself down, replace the negative thoughts with positive ones, breathing exercises, meditation, exercise for example. The other route is medication. There are many medications that can help you but you have to know that not every medication is for every person. Perhaps the one you tried is not for you.
Avatar m tn i want to overcome this anxiety problem and pls help me by suggesting some ways to overcome this problem except medication and do you think Cognitive Behavioural Therapy could help or any other therapy like hypnosis could help...please suggest.
1679320 tn?1306382914 I was also aware that for some people they have a chemical imbalance that causes them to be depressed that they cannot fix without medication. Is this possible with anxiety as well and if so is medication the only answer to take away that anxiety which is caused by something physical and not mental.
Avatar f tn Most of tend us to do everything to avoid the things that make us panic but the best way to overcome this is to do exposure with the things you fear so you can come to accept the sensations you feel and eventually, with small steps, do the things you used to do. Have you ever looked into cognitive behavorial therapy or group therapy? It helped me a lot. If that's not an option you can always look into the Linden Method which was a lifesaver for me.
Avatar m tn It IS possible to overcome anxiety without medication, but I would strongly recommend you work with a good therapist if this is the path you choose. It is absolutely your right to decide you do not want to take psychotropic (NOT "psycho") medications, but where did you get the idea they would "screw your head up?" For generalized anxiety, which in my humble and non-medical opinion is what I believe you have, the medications used are very effective, mild and safe.
Avatar m tn Hi, im 24 Male and physically fit, not having a busy life, had stopped alcohol and smoking for 3months now, my question is, why when I am outside my house specially when there are too many people I want to breathe in so hard and I am losing my focus and feel scared that something will happen to me, and feels like I will collapse and die, I feel this also when I am waiting so long in line like a line to pay for a grocery or on a drug store, my question is how can i overcome this without taking an
Avatar f tn So my question to membes is how does one overcome this fear of medication. I know I have to learn to conquer this anxiety, so any responses would be appreciated. Thanks.
Avatar f tn is there a way to overcome anxiety without meds i can't tolerate them and i have severe anxiety ever since my daughter started having seizures in july i just can't stop thinking about bad stuff
Avatar m tn Just wondering if anybody has any they could share as a lot of us have health anxiety.. I try to remember I have health anxiety and always jump to the worse conclusion and I'm always wrong... Does anybody have any coping skills they use for their health anxiety or anxiety in general?
Avatar m tn There are various ways to approach your anxiety in my opinion, however one must confront it to deal with it. By confronting it, you learn about it and in my opinion, it makes it much less scary and easier to deal with. I believe we tend to to fear what we don't understand and anxiety is no different. Do you have access to counseling? For me, talking it over with someone, helped me to understand why I was thinking the way I did.
Avatar f tn t have a normal sexual relationship in your life or every time you have sex you spiral into an anxiety trap, I think it would be important to take steps to overcome that. CBT talks about reframing our thoughts. Addressing coping skills and how to use them and when. These things can really help. If it is routinely causing you angst and inability to have a normal life, medication is something many find helpful as well. That's between you and your doctor.
Avatar m tn By no means do I mean to reduce the severity of what you are feeling when you have these side effects - however - have you given thought to these symptoms maybe being related to anxiety about the medications themselves? i.e. sensations that appear because you are anticipating side effects? That is a possibility...
Avatar m tn As to how to overcome this fear, all anxiety is overcome the same way -- you either do it over and over until you stop being afraid of it or you seek professional therapy to teach you ways of overcoming it. Learning some relaxation techniques might help, such as meditation and breathing exercises. If the anxiety is beyond any control you can consider medication -- if this is your only phobia, a relaxant you only take when you have to get your blood pressure taken might be of use.
516040 tn?1213837018 There are two ways to deal with your anxiety. The most common way nowadays is to take medication and it seemed your doctor has already prescribe something for you but you are not taking it. The second way is to get insight into the source of your anxiety and begin to think of anxiety as a signal you are giving yourself. The signal tells you to think about some problem or challenge in your life and to work it through.
1747084 tn?1311823073 The therapy will help you from doing the OCD habits but if for whatever reason you are able to do that if you go into google and type either relaxation techniques to get rid of anxiety or getting rid of anxiety naturally you may find some things. Some great sites are http://www.myrelaxationtechniquesforanxiety.com/ http://helpguide.org/mental/stress_relief_meditation_yoga_relaxation.htm http://relaxationtechniquesforanxiety.
1021784 tn?1306363011 re not familiar with it, CBT is a series of mental exercises that helps you to learn how to rationalize your random thoughts in an organized fashion, essentially reteaching you how to identify legitimate versus irrational anxiety. It is also used to face your anxiety and overcome it, along with identifying and practicing relaxation exercises and healthy coping mechanisms.
Avatar f tn When I am busy I am fine as soon as I think of anxiety my anxiety level starts to increase and becomes realy disturbing and uncomfortable. What can I do to control my fear of anxiety?
Avatar f tn Is it possible to get over depression without drugs? I suffer from severe anxiety with panic disorder and agoraphobia and depression. I stopped taking paxil over a month ago (makes me shake). I don't want to be on an SSRI, but can't get rid of this depression I have for absolutely no reason. Anybody know the answer?
1272523 tn?1318913352 That's great that you were able to defeat your anxiety without meds, but let's not dismiss the importance of them for some people..its a personal choice. They have helped me immensely. I didnt take them to "fix" my brain. I took them to help alleviate my symptoms of panic so that I COULD start addressing the anxiety with therapy and other non-med techniques.
8924846 tn?1410572901 So I've been off my anxiety/depression meds since I found out. I have been able to find ways to deal with it without medication. I've been on almost every med there is, there isn't any that would work and be safe to take right now, I've already disscussed it with my dr. I was diagnosed when I was 8 with depression, anxiety, OCD and a panic disorder. My body builds up immunity to medication fast which *****. Anyways today has been bad.
Avatar f tn I've developed a similar problem in my old age, though not about regular docs. This is what GAD does to us. I didn't have this until stopping a medication gave it to me, so I've had a bad anxiety disorder that didn't include GAD and now doctors have given me one that does. It really is no fun at all. The only thing I can say is, it's not the particular events that are causing this, it's your way of thinking.