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Avatar m tn It gives you very accurate info on all types of anxiety and panick attacks there is. Although it wont help you overcome you health anxiety as only you can but it does help reduce the symptoms drasticaly and minimizes irrational patterns of thought with the exercises and psychological exercises it tells you to do but its much more complex than what I make it to be.
1664673 tn?1303045773 I was recently accepted to one of the top universities in the country to pursue my BA and enter a prelaw program...THIS HAS BEEN MY DREAM FOR YEARS. I'll be transferring in as a junior in the fall. BUT, my biggest fear is turning to prescription drugs again. In a high stress environment with drugs easily accessible, can a recovering addict survive? I thought if I got off of drugs, I'd be cured...NOT the case! I still think about getting high and taking pills everyday...
Avatar n tn my comment is that i dont feel that doctors spend enough time telling us how to handle that anxiety. between trying to get the meds right (which i have to go into the hospital if i want to change them) trying not to go all "mental" when my heart flutters. I feel like my world has gotten very small. How did i go from icu, cant even get out of bed to you'll just have to live with it?
Avatar n tn Hi, I don't mind questions at all! In fact, I like to talk about my anxiety because it helps me overcome it. I can't take an SSRI right now because I'm pregnant so that makes it tough, but Lexapro did work well for me with very few side effects. I think you do just have to experiment to see what works best for you - I"ve tried lots of others but Lexapro seems to be the one for me.
97676 tn?1340408973 I stumbled across a few posts referencing the Lucinda Bassett program (Midwest Center for Stress and Anxiety). Browsing the net, I was skeptical as to the validity of the reviews for the program. I was wondering if any of you have tried the program. For those of you who have, how would you rate the program and were the results significant and sustained?
Avatar f tn Or you'll have to stay away from her home for a while, since it sounds like she is not keeping you out. When you work a recovery program, the desire to use goes away. You didn't mention anything about the suggestions in getting clean. Do you want to start to get clean?
1705346 tn?1349995806 So I’m going to make a journal on here, as time permits, focusing on the -medical- disorder (as this is a strictly medical content only community, to my understanding thus far) in my life and how I am able to overcome it! Without overstating my personal details I will give you a look into my growth and development and how I was able to become more than *anyone* ever thought I could! How I have overcome Autism Syndrome Disability, and you can too!
Avatar n tn The caller was a female, who had been trying to get her teacher's certificate, but suffered from some form of exam anxiety/phobia ( she also had some generalized anxiety but nothing too deabilitating) and had failed the exam for 2 consecutive years. her mind would just go blanc, despite the fact that she could answer all the questions correctly, in any setting away from the formal exam. The host immediately mentioned to her to look into EFT (emotional freedom techniques).
Avatar f tn How does one go about getting a job, going back to school, buying a car, etc, when you don't have money, because you can't get a job because you can't be around people (social anxiety)? This *****. It's really a nasty circle. No job, because of anxiety, no money because of no job, no help, because i have no job that gives me money, because i have social anxiety. I really have no solution to this.
Avatar f tn But the important thing to realize is you are taking steps to overcome this by attending and outpatient program and going to AA meetings, so by no means are you a loser...you are quite the opposite; it takes a lot of bravery on your part to confront this...I applaud your efforts. Please keep us posted!
Avatar m tn The ability to develop mind/body exercises to overcome anxiety. The ability to develop greater self confidence to experience the situation which is creating fear. All the best. The ability to program new responses to express emotions in that situation.
Avatar f tn At first I was fine being off the medicine but now the anxiety has started to kick in again, especially since I have to get a bone marrow biopsy done this week. I'm in a very prestigious radiology program where I can't afford to let my anxiety get the best of me. I've already missed a few days because I have gotten so overcome with feelings of dread and lightheadedness. I need some advice on how to ward off the anxiety until my medicine starts working again. Please help!!
Avatar f tn is there a way to overcome anxiety without meds i can't tolerate them and i have severe anxiety ever since my daughter started having seizures in july i just can't stop thinking about bad stuff
Avatar n tn There are books you can try...like the Anxiety and Phobia handbook...there is also a program called the "Linden Method"...I have purchased it, but truly have no time to sit and really understand and follow it. It is suppose to be very good in helping people beat anxiety....I am on medication and without it, I never would have been able to live a normal life...however, I hope to come off it one day for I also do not like that I have to rely on it...
Avatar n tn 1) The Driving Fear Program - www.drivingfear.com 2) Embracing the Fear - Learning to Manage Anxiety and Panic Attacks by Judith Bemis and Amr Barrada, ISBN 0-89486-971-x 3) Feel the fear and Do It Anyway, Audio CD by Susan Jeffers You can overcome this. I have. Godspeed!
193245 tn?1189993322 There is a list of all the symptoms that can come with anxiety and it's a program to help you overcome. I am using one of their anxiety coaches and it does help talk to someone who has been through it, check it out.
233782 tn?1265130367 Good morning, I am at a complete loss as my daughter who just turned 6 last week is starting to become extreme with speration anxiety. Now as a toddler she had stranger anxiety and was always extremly shy any day care I brought her to would end up having to keep her most times seperate from the class I had one day care that literally got to where they would allow her to sit with them in their office for the first few weeks just so she would remain calm.
Avatar n tn Let me just say I took Zoloft a few years back for anxiety, and it made my anxiety so much worse that I couldn't even leave my home. My anxiety before taking the Zoloft was nothing compared to what it was while taking it, so I stopped. I hated it and would never take it again!
Avatar m tn Anxiety is the negative effect of imagination and can occur spontaneously, and against our will. We can all experience different fears in many different ways, yet there is a common factor behind most of our fears and anxieties- the way they are formed. The emotional cycle which leads to anxiety begins in the present with our initial experience of pain or pleasure, and ends up with complex feelings which are "remembered" exclusively in the past.
1335749 tn?1277373021 What can you do if hormone-related anxiety affects you? Here's some great news! The same tools that you can use to overcome anxiety due to other reasons can help you to conquer anxiety related to hormonal changes too. Research shows that cognitive-behavioral techniques that help you change unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, lifestyle changes, relaxation techniques, and nutritional strategies (all found in our Conquer Anxiety Success Program) can help women dealing with hormonal changes.
88793 tn?1290230777 But with the symptoms of panic attacks, it is always best to get them checked out first before saying it is just anxiety, but it is important to also believe once you're told it is anxiety to really believe it is anxiety and work to overcome it. have you done any reading on panic disorder? have you checked out that book I recommended? Have you met with your psychiatrist yet? hope all is better!
480448 tn?1426952138 I strongly believe that a big part of overcoming anxiety is facing our fears, whatever they may be. This is why CBT helps so many with the exposure therapy. It's so much easier for us to avoid the things that scare us....which only reinforces the anxiety. So, let's challenge ourselves a bit. There is no goal too big or too small. There is no challenge that isn't helpful! I ask everyone to come up with one goal for yourself and post it here.
Avatar m tn I stated from scratch to recover. I sampled the lucinda basset program and read as much as I could to learn HOW anxiety works. When you are you get educated alot of the fear goes away even if the feelings are the same because you are scare of what you dont understand .Fear of the unknown and the "what if's" are fuel for the fire. ( what if its a heartattack, brain tumor, MS and on and on had em all went to the doc , visted Dr Google, not a good idea BTW).
Avatar n tn Anyone else have skipping heart beats and this gives them chronic anxiety? I am so scared about my heart. I think I have cardiophobia now becuase of my skipping heart beat. Maybe only happens 10 times a day but freaks me out to no end. I have one and then wait for the next one and so on. This is really controllling my life. Any suggestions??
Avatar m tn I want to stress that I have seen many people overcome thier anxiety, so I know from my long battle, that for most people it doesn't have to be a lifelong affliction. I just feel that FOR ME, that this got started off on the wrong foot, and has stayed that way "for me". I want to stress that I have seen many people overcome their anxiety, so I know from my long battle, that it doesn't have to be a lifelong affliction.
Avatar n tn I'm definetely having dizziness and anxiety. I've tried to start a work out program and will continue to gain momentum. I've been getting dizzy in the mornings with anxiety and I've noticed that I get slightly dizzy when I work out and get my heart rate up. I had an echo done in 2009 and all was normal so I'm sure I'm just going through the hell that everyone here is talking about. On another note I just lost my neighbor this past week to acohol. He was only 55.
Avatar n tn there have been no studies that show any harm in masterbation! BUT!! if masterbation is the way you deal with anxiety, then you may want to work on your anxiety issues first. People use different methods to cope with anxiety/Panic.
Avatar f tn Now going through program I am getting rid of lingering anxiety. You can get the CDs and books or u can download program. I downloaded it and listen to it whenever I want. Very good material. Explains the why the what Ifs and all that. Let me know what u think. Hope u feel better anxiety is rough.