How to overcome anxiety and fear

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Avatar f tn Have you tried focused slow breathing, walking, aromatherapy, acupuncture, massage, redirect by doing something? Also...low Vitamin D3 and magnesium can contribute to anxiety and depression.
Avatar f tn Talk this over with your parents so they can get you therapy to learn how to break free of this fear. Good luck and take care!
Avatar f tn I suffer from a constant fear and flight have had numerous heart tests and blood work yearly and all are fine but I get a weird anxiety feeling in my chest all the time and I dont know how to overcome this. I also think I swallow a lot of air because I get a lot of popping sensations in my chest that make me think my heart is popping when its probably just wind and if I belch it's gone?
Avatar f tn Chronic anxiety, social phobias, post-traumatic stress syndrome, etc. are normal parts of the day-to-day life, and it is necessary to learn how to get rid of them rather than living with them. It's normal to get anxious before addressing a group of people or stress out before your first meeting with a new client.
Avatar m tn t been out with friends since. I seem to be a lot more tired lately and lightheaded. And I am constantly questioning my self and believing I'm going crazy. I'm really scared and I don't know what to do I have talked to my mom. And I have a doctors appotiment in a month. But does anyone know why this is happening to me and is there anything that might help.
Avatar f tn If this started with traumatic events, the professional you should be seeing is a psychologist who specialize in anxiety treatment -- most don't. Most of us with anxiety disorders haven't a clue as to why they're there, but if you know your origin story you have something solid to work on getting past in therapy. Now, I'm assuming the events were the trigger and you weren't suffering anxiety before they happened.
Avatar f tn ve been where you are and I am honestly still trying to overcome anxiety and worry. I saw a therapist once and she told me I wasn't that bad off and that I just needed to keep track of my worries in a journal and my negative thoughts to try and see where the anxiety was coming from.
Avatar f tn They think im overreacting but Im genuinely afraid of labor and failure at parenting. I dont know what to expect, I dont know how to be a mom, I dont know how to deal with pain, Im just so clueless and it scares me to death. How do I calm down?! How did any of you first time moms deal with the fear?! I just want to be excited like everyone else but Im too overwhelmed to be positive. How do I cope with the fear?!?
Avatar m tn It sounds like you may have what's called social anxiety and therapy works very well to overcome this disorder. Dry mouth is a very common symptom. Check with your doctor to rule out any physical cause for these feelings and ask for a referral to a good psychologist. You'll be fine if you get help!
Avatar n tn I have been taking advil for the pain and most times it is tolerable but now it seems to be getting worse as it is keeping me awake at night. My question is how did anyone overcome their fear of going to the dentist and is there some kind of home remedy I can take for this toothache any input would be appreciated Thanks!!
1390847 tn?1344657468 I have learned that facing your fear is the best way to overcome it, you'll learn that the only thing to really fear about vomiting is the fear itself. I can only base this on my own experiences. Before I had children I had a horrible fear of seeing someone after they've fallen and hit their head and I would run the other way. I had my first child and he fell on the side walk and my first instinct was to run but this was my little boy and his well being meant more to me than my fear.
Avatar f tn To those who recovered, what have you done to overcome this horrible eating disorder? Did you need to see a dr and seek help professionally? I have a stable job but not financially capable to seek professional help. Any advise will be welcomed. Thank you.
Avatar f tn So, I'm going to stick to the topic of depression and anxiety. That's what this is about since I see that you've asked about the risk associated with your activity and have been firmly answered that it was not a risk. So, the mental health part of your issue. That's huge. Irrational fear stems from anxiety. Health anxiety is a real thing. Yours is attached to these two sexual encounters but it is basically health anxiety.
Avatar f tn t have a normal sexual relationship in your life or every time you have sex you spiral into an anxiety trap, I think it would be important to take steps to overcome that. CBT talks about reframing our thoughts. Addressing coping skills and how to use them and when. These things can really help. If it is routinely causing you angst and inability to have a normal life, medication is something many find helpful as well. That's between you and your doctor.
Avatar m tn Just wondering if anybody has any they could share as a lot of us have health anxiety.. I try to remember I have health anxiety and always jump to the worse conclusion and I'm always wrong... Does anybody have any coping skills they use for their health anxiety or anxiety in general?
Avatar m tn )) But do talk to your doctor about the difference in readings from their office to home, your increasing fear of taking the bp in the office and how anxiety may be playing a role.
Avatar m tn The less you know about it the worse. Because you fear the unknown. So, doctor, therapist and see how you feel after that. We are always here if you have any more questions.
Avatar m tn Again now i am experiencing the same mostly reeflux and horrible time during early morning and bad taste i mouth - reason i am planning to move to a different country from india and i have accepted the offer etc but now feel very strange if i can sustain there and manage the family , any suggestions on how to overcome and any medication to control the reflux part etc ?
1700380 tn?1308585783 I have been having an issue for the last couple weeks over a conversation my wife and I had in which she ended up saying that I wasn't the best lover she's ever had. I won't rehash the whole story, thats the jest of it, and I should add that theres no real indication that she was being maliscious when she said it (We weren't arguing or anything).
Avatar f tn How do I overcome anxiety?? I go to massage parlors and get handjobs for satisfaction... but soon after that I became anxious.. does the person has hiv who performed handjob.. was there any cut on her hand and has she touched opening of my penis etc.. i do fingering.. later again stressed with risks for std, sti, hiv? I have searched so many similar questions and referred answers.. but m just not able to calm my mind. Please help me.. maybe m bothering too much..
Avatar n tn I had a traumatic experience when I was a young child which left me with the fear of uncontrolled bleeding. I have attempted to overcome this fear through therapy and work in medical and dental offices. However, it returns to paralyze me at times. I need a molar extracted due to an abcess and the fear of bleeding has returned. I have had extractions in the past and obviously I survived but the anxiety continues to be huge.
Avatar f tn I think therapy would help you to accept that you are healthy, and teach you how to ensure that you are breathing okay. Pay attention to how you are breathing, and work on taking deep breaths to help overcome your fear.