How to overcome anxiety and fear

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Avatar n tn I have been taking advil for the pain and most times it is tolerable but now it seems to be getting worse as it is keeping me awake at night. My question is how did anyone overcome their fear of going to the dentist and is there some kind of home remedy I can take for this toothache any input would be appreciated Thanks!!
Avatar f tn Have you tried focused slow breathing, walking, aromatherapy, acupuncture, massage, redirect by doing something? Also...low Vitamin D3 and magnesium can contribute to anxiety and depression.
Avatar f tn Talk this over with your parents so they can get you therapy to learn how to break free of this fear. Good luck and take care!
Avatar m tn I haven't been out with friends since. I seem to be a lot more tired lately and lightheaded. And I am constantly questioning my self and believing I'm going crazy. I'm really scared and I don't know what to do I have talked to my mom. And I have a doctors appotiment in a month. But does anyone know why this is happening to me and is there anything that might help.
Avatar m tn Just wondering if anybody has any they could share as a lot of us have health anxiety.. I try to remember I have health anxiety and always jump to the worse conclusion and I'm always wrong... Does anybody have any coping skills they use for their health anxiety or anxiety in general?
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Avatar f tn How do I overcome anxiety?? I go to massage parlors and get handjobs for satisfaction... but soon after that I became anxious.. does the person has hiv who performed handjob.. was there any cut on her hand and has she touched opening of my penis etc.. i do fingering.. later again stressed with risks for std, sti, hiv? I have searched so many similar questions and referred answers.. but m just not able to calm my mind. Please help me.. maybe m bothering too much..
Avatar n tn My seven year old son's best friend passed away last month from a rare form of childhood leukemia. Ever since he died my son has exhibited more anxiety than usual (rightly so)...especially right before bed time. I encourage him to talk about his feelings and he does talk openly with both his father and I.
Avatar f tn once yo do it, it will be done and you will just need to try to relax and wait. It's better to be safe than sorry anyways. Most likely your totally fine and Once u do it you won't have to worry about again.
Avatar n tn I am so much better than I was even a year ago, but it is fear and anxiety that make me think of suicide. Even depression does not do to me what the anxiety does. Do you know what I am talking about? I mean, have you experienced this and maybe overcome it? If so, could you please tell me how?
1664673 tn?1303045773 It did make me feel like everything was a okay but soon that feeling faded and I was more nervous than ever. You have to deal with your depression and anxiety, this is probably the reason for you using/abusing drugs. You say you are on zoloft, did you feel it is working for you? Perhaps you need to see another doctor and try a different anti-dep. I wish I knew how to make those cravings go away, I too feel them no matter how long I stay away from my DOC.
Avatar m tn The ability to develop mind/body exercises to overcome anxiety. The ability to develop greater self confidence to experience the situation which is creating fear. All the best. The ability to program new responses to express emotions in that situation.
Avatar n tn 1) The Driving Fear Program - 2) Embracing the Fear - Learning to Manage Anxiety and Panic Attacks by Judith Bemis and Amr Barrada, ISBN 0-89486-971-x 3) Feel the fear and Do It Anyway, Audio CD by Susan Jeffers You can overcome this. I have. Godspeed!
Avatar m tn I am not saying it is easy to overcome your error but the road to peace lies in accepting the science and leaving science to the experts while you enjoy your short life. You are not on that road. The road to anxiety is to question the science while you search the internet or doctor's offices looking for clues to your mystery disease while you also search for someone who can magically take away your worry , which isn't going to happen because magic doesn't happen.
Avatar f tn especially if you have figured out the triggers! For the longest time my fears, nightmares and phobia were all about death. How was I going to die? Nightmares of people trying to kill me. I would set myself in full panic when I would hear the slightest sound at night thinking someone was on the house. I would wake my husband to check the doors and make sure no one was there.
Avatar f tn I hate that you're going through this because I've been where you are and I am honestly still trying to overcome anxiety and worry. I saw a therapist once and she told me I wasn't that bad off and that I just needed to keep track of my worries in a journal and my negative thoughts to try and see where the anxiety was coming from.
461894 tn?1206927484 I had a pap smear in December of last year and came up positive for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. I was scared and I had to call my significant other and interrogate him about his fidelity. Nevertheless we both received treatment and he contacted the other person that he was involved with and alerted them as well. It sounds easy to do but it was the most painful and embarrasing situation that I have ever been through in my life.
18860756 tn?1468949309 Listening to doctors about anxiety can be a rough patch. So it seems to me, as a long-time anxiety sufferer, that you have two things you need to do: find a better doctor who can find out why you fainted and deal with it -- if it's low blood pressure, work on that. If it was altitude and dehydration, or low blood sugar, which is what it sounds like, you need to eat better to work on this.
Avatar f tn The groinal response is really annoying and I want to overcome it. The fact that I’m not reacting to these thoughts as frightened as I was in the past has made me believe I am gay. The fact that I’m not the most feminine girl makes me believe I’m am a lesbian. If anyone has tips to over come this please help. The past few months I couldn’t be in public because of how overwhelming the thoughts were. I know I can’t cure OCD but I want to go back to being a 100% straight happy teen.
Avatar f tn why must i have it but others don't. its so annoying. i don't do things anyhow. i always stay safe.
Avatar m tn You would get a better understanding with the help of a good therapist. They explain anxiety and panic and show you new ways to deal with it. That alone might be enough to help you out. But I would suggest you visit your doctor first. See what he has to say. He will probably suggest theraphy as well. The more you understand the condition and accept it the more you can begin to fight back. The less you know about it the worse. Because you fear the unknown.
Avatar m tn And get up tomorrow and read it all again and keep reading it until you get it, until you truly understand just how difficult it is to contract HIV and how easy it is to prevent it by folowing a few logical rules. If you can't do this on your own, then you must get a therapist to help you understand what's holding you back.
Avatar m tn A psychologist can help you in the process of facing this fear and conquering it! Good luck to you. Everything is going to be fine!
Avatar f tn They think im overreacting but Im genuinely afraid of labor and failure at parenting. I dont know what to expect, I dont know how to be a mom, I dont know how to deal with pain, Im just so clueless and it scares me to death. How do I calm down?! How did any of you first time moms deal with the fear?! I just want to be excited like everyone else but Im too overwhelmed to be positive. How do I cope with the fear?!?
Avatar f tn Remember, we as humans, tend to be shaped by the 'bad times' and learn more and grow overcoming these challanges. I believe the best way to handle anxiety and panic is to first, accept it, and second, confront it. There are many alternative ways to seek therapy, but the tried and true method in my experience is by talk therapy with a qualified therapist be it a psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor, etc.
Avatar m tn   I'm 37 years old and these fears are new to me and I'm not handling them well. Some input or advice on how to deal with or overcome this fear would be most welcome.