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Avatar f tn Virginia is horribly behind on HIV testing guidelines. When I went to a county clinic for my testing they told me the same thing and my jaw dropped. But there are still laws against fornication and adultery on the books here, so I guess it should be no surprise. Everybody will test positive by 3 months after an exposure, and almost everybody tests positive by 6-8 weeks with modern HIV tests. The information the counselor told you was completely out of date.
9776112 tn?1406080261 Any Virginia moms to be?? I'm In Virginia Beach... girl how about u??
Avatar f tn Hi i am a 22yr old white male in virginia beach who had unprotected sex with a 42yr old white woman unkown hiv status 8 weeks ago. About 2 to 3 days after the encounter i noticed i had genital warts at the base of my penis. Which was later confirmed by a doctor at an std clinic and also a private practice dermatologist. Ever since then i have been scared sick and practically paralyzed by fear and anxiety that i have hiv.
Avatar m tn Hi. I grew up near D.C, but currently live in Virginia Beach. When I was given my diagnosis I researched near by specialist. What I decided was to go to Johns Hopkins. I see Dr. Judy Huang (pronounced Wong). Of course she's part of a large group, but she is who I go to. I trust & feel very comfortable with her (I work in the Operating room, I'm very picky with my selection). She did my decompression last year.
Avatar f tn I'm in Virginia Beach, due August 29 with a boy! Can't believe there's only 8 more weeks to go!
Avatar m tn I know that I seem excessive but I read an article online (university of Virginia) about hep c delaying the window period for hiv. It also said that testing could take up to a year. This really made me panic. I know everyone says no risk but I got hep c by this.
Avatar m tn I just was reading an article in newspaper online about woman from the EXCACT beach I go to at home who just was walking, discarded needle in her foot. I only am freaking out because the summer before, while walking through felt a pinch/something sharp on bottom of my foot, EXACTLY where they described this woman walking. I know it is not exactly "rationale" to base my fear of her location and everything, but it's really freaking me out...
Avatar m tn today I was playing beach volleyball and fell on the sand with my palms open. and there was an abandoned needle that stock me. it really hurts. what do I do?
Avatar m tn My concern is does touching anothers mans penis while erect pose a significaant risk for hiv, and also does fingering cause concern for testing. Neither one of us ejaculated but i did see some precum from him. We both took turns with each other please give me advise on weather or not this is a testing situation. I'm a nervous wreck right now.
Avatar m tn I dont know her HIV status shes a White female in virginia. tested oraquick swab 19 weeks post exposure neg. is that to early for testing? do i need another one? how reliable are the swab test?
Avatar f tn If it was a needle, you do not know if it was used or how long it had been present on the beach. Most people, even IV drug users do not have HIV and HIV does not survive for long periods of time when outside of the body. If the injury was due to a needle and if it was contaminated, your risk for infection would be no greater than about 1%. At this time, there is nothing that can be done. You are far beyond the time when preventative therapy would have any benefit.
Avatar f tn From Virginia Beach Virginia moved to Atlanta Georgia had my first son . now I'm back I. Virginia. Don't like it here plan on going back when I have my second son .