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Avatar m tn My point here lies in paragraph 3 as numbered below: This excerpt was taken from the Sans Francisco Aids foundation site and updated on 6/5/2008. Accuracy of Antibody Tests 1. Antibody tests are extremely accurate, whether receiving a rapid test or a more traditional ELISA. Rapid test, for example, have an accuracy rate exceeding 99%.
Avatar m tn my brithday is next monday... and I'm going to a Resort on the beach with a girl next week.. SO i think I heard enough HIV, now I just want to get drunk and get laid... Seeya..!!keep the faith and God bless.. I'm not comming around too much.. so if you want to talk to me send me an email at hiches at gmail dot com I'll be here next tuesday to see youre results.. cool!! see ya!!
Avatar m tn I have tested for every STD including HIV and HTLV, this was negative after 17months. My current struggles are white coated tongue with teethmarks at the border. Severe headache which is much better now, but have a moving crawling sensation 24/7 in scalp/brain. Balanitis and peeling hand and soles. My next stop will be at a dermatoligist on 2 dec, to se if I have actually a yeast infection or staph.
Avatar n tn You should see a doctor to look for strep, viruses, etc. Just for reassurance, you can consider getting HIV testing, and repeating it in a few months. If your condom remained intact (as I assume you could tell), then your chances of contracting HIV are small. The rash you describe sounds very nonspecific (irritation of some kind) and not worrisome for HIV. I suggest testing more for peace of mind than anything else. Meantime, please look to your sore throat. Best. Dr.
Avatar m tn Everything that I read says that yeast infections can be a sign of HIV in women and that candida is found mostly in HIV positive people. I am really just looking for what is causing all of this. Is it HIV, my diet/lifestyle? The weird thing is none of this started happening until after the sex.
Avatar n tn 1) Am I at any risk from contracting HIV from this exposure, 2) Would HIV testing be warranted, 3) Should I be concerned about passing anything to my girlfriend from this potential exposure. My friends at the beach house (caucasian males if it matters) are all married with kids - I don't think they have high risk behaviors for HIV. Also, I thought there wasn't much risk if any for transmitting HIV from urine.
Avatar n tn Dr. Handsfield, I thought it might be helpful to follow up and let you know that I went back to the doctor today. As other treatments have not been working, he diagnosed GW. Hope this is helpful to you in some way.
Avatar m tn I have read numerous doctor responses in regards to HIV testing and their accuracy at 5-6 weeks exposure. from my understanding there should be detectable antibodies by then if one has already gotten sick like i did 2 weeks after correct? I am currently stationed in Japan and wonder if the HIV testing routine is the same here as in the states. I will be going to Virginia and plan on going to a medical clinic to be tested again just to be on the safe side.
Avatar n tn lol see you still have hope! i can only hold out on testing so long because i dont think im pregnant and i dont want to take the test hoping that i will see a positive and then BAM!
Avatar f tn Dear Doctor, I separated from my long-term boyfriend (I am female), for a few months and had a mini nervous breakdown. Long story short, I hooked up with a white male living in Laguna Beach, CA who was at least 42 (much older than me) and not someone I normally would have had any involvement with. He is the loner type and fairly odd.
Avatar f tn sharing needles that you inject with. Knowing these 3 are all you need to know to protect yourself against HIV. Your situation is a long way from any of these 3. Even with blood, lactation, cuts, rashes, burns, etc the air or the saliva does not allow inactivated virus to infect from touching, external rubbing or oral activities. The above HIV science is 40 years old and very well established so there is no detail that you can add that will make your encounter a risk for HIV.
Avatar n tn I feel better with the itching again, but at night, I think I touch the area, so when I wake up in the morning it's red again. I feel like these treatments aren't working. How long do I have to wait for the treatments to work. Am I just expecting it to cure the yeast infection too soon? Is this something that takes time to heal? It's just really irritating. It's been almost 2 months and I would like it to go away. Can anyone give me some insights?
Avatar f tn If it was a needle, you do not know if it was used or how long it had been present on the beach. Most people, even IV drug users do not have HIV and HIV does not survive for long periods of time when outside of the body. If the injury was due to a needle and if it was contaminated, your risk for infection would be no greater than about 1%. At this time, there is nothing that can be done. You are far beyond the time when preventative therapy would have any benefit.
Avatar m tn A couple of days ago, I met a girl in a Bar in California (Long Beach) and we ended up having long exposure oral unprotected sex (both ways), I performed some fingering to her, and we had sexual intercourse with use of condoms (except that in one occasion the condom slipped and was hanging outside of her vagina). I am a married man and would like to know my risk status and need of testing for HIV.
Avatar m tn So so you think my symptoms sound like those of someone infected?
Avatar m tn , I hope this question does not come off as a waste of your time, I think my main issue here is an anxiety condition but nevertheless I felt it worth the $20 to at least put my mind at ease from an expert medical perspective. My HIV anxieties started in November 2009 when I returned from a trip to Amsterdam. I had protected oral and vaginal sex with a prostitute there. I was also coming out of a long relationship at the time and had feelings of anxiety and guilt related to the break up.
Avatar n tn I do not know if it occurred during my time at that spa or on the beach the following day or the night club I had gone to the following night. Upon returning to the US two and a half days later my blood tested negative for HIV but I have since read online that one should wait at least a month after exposure to get tested (which I will do). I have also read that Mexico has a low HIV infection rate amongst its female prostitutes.
Avatar f tn About a week and a half ago I had a known hiv positive man perform oral on me. I did not for him. We did rub our penis' together a few times. He ejaculated on my chest. Some went on my balls. I jacked myself off but didnt have his cum on my penis. After that day my vacation began. I drove a long distance to visit a friend on the way I had to use the bathroom badly. When I stopped I had bad diarrhea.when I got to my friends we went to the beach.
Avatar m tn herpes, hiv and hepatitis after 3 months. most folks aren't getting proper std testing. assume nothing and ask questions! herpes testing also typically isn't a part of routine std testing even when they are seeking out testing for std's.
Avatar n tn Every 2 years the test for HIV, or 1 year sometimes. As you can see it's Oct07.. Wtf did i wait so long? Because I was just simply scared. I didn't want to know if I was +. It's like watching someone punch you, sometimes it's just best to close your eyes and hope they miss. Or take it and hope it hurts less with your eyes closed. Here's my advice. If your worried, get tested. 2-3 months post risk. Until then, relax! HIV is so hard to spread.
Avatar n tn If it was less than 4 months post encounter, you'd need to repeat your testing. same with hiv testing needs done about 3 months post encounter. Was it protected sex that you had? If this reoccurs again, see your provider that day or the next for better evaluation.
Avatar m tn You were never at risk of contracting HIV and don't need testing for HIV.
Avatar n tn Your current risk of HIV (1 in 10 billion) is like picking out a single grain of sand out of a beach the size of our planet. I think your doc made a big mistake mentioning HIV to you, but he/she wasn't to know that you were paranoid enoughto react in the way you have. After all, I don't think even you can consider your response "normal". You cannot blame him/her for assuming you would just take it in your stride.
Avatar m tn This answers all of your HIV questions, and if you can think of any more just reread about the 3. You had zero risk therefore testing is irrelevant to your situation because you had zero risk. HIV is a fragile virus, which is instantly inactivated in air and also in saliva which means it is effectively dead so it can't infect from touching, external rubbing or oral activities.
Avatar f tn I went to an infectious disease doctor (to several of them ) and they have done testing for HIV, hep b and c, TB, toxoplasmosis , CMV and Epstein Barr virus. I even went to the OB/GYN after 5 months to test for herpes, gonorrhea, chymidia and ever other STD and it came back negative except the herpes simplex 1 which is the cold sore one that everyone has. I did that just in case because I had sex after a few weeks of this incident. This testing was done about 2 months and a week after exposure.
Avatar m tn I met her at around seven in the evening and we went to the beach together.We held hands, she had long nails and she scratched me at two places on my hand.At the beach i licked her neck and was massaging her boobs and she also proceeded to put her hand in my underwear and started playing with my testicles and penis.She was EXTREMELY rough with my penis and testicles and she cut my penis at one place( with ner long nails) and testicles at two places with her nails.I also had lots of precum.
667078 tn?1316004535 wanted blood work to check for Syphilis, HIV, and Lupus since I had 12-obands in CSF. I get a call close to closing they need blood something went wrong with SED rate. I bust my butt in rush hour traffic to make it in. The receptionist tells me my insurance is not authorizing the copaxone. I am confused. The blood tech tells me one of my tests is positive but she can't tell me which one. I tell her that's great since the Dr. said he was only looking for the above three things.
Avatar m tn Hello Doctors. Back in September of last year I had unprotected sex with a random girl I met via the Internet. We went to the same High School but I never was friends with her. She seems very promiscuous as she sent me nude photos through text messages and very dirty texts. Stupidly enough, I went over to her house and she proceeded to give me oral. After about 5 or 10 minutes of oral, we proceeded to 5-10 minutes of unprotected sex and I came inside her. She has her tubes tied.
Avatar n tn Its been long since your exposure, so your test would be conclusive. Just test and get it over with. I hope one day I can have a wife and kids who love and adore me.
Avatar n tn Both groups had been given free access to HIV testing, intensive instruction about preventing infection, and free condoms (which were continuously available), but 89% of the men never used condoms, and condom use did not seem to influence the rate of transmission of HIV. These findings should focus the spotlight of scientific attention onto the foreskin. Why does its removal reduce a man's susceptibility to HIV infection?