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Avatar f tn If it was a needle, you do not know if it was used or how long it had been present on the beach. Most people, even IV drug users do not have HIV and HIV does not survive for long periods of time when outside of the body. If the injury was due to a needle and if it was contaminated, your risk for infection would be no greater than about 1%. At this time, there is nothing that can be done. You are far beyond the time when preventative therapy would have any benefit.
Avatar m tn I just was reading an article in newspaper online about woman from the EXCACT beach I go to at home who just was walking, discarded needle in her foot. I only am freaking out because the summer before, while walking through felt a pinch/something sharp on bottom of my foot, EXACTLY where they described this woman walking. I know it is not exactly "rationale" to base my fear of her location and everything, but it's really freaking me out...
Avatar m tn today I was playing beach volleyball and fell on the sand with my palms open. and there was an abandoned needle that stock me. it really hurts. what do I do?
Avatar m tn Can live with anything as long as I am still SVR!! Hope to hear from you guys. Always in my thoughts.
Avatar f tn About two weeks after my friend came down with a cold and so did my brother, that Sunday I felt a little weird too but had gone to the beach. At the beach I ended up swallowing a lot of sea water accidently. That entire week I had headaches, stomach felt weird every time I ate and a little sore throa. So my mind went back to the day I met that girl and started freaking out. 3 weeks after my oral exposure I did a hiv RNA test with a 4th generation duo combo test and came back negative.
Avatar m tn Reading all the posts available, I still can't help asking just in case I'm wrong. I have been sexually active since last year, engaging in risky activities (dumb, of course) I've done a blood test HIV, and it came back negative (thankfully!) It cleared all my risks (anal sex) but not all or my no risk (as i have read in my posts) activities, i.e oral sex and frottage.
Avatar f tn Dear Doctor, I separated from my long-term boyfriend (I am female), for a few months and had a mini nervous breakdown. Long story short, I hooked up with a white male living in Laguna Beach, CA who was at least 42 (much older than me) and not someone I normally would have had any involvement with. He is the loner type and fairly odd.
Avatar f tn 1) When we last spoke you said my 28 day PCR( costly in the outer banks, I could rent a house for 2 more weeks for what I paid) and neg hiv 1/2 antibody test is definitive. Do I need to retest? 2) I did a 35,42 and 45 day hiv 1/2 antibody test as well and they are all neg. Are my results conclusive? Do I need to test out. Is the combo pcr and hiv 1/2 at 28 days a conclusive test.
Avatar n tn Okay, so I was down in Panama City for Spring Break this year and I was walking on a very croweded beach in loose sand away from the water, and felt something cut/***** my foot. I was walking to catch up with my group and didn't look to see what I stepped on. At first I didn't see any blood then once I stopped and took a closer look, I saw some blood and squeezed it out. Then, I went to the ocean to wash the wound.
1999115 tn?1332265324 everyone's pretty much making me feel like **** cos I wanna go to the beach tomorow. it's suppose to be 92, where I'm at. I know I can't have my tummy exposed for too long, and I need to put enough sunscreen ( which I have whenever I go to the beach ) and stay plenty hydrated does it make me a bad mom to wanna go ? when there's no ac in my house and being by the water won't be as hot. plus I can actually go IN the water, and not stay in te sun so long ?
Avatar m tn I spotted the blood AFTER walking past and im afraid that my cut might have been exposed to hiv blood. I am not sure how long the blood had been there either a few seconds ago or a few minutes i will never know for sure. Can i contract hiv through the events that i stated??
495593 tn?1209592465 secondly i want to ask what are the special occasions that someone has to get tested for hiv 12 months after his possible exposure.. would a 6th month eliza test be 100% conclusive?
Avatar m tn Welcome to the HIV forum. The identical questions have been asked and answered innumerable times, so my replies are brief (see the information in the Disclaimer message). You describe a female partner who almost certainly does not have HIV. And when a woman has HIV, the chance of transmission by unprotected vaginal sex averages once for ever 2,000 episodes of intercourse. Symptoms never are useful indicators of new HIV infection, and it sounds like you juust caught a cold.
Avatar f tn So I will be 19weeks next Tuesday and we are leaving for vacation at the beach is there anything that is not recommended like swimming in the ocean or things like that I can't do?
Avatar f tn About a week and a half ago I had a known hiv positive man perform oral on me. I did not for him. We did rub our penis' together a few times. He ejaculated on my chest. Some went on my balls. I jacked myself off but didnt have his cum on my penis. After that day my vacation began. I drove a long distance to visit a friend on the way I had to use the bathroom badly. When I stopped I had bad diarrhea.when I got to my friends we went to the beach.
Avatar m tn how long would hiv blood survive in a syringe assuming it has not been exposed to air? would it survive a month, a week or a day?
Avatar f tn I went to an infectious disease doctor (to several of them ) and they have done testing for HIV, hep b and c, TB, toxoplasmosis , CMV and Epstein Barr virus. I even went to the OB/GYN after 5 months to test for herpes, gonorrhea, chymidia and ever other STD and it came back negative except the herpes simplex 1 which is the cold sore one that everyone has. I did that just in case because I had sex after a few weeks of this incident. This testing was done about 2 months and a week after exposure.
Avatar n tn Yes, they do have such HIV test. Check with your local HIV specialist.
Avatar m tn Last Saturday, I had unprotected oral sex with a Russian mid-30s (not sex worker but I met her in a nightclub in miami beach and did not know her before). It was pretty rough and mutual. After that, we had protected sex. Then back to unprotected oral with ejaculation (although she withdrew quikly). I was so drunk I did not think about the risks of unprotected oral sex.
Avatar f tn I was walking on the beach and felt a sharp pain in the ball if my foot. I did not stop to look as I have massive HIV paranoia which I’m receiving help for but my mind is now telling me I stepped on a hiv infected syringe. When I returned home I squeezed the area where I felt the pain (an hour later) but there was no blood. I did notice a slight slice in the area but not sure if this was from needle shell or something not associated with the incident altogether.
Avatar f tn I was at the beach today and was walking barefoot the whole time. This happens to be a very rocky beach and tons of broken shells. It's no uncommon to step on something Sharp. My bf and I were walking and decided to take a break and sit in the sand. As we sat and relaxed we looked around and saw a trail of what looked like fresh red blood, and we were sitting right in its trail.
Avatar m tn So so you think my symptoms sound like those of someone infected?
Avatar m tn hi doctor i have already gottan an answer to my question but i sappose im just looking for a medical oppinion i have recently been with an escort about two weeks ,ago i had unprotected oral not for long before she put on the condom the had protected vaginal sex what are my risks of getting hiv and should i be tested if so how long should i wait to have the test done i am living in ireland and dont know the hiv statistics here any info would be great i went for a test at 5 days ehich was negati