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Avatar n tn I have been to many doctors, most of which think I am crazy, I had an MRI of the brain and they found several FOCI, I also had an MRI of the back and had a few slightly budging disks. Anyway my questions are as follows, given all the testing can I be 100% sure that HIV is not causing all these problems. Also, do I need to get retested for the herpies as I have had no symotpms of this infection? I thank you for your help!!
Avatar m tn The VA's disclosure Friday was the department's first comment since April 3, when the VA reported the one positive HIV test. VA spokeswoman Katie Roberts has declined to provide any details on how widespread the problems might have been other than saying a review of the situation continues. She said in an e-mail Friday that "there is a very small risk of harm to patients from the procedures at each site.
Avatar m tn They also say the 3 month (12 week) window is the time to test, and that's based on research showing no difference in the outcome when testing at 12 weeks and testing afterward. They are very friendly on the line too.
Avatar m tn Sorry also maybe I should add that I haven't had any real symptoms, besides those that I can attribute to stress, except I recently have had an outbreak of acne when never before have I ever gotten acne. Also I have been getting some red dots on my inner thighs, never very many but just a few, sometimes grouped together, sometimes not. I don't think it really looks like a rash but I don't really know. Although I realize this question might be crazy, could these be symptoms of the virus?
Avatar m tn If acute HIV infection is suspected, antibody retesting and nucleic acid amplification (HIV DNA/RNA) testing is recommended. CHLAMYDIA TRACHOMATIS DNA, NOT DETECTED NOT DETECTED QHO NEISSERIA GONORRHOEAE DNA, NOT DETECTED NOT DETECTED QHO QHO This test was performed using the BD ProbeTec(TM) Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria gonorrhoeae Amplified DNA Assays. RPR (DX) W/REFL TITER AND NON-REACTIVE NON-REACTIVE QHO HCV RNA PCR, QUAL.
645800 tn?1466864555 I got this letter today from the VA and feel they have violated several laws and really ticked me off. The letter is posted below in part: Dear Veteran XXXXXX, The SPRINT trial is a research study that will be looking for veterans who have high blood pressure at the Nashville VA and other Veterans Affairs Medical Centers in the United States. We are looking for veterans who are concerned about their blood pressure and how low it should be.
Avatar m tn The standard testing protocol is wait 12 weeks for the antibody test then of positive have the HCV RNA by PCR test for the actual virus. The reasoning is the antibody test comes back faster and only costs maybe $40 while the HCV RNA costs I’ve heard around $400 and takes longer to come back.
Avatar n tn Sounds like a pretty high risk exposure with someone with a high risk of having HIV. Even so, the actual risk isn't all that high (average probably 1 chance per 1000 episodes of unprotected vaginal sex). But high enough to be HIV tested about 4-6 weeks after the exposure (plus 3 months, according to some authorities); and avoid sex with other partners in the meantime. At the same time, don't freak out; the odds are very much in your favor. But get tested.
Avatar m tn Doc, I had an HIV Testing done and it came back HIV REACTIVE, the problem I have is what exactly what do it means, do I have Aids?
Avatar f tn * High induction standards, which include testing for illicit drug use and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection * Routine, randomized drug screening throughout military service * Routine medical screening and examinations of active duty and Reserve personnel * Routine physical performance testing that identifies chronic health problems * Hepatitis C testing of blood donors and the donor/recipient "lookback" program * Universal precautions to prevent transmission of bloodborne
Avatar n tn but where I live several 100 people were exposed or infected with HIV because the VA clinic was reusing diabetes lancets. The other day on CN some VA clinic exposed people to HIV by reusing dental instruments. So for you to dismiss that these things can happen is wrong. Someone who believes you goes home has sex with his wife, she breast feeds the baby now everyone is infected.
Avatar m tn do I need further testing for hiv? I have read that hcv can delay conversion. ( I have no clue where I got hep c from. I have always been pretty carful with sex. I did have some major surgeries 2 years ago where they had to open my leg up for a bone infection and leave the would open for a week to do wash outs. This was done at the west LA VA and is a pretty grimy place. I assume this is where I picked it up considering it’s not really considered an std.
Avatar f tn No. NO MORE testing. The confirmatory test proves you don't have HIV. Time to forget about it and move on.
Avatar m tn I have read numerous doctor responses in regards to HIV testing and their accuracy at 5-6 weeks exposure. from my understanding there should be detectable antibodies by then if one has already gotten sick like i did 2 weeks after correct? I am currently stationed in Japan and wonder if the HIV testing routine is the same here as in the states. I will be going to Virginia and plan on going to a medical clinic to be tested again just to be on the safe side.
Avatar n tn Hopefully this is a little deeper than the usual testing question. I had a very low risk and decided to be tested on National Testing Day at eight weeks after my exposure. The tester explained to me that 90 percent of people seroconvert by 3 months and so the test was meaningless. I questioned her information, and she showed me the same information written on a card from the Maryland AIDS Administration. The local news here had cited the same statistics from the Virginia agency.
Avatar f tn The NYSDOH attempted to identify a source patient with HIV and any additional suspected cases of HIV transmission by sending a letter of notification with recommendations for HIV testing to 40 patients who underwent prostate biopsies in the same setting in the same time period. Of the 32 individuals who underwent HIV testing or reported results, all reported HIV negative results.
Avatar f tn Hello, I went and got blood work cause of symptoms, and tested positive for mono we did the full HIV test and the rapid cane back negative, the Ag/ab posi, and immunoassay enzyme neg, doctor didn’t have definitive answer said possible false positive and infectious disease would call me.... is it possible I have hiv?!
1530342 tn?1405020090 The Tulsa Health Department is warning 7,000 patients of a local dentist's office that they could have contracted HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C from poor sterilization practices. Dr. Wayne Harrington, an oral surgeon with a practice in Tulsa, Okla.
Avatar f tn By Jennifer Pifer-Bixler CNN Senior Medical Producer MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- The Department of Veterans Affairs has launched an investigation into whether there is a connection between improperly sterilized endoscopy equipment and a veteran's positive HIV test. This comes after more than 10,000 veterans were possibly exposed to HIV and hepatitis at three VA facilities while undergoing colonoscopies and other procedures with equipment that had not been properly cleaned.
Avatar f tn The VA said 1,598 responded to the disclosure by calling for an appointment for testing. Some vets opted to have their blood drawn by a private lab of their choosing at the VA's expense. The VA reported 13 vets declined testing or an appointment. The may or may not be related to dental equipment issues at the Cochran clinic. The VA said it is performing more extensive testing to determine the time period and possible source of the infections.
Avatar n tn My partner is 30 year old, white woman, both of us born and raised in VA. She is a waitress, has a child, is not a drug user (actually hates needles). She is not (at least as far as I know) a CWS offering sex to clients, although she has been sexual active. I know that at least twice in last month she has been tested as she was having problems with her cycle and was tested once at ER and once by her doctor. Both tests were negative.
Avatar f tn The quickest way to be sure that a person has not acquired HIV is with a combination HIV antigen/antibody test (also called 4th generation or DUO tests). these tests give completely reliable results 4 weeks after an exposure. The combination of a PCR plus a standard antibody test would provide results in a similar time despite what the people who sell them tell you and the PCR tests are typically the most expensive tests one can get.
Avatar m tn pdf Not to press the issue, but does testing for antibodies differ enough from testing for the virus itself add to your level of comfort, particularly if the sample was subjected to say 120 degrees or more (which was likely the case here)?
Avatar n tn From a risk assessment perspective, you don't really need testing for either HIV or other STDs on account of this event -- therefore, my response is that you do not need an HIV test in a few weeks. But of course you are free to do it if, as I expect, this reassurance alone doesn't totally calm your fears. For the long run, please get a grip on realistic STD/HIV risks.
Avatar n tn and you don't need STD/HIV testing.
Avatar m tn Can a standard test taken at 4 days detect any antibodies? I know testing at 3 months is conclusive. 2. What are the chances of contracting HIV from the female if we did not have rough sex but only vaginal and for a couple minutes. 3. Could I test now and be able to find out if I had any antibodies? Thank you for any replies I appreciate everything and anything. I know it was very stupid of me and plan on getting tested.
Avatar n tn I was recently 10/4/2011 diagnossed with Chlamydia at the VA hospital. I have been in a relationship with my fiance for 13months and I have not had sex with anyone else. When I learned the news I was devistated but I did not want to present the information to my fiance in a accusatory way so I waited, researched and also took a second test to confirm that the test was correct (Via Blood). And I am waitig the results from the second test.
1397269 tn?1280454619 I know if by slight chance I caught Hep C it can delay the antibody test and produce a false negative infection an I live in Va. We follow very conservative guidlines concerning HIV because its not that big of aconcern so 6 months is the gold standard here. THIS LEADS ME TO BELIEVE THAT THEY STILL USE GENERATION 1 hIV anti Body test and not more current and they don't even know and I can't find that info out.
Avatar m tn Dr Joel Gallant, John Hopkins HIV: About condom protection against HIV: 1. An intact condom, properly used, is virtually 100% effective at preventing HIV transmission. 2. You can't get infected through intact skin, so it is not necessary that the entire penis be covered. The skin at the base doesn't matter. 3. If you use condoms all the time, and stop intercourse if the condom ever breaks, then you should be fine On HIV window: 1.
1153110 tn?1311051821 He also says that he was clean since his last test, which he gets full bloodwork and testing done at the VA office every three months. Thing is, I don't know if it's coincidence (I've been cleaning out a really really dusty room this past week), but now starting last night I have a sore throat. He's going to get his results back tomorrow, so I'm making sure I'm gonna check with him. Even if he was positive, what are the chances that I could have gotten something?