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Avatar f tn Hello, I am looking for a bariatric doctor or a weight loss clinic in the Richmond, VA or Chesterfield, VA area that does the B12 shot, does anyone have any suggestions. I used to go to a weight loss doctor who administered the B12 shot along with an appetite suppressant (Phentermine) and it really worked. I am trying to find a doctor or clinic in my new area. Can anyone advise? Thank you and have a great day!
Avatar f tn s a great test for confirmation, but that lingering thought of me hovering hsv2 is in my head,given the fact I live in Richmond va and the herpes population here is off the charts according to the cdc.. Is the western blot ever wrong , or give false negative readings ??? Can I put this bed and move on with my life? Need some advice !!
Avatar m tn Nope Sorry can not help you
Avatar f tn oh really can you tell me about your program and cost for meds and visit and if its with or with out insurance, 804 well thats pretty close to (wait as in richmond or as in gloucester) any feed back would be nice.
Avatar f tn Can you post your ranges? are you near richmond va? I friend of mine is being treated by someone in richmond that seems to be taking very good care of him. I am not familiar with the cities there so not sure it if you are close by. Whenever you post your labs, its always important to post the lab ranges as well. Different testing facilities uses different ranges.
Avatar f tn Dr. Mitch Shiffman, Dr. Sterling or anyone else in that group.
Avatar m tn Hepatology Section, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, Richmond, VA; Department of Pathology, Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center, Richmond, VA. 7/7/09 Reference ML Shiffman, SB Hubbard, A Long, and others. The Long Term Effects of Interferon Based (IFNTx) Therapy on Hepatic Histology in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus. Results of a Five Year Prospective Evaluation on Fibrosis Progression and Fibrosis Regression. Digestive Disease Week (DDW 2009). Chicago.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know of a knowledgeable doctor near the Richmond, VA area that knows how to treat the autoimmune part of Hashimoto. I've been to several doctors in the Williamsburg area that only treat the thyroid after the damage has been done.
Avatar f tn I am a 34 yr. Old female I live in Petersburg, Va. and I work construction so I move around a-lot. I have add and I have been on Vyvanse. My Dr. Is in PA and I cannot continue to travel 500 miles to get my script. Can anyone recommend a physican around the Richmond area that will give me Vyvanse without a bunch of hassle?
7131686 tn?1390054441 I'm from richmond va
Avatar f tn Has anyone in the Richmond, Va area tried qsymia? Girl on my job takes it but will not tell anyone which doctor she goes to. She didn't want anyone to know that's how she was losing all her weight, but I saw her prescription bottle in her car when she gave me a ride home.
Avatar n tn please tell me where i can get b12 shot in Richmond or Glen Allen, VA (new to the area).