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Avatar f tn Thanks for the info on disposing needles in VA. I also live in VA and feel quilty every time I fill up my old laundry detergent bottles and toss it in the trash. Well, I guess it is OK afterall. I still feel bad and doing it and will try to look into another solution such as giving them to the FD instead as Lu mentioned. I did take them to my old PCPs office once and they said they'd take them that time but not to bring them again. That was embarrassing.
Avatar f tn Teak, I sent you a message you can disregard it I wanted to hear from you but didn't think you were still on . Sorry about that. I live in Richmond,VA I will try to finda gynecologist that knows more. Everyone gets very quiet or tightlipped when you voice your worries etc around here. I remember when I was asking about the symptoms I could barely get any advice .
619345 tn?1310345021 Hepatic steatosis and obesity are risk factors for failure of interferon (IFN) therapy in subjects with HCV. Both obesity and fatty liver are associated with the metabolic syndrome which is characterized by insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia. The effects of hyperinsulinemia on IFN-mediated inhibition of HCV replication were unknown. Hypothesis: Hyperinsulinemia blocks the inhibition of HCV replication by IFN.
Avatar m tn Proposed next-stage therapies, primarily two hepatitis protease-inhibitors, boceprevir and teleprevir, are still in early testing, but can now be judged in comparison with what physicians know works best. Sulkowski says triple-combination drug therapies for hepatitis C could prove the current therapies more effective when used as a cocktail, similar to the antiviral regimens used to combat HIV.
1815939 tn?1377995399 The first article you reference is by one of the principle investigators in the HALT C study, Dr, Mitch Shiffman. At the time he was at MCV in Richmond, Va. I had a friend in that study and he let me hold her hand through her 5 year post treatment biopsy. She went from late stage 3 to stage 0-1 in 5 years of successful treatment. Dr. Shiffman had written a paper on HALT C that broke down his patients in to before treatment stage and 5 year SVR stage.
Avatar f tn Hepatology Section, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Va 23298, USA. Interferon (IFN) treatment of chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) is associated with a high rate of relapse. IFN is thought to exert its effect against HCV via direct viral inhibition and immune stimulation.
Avatar m tn My doctor at VCU health systems in Richmond, VA going to be part of a trial for Xolair starting in April that I am hoping to be a part of. If you are anywhere close by you should give him a call, Dr. Schwartz in allergy.
Avatar f tn I am currently in Hampton Roads Va, and I cannot find an LLMD. I just do not know what to do. It is ruining my life. But can these symptoms be caused by anxiety? Is it possible? I am so scared. Any help would be greatly appreciated.