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Avatar m tn Just wondering how long to wait for accurate HIV testing. I received unprotected oral sex last year. No sexual activity since then. I had a full panel of std blood and urine tests done at 10 weeks, then again at 13 weeks (including HIV). All negative except cold sores (hsv 1). Can I feel confident in these HIV results?? Is 13 weeks enough time to wait for an accurate test? Also what is the chance of acquiring HIV through unprotected oral sex? I am male and live in Australia.
Avatar n tn Your compulsive testing needs to stop. Test results ALWAYS overrule symptoms and exposure history, as long as testing is suffiiently long after the last possible exposure. The negative PCR test at 20 days and negative antibody test at 3 months provved without doubt that you were not infected. No matter what symptoms you had or may have in the future, they can be ignored in relation to HIV.
Avatar m tn As long as your test was 3 months after you had unprotected sex you do not have HIV. Symptoms mean nothing.
Avatar m tn t base it off symptoms yeah, I understand that, I am just wondering do the symptoms of HIV infection linger for a lot longer of time? And also for the fever, was it 101 for 3 or more weeks? Something high, and that lingers? Also for instance they may last for 3-4 weeks unlike a lets say a fever of ex: 99 degrees and would last only one day or so.
Avatar m tn I also tested for HIV(blood test) 10 weeks later again negative. My question is was the test for gonorrhea long enough for results to be accurate? I have no had no symptoms in 11 weeks but unusual joint pain starting about a month ago ? Can I rule out gonorrehea / due to the test at 9-10 days?
4270322 tn?1352356288 Big surprise to both Dr. and myself. Took blood for A/B several days to wait for results. I self referred to GI and will ask for liver biopsy. My primary doc is GP. She seems low key abouit this. Am I being too reactionary about trying to get liver biopsy right after results from last blood panel?
Avatar m tn i want to know if retro-screening very effective for HIV test.
Avatar m tn For me it took two weeks to get the results back for the herpes. But for hiv testing it takes twenty minutes...they draw the blood then make you wait for your results before you leave. Therefore you go out knowing if you are hiv+ or not. It can be very nerve racking waiting those twenty minutes but its worth it!
Avatar n tn The tests prove beyond all doubt that you did not catch HIV. Believe the results. You are home free and do not need any additional testing. And by the way, you had a low risk exposure anyway; it is very unlikely your parter has HIV; and even if she did, oral sex is zero risk for all practical purposes. And your symptoms don't sound HIV either. Please stop worrying. You don't have HIV.
Avatar m tn You still don't get it... do you?
Avatar f tn office, and i was just wondering 1. how long does it take to recieve the results, and 2. how do they go about telling you your results (eg. mail, telephone??
Avatar f tn How reliable or accurate a HIV test if its done in a hospital lab? How many times do they test the blood? Can a person trust the results? The kind of tests that takes a few days to wait on.
Avatar n tn how long after a sexual encounter should you wait to be tested for std. my situation is i think he took off the condom without my knowledge and this happened saturday night. i was just checked for stds 2 weeks ago and was clean. and now i am freaking out thinking he did this.
Avatar m tn The time has come for my test. I fly to the states on sunday my wife made me an appointment at the health clinic. Does anyone know what type of testing the do at the local health clinic? how long ill have to wait for the results. Im scared to death that the time has come. but will be a relief to know either way.
Avatar m tn These questions were answered by Dr. Hook on the STD forum. HIV testing always overrules symptoms and exposure history. There are no HIV types not detected by the tests you had, and there are medical or other conditions that change the timing or reliability of HIV test results. Your results prove you don't have HIV and that something else explains your symptoms. There won't be any further comments or discussion.
Avatar f tn How long has it been since your exposure?
Avatar n tn Are these comments really necessary? Forgive me for being worried about my hiv status. Yes, my test results are very encouraging. But the info about hiv is anything but consistant on the main hiv sites. The guy from the body will not say oral sex is no risk, nor does the CDC. Maybe you can consider the anxiety people feel about being hiv positive and maybe be a little more decent towards those of us having a hard time dealing.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the reply tom, i'm scarred out of my mind i've done something terrible by not getting myself tested before getting someone else involved. While single, I believed it was a low risk encounter and was not that concerned. Since the HIV test - i have done some research and found that a new strain exists in Thailand (and probably other countries) which has a higher transmission through vaginal intercourse. Thanks.
Avatar m tn 1) What further tests do I take and when (specifically for HIV)? The CDC recommends testing upto 6 months for high risk exposures like mine. 2) What are my odds at the moment - given the exposure and my tests? As you can see, I am pretty stressed from the event and can't seem to get the thought out of my head.