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Avatar m tn I have tested for every STD including HIV and HTLV, this was negative after 17months. My current struggles are white coated tongue with teethmarks at the border. Severe headache which is much better now, but have a moving crawling sensation 24/7 in scalp/brain. Balanitis and peeling hand and soles. My next stop will be at a dermatoligist on 2 dec, to se if I have actually a yeast infection or staph.
Avatar n tn If the MEIA test is Positive, does this mean that he has HIV? How to make 100% sure that he has HIV? Is the western boc test can confirm that the person has or doesnt have HIV 100%?
Avatar m tn Walk in clinics are notorious for refusing to do blood testing and most city STD clinics do not do HSV testing. For info on any particular province and where testing is done please call the Gamma or Public Health numbers and they should be able to help you out. Any further info, questions comments please PM me by all means.
Avatar m tn After going through HIV posts from the people, understand there has been a lot of confusion among the HIV window period and the time of HIV testing for obtaining conclusive results, even though medhelp HIV experts answered a lot. This is why I am going to post for the people who has concerned for HIV after possible risk for HIV situation. Window Period: Before analysing the Window Period for HIV we need to consider the testing generation which people are getting.
1024580 tn?1331574121 What's the best HIV Test? The best HIV test is one that provides you with an accurate and reassuring result in a time frame that suits you best. Everybody will have a different "best HIV test" because their circumstances will be slightly different. The main things to think about are firstly when you were possibly exposed to HIV and secondly how desperately you need to know the answer.
Avatar m tn 6 weeks post: HIV DNA PCR w/ antibody (neg), HCV DNA PCR (neg), STD screen (neg), acute hepatitis a,b,c (neg) 11 weeks post: HIV Rapid blood test (neg) 13 weeks post: HIV DNA PCR w/ antibody, HCV DNA PCR, Acute hepatitis panel. All negative. 14.
Avatar m tn Hey guys, I have a quick question,,, I am taking phentermine, (37.5) for the last 13 days and I lost approx 2-3 lbs.... Any ideals on how long before I should see some real results..
Avatar m tn Just wondering how long to wait for accurate HIV testing. I received unprotected oral sex last year. No sexual activity since then. I had a full panel of std blood and urine tests done at 10 weeks, then again at 13 weeks (including HIV). All negative except cold sores (hsv 1). Can I feel confident in these HIV results?? Is 13 weeks enough time to wait for an accurate test? Also what is the chance of acquiring HIV through unprotected oral sex? I am male and live in Australia.
937868 tn?1570328281 I never felt so alone in my life. I cant go to the doctor for the results and they dont want to give them to me. I caled the lab they wuold not give it to me. I went to the lab, they deny them to me. I paid for answers and i dont receive any. How peolple can be so cruel with a person who feel this ill?? The doctor here answer me but i have other question to finish this situation and what, NO anwser also.
Avatar m tn 4 porn performers tested positive for HIV in the last 3.
Avatar n tn nc health clinic for pap, std testing, hiv etc.
Avatar n tn std and hiv testing 1 week antibiotics for inflammation
207091 tn?1337709493 Some countries are still doing blood testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia, but if you can get a urine or swab test, you should do that instead - its far more accurate. Syphilis - * This is a blood test, and is usually accurate by about 6 weeks, though it may take longer in rare cases. The 2 most common are the RPR (rapid plasma reagin ) and VDRL (Venereal Disease Research Laboratory test). If this comes back positive, or "reactive", then a confirmatory test must be done.
Avatar m tn PCR testing explained by a lab technician HIV DUO Combo Test for P24 Antigen offered by SED labs in New Mexico. You can order this through your doctor or at First approved ANTIGEN/ANTIBODY test by FDA in Sep 2010
1580318 tn?1550254481 I'm going monday morning to get bloodwork done to check for thyroid issues. How long does it usually take to get results back?
Avatar f tn The most currently used HIV diagnostics have detected HIV antibodies. But it takes two to eight weeks for a person newly infected with the virus to make detectable antibodies as a sign that the body is working to fight the transmitted virus. The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/ Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or UNAIDS stated that as of 2008 there are 33.
1568930 tn?1326706216 Im out this cycle, it really makes no difference that it wasnt fmu, or that id not long been to the loo before point clutching at straws....
Avatar n tn m still right after i finished with her that night and i knew i would suffer as a result. 2 days after the incident (too early i know ) i went to a private clinic and asked for an hiv test , at this time i'm still ignorant about a lot of things toward the risk of unsafe . diseaese i had never known about or how easily would they be transmitted.
Avatar m tn If you don,t fall into those above 3 catergories of people then it,s 3 MONTHS. FOR GODS SAKE FORGET THIS WHOLE 6 MONTHS NONSENSE and except your 3MONTH result.WARNING--Ignore any website that suggests to test out to 6 MONTHS and if your DOCTOR suggests you test out to 6 Months aswell, then find another doctor.If this window period was changed in 2003,then what progress have we made in 7 years if people are still bringing it up.ENOUGH--it doesn,t exist.
766573 tn?1365166466 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has launched a pilot program offering HIV testing in 24 urban and rural pharmacies and retail clinics. The results of the 2-year program, which will cost $1.2 million, will be used to gauge customer interest in the service and develop a model for implementing HIV testing in similar settings across the country.
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883151 tn?1245514509 Well the doctor called with the results from Aries tests. I knew there would be nothing with the rash on his arms. I already knew it was an allergic reaction from laying in the grass. He's had eczema since he was a baby. Anything he touches, he gets a rash from. The dry scalp is something different. He's had a dry scalp and dandruf for a long time. Then he started with this patch that won't grow, actually now it's two patches that won't grow.
1409114 tn?1323866002 I have tested today for Hep a,b,c , syhilis, and again for HIV. Will get my results in 3 days. The the prob is I just remembered that I was vaccinated for Hep a,b or maybe just b I don't remember and I don't know if that would that interfere with the hep test. HIV test name had antigen in it. I don't know if this is a good test. Fingers crossed but waiting for test results is making me anxious.
Avatar m tn I am so nervous waiting for the results of my 8 week test. I had it taken yesterday, so hopefully the results come back sometime tonight or tomorrow. I tested negative at 7 weeks. I pray to God it will not change!
Avatar n tn Your compulsive testing needs to stop. Test results ALWAYS overrule symptoms and exposure history, as long as testing is suffiiently long after the last possible exposure. The negative PCR test at 20 days and negative antibody test at 3 months provved without doubt that you were not infected. No matter what symptoms you had or may have in the future, they can be ignored in relation to HIV.
Avatar m tn When you need to take a HIV Test in Singapore, you should be aware of what to do as one way of making your ultimate choice and decision. Here is an expert guide on how to take a HIV Test in Singapore: First, you need to find a certified and reputable HIV testing center where you would go and get the services whenever you need these services. How should you do this?
1183190 tn?1326108934 I told my fiancee that i was going in for an HIV test,she has no clue how HIV is transmitted..all she knows is that if i test +ve, It was terminal disease and with my current physique and existing health conditions its gonna be much worse ..She Cried,,My heart sunk hearing her cry I could'nt take it any more and I broke down telling i will not marry her if i test +ve,She threatened that she will kill herself if i come to such a conclusion..