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Avatar f tn I use almost the exact same wording several times a week in replies on this forum -- that HIV test results always overrule exposure history (no matter how high the risk) and symptoms (no matter how typical for HIV or ARS they seem to be), as long as testing is done sufficiently long after the last possible exposure (typically 4-8 weeks, depending on the specific test or combination of tests).
Avatar m tn Just wondering how long to wait for accurate HIV testing. I received unprotected oral sex last year. No sexual activity since then. I had a full panel of std blood and urine tests done at 10 weeks, then again at 13 weeks (including HIV). All negative except cold sores (hsv 1). Can I feel confident in these HIV results?? Is 13 weeks enough time to wait for an accurate test? Also what is the chance of acquiring HIV through unprotected oral sex? I am male and live in Australia.
Avatar n tn Test results ALWAYS overrule symptoms and exposure history, as long as testing is suffiiently long after the last possible exposure. The negative PCR test at 20 days and negative antibody test at 3 months provved without doubt that you were not infected. No matter what symptoms you had or may have in the future, they can be ignored in relation to HIV.
Avatar m tn No. No medications will affect the testing period for HIV.
Avatar n tn i recently made a mistake by having unprotected sex two days ago, and i would like take a STD screening test. I was wondering how long i would have to wait to take the test before anything could even show up on the results.
Avatar n tn The tests prove beyond all doubt that you did not catch HIV. Believe the results. You are home free and do not need any additional testing. And by the way, you had a low risk exposure anyway; it is very unlikely your parter has HIV; and even if she did, oral sex is zero risk for all practical purposes. And your symptoms don't sound HIV either. Please stop worrying. You don't have HIV.
Avatar f tn office, and i was just wondering 1. how long does it take to recieve the results, and 2. how do they go about telling you your results (eg. mail, telephone??
Avatar m tn I am in Oman. And the hospital told they are sending it to Dubai for testing. How long it will take to get the result?
Avatar m tn What I am asking is - is there typically a delay with results on a positive test? - No. just wait for the result. You should ask your doctor at the time of testing how long the results will take.
Avatar f tn How long has it been since your exposure?
Avatar m tn There are no HIV types not detected by the tests you had, and there are medical or other conditions that change the timing or reliability of HIV test results. Your results prove you don't have HIV and that something else explains your symptoms. There won't be any further comments or discussion. Also please note that MedHelp does not permit excessive or duplicate questions. Please don't try for another opinion on this or the STD forum.
Avatar m tn As I have been surfing the internet I have found several sites that question the validity of hiv testing. One site even went so far as to say they sent the same sample in several times and got back different results depending on the lab it was sent to. Some state that there is no scientific proof that hiv testing is accurate. Surely this can't be possible. A negative test means you don't have HIV providing you have waited the proper amount of time from exposure to testing right?
460185 tn?1326081372 How long does it take after being tested for HIV to get the results. Years ago (mid-90s) we were told to wait at least 10 mths because earlier testing wasn't reliable. Is this still the case or have things changed to lessen the waiting time? Thank you.
Avatar n tn how long should i wait to go for the std testing. how long does the symptoms showing, for herpe,ghonoria,chlamedia,siphilis,ets...... please help me i'm very scarded it been 16 days after the inccident.
Avatar m tn While oral sex is NOT a risk for HIV, it IS a risk for other STD's and I'd recommend you have a full STD panel done. You've already seen your doctor for some genital and groin issues and were put on an antibiotic. Did you happen to mention to the doctor that you'd had unprotected vaginal and oral sex?
Avatar m tn Believe them As far as your bDNA test, your result is a great example of why we do not recommend PCR type tests for diagnostic testing. They not infrequently give false positive results. The result you report is most likely a false positive. If you have further questions, please express them clearly an use punctuation as it does not help you if I have to guess what you are writing.
Avatar m tn At 8 weeks virtually everyone who is going to develop HIV antibodies will have done so. Furthermore, the test you took will give results for HIV-1, HIV-2 and type 0.
Avatar n tn ) If he was infected, the chance you got HIV from any single episode of unprotected vaginal intercourse is something like 1 in 1000. So the odds you had HIV at the time you finally went in for HIV test were around 1 in 10,000. (Even without testing, many people would live comfortably with those odds and not worry about it.) So what does the negative test result do to your chance of having HIV? Those odds are 1 in 100,000 times 1 in 10,000 (i.e., 0.000001 x 0.0001) = 0.0.0000000001.
Avatar n tn As I have said many times on this forum, symptoms are NEVER a useful indicator either for or against HIV infection; and sinusitis symptoms are quite different from acute HIV infection symptoms anyway (ie, your doctor probably was right). Your negative test results are far more reliable than symptoms to tell if you are infected with HIV, and they show you are not infected. The PCR test was a waste of money; 28 days is too late for that test.
Avatar n tn I got tested on Monday 2-18-2007. It came back negative... yea!! BUT... how long does it take for HIV to show up and be detected... If my test was at least 12 weeks after the incident... Do i need to go back and get tested or is it final that I'm totally negative??? I heard HIV can take 6 months before it can be that true???
Avatar m tn I tested negative at 180 days by finger prick Oraquick Rapid advance test I tested negative at 200 days by use of Oraquick Rapid advance oral swab I had recieved unprotected oral sex on Aug 1st from 2 different CSW (one in am and one in pm) and protect sex with pm one as well and assume she used latex condum since she supplied it and I did not look at it.
Avatar n tn I have used a dexamethasone base topical ointment from 1977 to 1992 on the back ,groin and upper inner thighs, had a risky hetero encounter(with condom intact) in dec 2001 and was tested negative for HIV three months later I was tested negative again in a second test in FEB 2004.
Avatar n tn For HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea, 100%. Probably 80-90% protected against herpes and HPV.
Avatar n tn Anyway, at this point, with those test results you can be 100% certain you don't have HIV. Some experts recommend final testing at 3 months, but it really isn't necessary in my opinion. But if you want to research this further, search this forum's threads and archives for "time to positive HIV test".
Avatar m tn I had my HBV shots, and I am also testing for HIV. and no i wasnt he got cut on some glass, needed stitches, and I got 2 open cuts on my elbow from the glass, I just didnt know if somehow a drop of his blood dropped into mine? I have anxiety so i understand this sounds crazy.
Avatar m tn A test result that is nonreactive does not exclude the possibility of exposure to or infection with HIV-1 and/or HIV-2. Nonreactive results in this assay for individuals with prior exposure to HIV-1 and/or HIV-2 may be due to antigen and antibody levels that are below the limit of detection of this assay". But H. Hunter Handsfield, M.D. say: «There is no such thing as a false negative duo test more than 4 weeks after exposure». Prompt, results in my case are how reliable?