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Avatar m tn 212-807-6655 (M-F 10-9, Sat 12-3) -- GMHC TDD: 212-645-7470 Long Island AIDS Hotline: 516-385-AIDS (M-F 9-9, tape after hours) -- In Albany: 800-233-SIDA Long Island People With AIDS Hotline: 516-225-5700 Mothers of PWAs [outside of New York]: 800-828-3280 (available MW+F 2-6) NY State Gay/Lesbian Task Force AIDS Information HOTLINE: 800-221-7044 [funded by Gay/Lesbian Task Force, New York: (212) 807-6016] People With AIDS Coalition Hotline: 212-647-1420 (Staffed by HIV+ people) No
Avatar n tn well i cheated on my wife and read about symptoms and i PANICKED then i found myself here i couldnt take it i was like everyone else who finds this forum worried to death then i tested and got educated and i felt that i could help people who are in the same boat worried about hiv its been a long road for me but i have finally got my life back and i just try to help others who fear they have hiv always remember this my dr told me hiv is a fragile virus to get all the cards have to be right to get
Avatar n tn No symptoms don't spread out. HIV can never be diagnosed by symptoms because HIV has no specific symptoms. Testing is the only way to know your status.
Avatar m tn This will be my final question forever to you on HIV, as i just went and had my first ever blood draw for HIV testing. The nurse said i will get a call in a couple days, but i am so stressed i thought i would write to you one last time to hopefully ease my mind in the meantime. My concern in regards to my first HIV test (i am 47) is my promiscuous lifestyle when i was in the air force. I was stationed on Guam and this was in 1988-1990.
242985 tn?1192591669 Where in FL? I live in Miami myself. HIV tests are offered at county public health department clinics, HIV outreach centers, etc. Try or perform a search for "hiv testing sites" in your city of interest...
Avatar m tn I am not sure what to do, my sexual orientation and sexual activity is not known to my parents who provide my medical coverage, so I am a bit uneasy and I am unsure how about to get tested efficiently in an inexpensive way for STDs and also HIV. Anyone in Long Island area with general advice please respond to me about testing.
Avatar f tn Iv also already lost 4lbs in the 3 days. My exposure was about 5 mins long and he didn't ejaculate. Maybe pre cum? I live in rhode island and no clinic does early testing for antibodies. When do you think that I could take a blood test for hiv and do you think I'm at great risk?
Avatar n tn I am nervous about an exposure I had last week with a stripper on Long Island, NY. Things got out of hand and we engaged in oral/vaginal sex both protected with a condom. The event was nearly 10 minutes and after ejaculation I noticed a streak of blood on the condom. I pointed this out to the girl and she told me that she forgot that her period was set to begin the following day.
Avatar m tn I am worried about the antibody loss that I hear can give false negatives if you have had hiv for a long time and really want to know how true this is because of how long ago my exposures would have been... Also, I know testing rules over symptoms every time but I have a few odd things that I wanted to see caught your attention..
Avatar m tn If such an expert considers your risk sufficiently high, s/he might recommend post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) with HIV drugs, and/or early HIV testing by PCR or other methods. In the meantime, you are mistaken about recommended testing intervals. Six month testing for sure isn't necessary; it never takes longer than 3 months and rarely that long; a negative antibody test at 6 weeks is virtually 100% proof against a new infection.
Avatar n tn Why is everyone picking on me? I got sick, I went to the hospital the doctor asked me if I'd recently been exposed to HIV and told me to get an HIV test. So, now I'm scared shitless even though I know I shouldn't be. Do you guys actually think that I ever thought I could get HIV through making out with a girl? I would have never even thought about this had the doctor not mentioned it. She mentions it, i look up hiv through kissing, it says "low risk" and i freak out.
Avatar m tn Finally, I asked about testing but I wonder if you missed it. I would like to get tested for STDs, is HIV the only one I need to wait for, would other tests be reliable now, some 6-7 days on from possible exposure? Thank you again for help, which has been a lifeline to me as I am in unfamiliar surroundings.
Avatar n tn as long as you tested negative after 5 months then you are negative so get over it. And your infectious doctor needs to be updated on the latest hiv testing and maybe have a review course on how and when antibodies start to show up after being infected. Only those who are immunosuppressed such as cancer patient might develop antibodies by latest 1yr. Are you a cancer patient, if not then move on.
212401 tn?1193805392 You are probably more stressed out than you have been in a very long time, if not, ever. They say that all college students get them during finals. HIV and Symptoms are really a catch 22. The more you stress, the more symptoms you get. The more symptoms you get, the more you stress. I think you are fine though, it's just the waiting that sucks.
Avatar n tn Good luck man and all I can say is, from experience, get used to the pain and discomfort- try not to obsess over it too much- that can sometimes make it worse.
Avatar n tn I have kind of an odd worry that was brought on my a class that i am taking at the university of rhode island. The class covered statistics of the hiv virus and so forth, and they seemed really high and very scary. This class had me think that maybe I myself was at risk of having contracted this virus. So now for the past week I have been a nervous wreck and have decided that I must have HIV.
Avatar f tn It seems unlikely that he would have anything infectious on his hands when he touched my raised areas from the test, but who knows. How long could Hep C or HIV live if it is dried blood?
1331397 tn?1294043495 I beeged my mom to take me to the emergency room and this time we went to long island college. They put me in cardiac arrest, ran tests on me, and everything seemed normal. They brought an ENT down to stick a scope through my nose and check my throat. He said it was post nasal drip and that the mucus was spilling into my throat. So i was released from the emergency room and continued to take the medicine i was prescribed. i was feeling better for like 2 weeks until recently.
Avatar m tn To the best of my knowledge they have records of who used the machines and when. HIV virus cannot last very long at all outside of the body and/or at room temps. HCV is thought to only remain viable for around 4 days. If the people who used the equipment before the infected did do not have HIV or HCV it would seem to suggest that the equipment was not the vector for transmission.
Avatar m tn Today I was put in a state of flux by reading a poster on Medhelp who stated that maybe 10% of csw's in Pattaya, Thailand (different island), had HIV, it freaked me out. This, along with my symptoms, and sketchy recollections about condoms, and my worries about Thai condoms, have convinced me more than ever that I have contracted HIV.
Avatar m tn But I knew something was wrong with my body (stellar immune before, fit as I jogged everyday - I still could now), and the polyclinic doctor's suggestion of HIV testing is at least 80% to the truth. I am preparing for the after HIV+ve life. Thanks Doctors The after-life..(for my fellows here) I knew many of you guys here are in my situation, but as you can see from my exposure and so-called HIV differential symptoms, you can see how hopeless my situation is.
543791 tn?1216385377 All we want is for our loved ones to say they care, that they are sorry for our pain, that they wish they could help. We know that there's nothing you can do to magically heal us, but we long to feel accepted and supported. We need your validation and to hear you say you believe our pain. We need a shoulder to cry on sometimes, not because we are weak, but because we are worn out from the heavy load we endure day after day.
Avatar n tn Diarrhea is a sign of anxiety, and the vomiting is unrelated to HIV since it happened so quickly. I also got diarrhea as soon as I started being nervous about HIV and it lasted for a long time. I tested out to 3 months though, and they were all negative. Hang in there! Once you get a 6 weeks result, you can almost be certain of your HIV status. I'm sure you'll be negative from your one time risk.
Avatar f tn But I was being concerned about HIV. I got tested for HIV twice now since that encounter, including again now and it was negative.
Avatar f tn Personally I thought that kids were really still into drugs - places like Staten Island in NY and Long Island have tremendous problems with heroin these days........anyway What is this about does this mean that obese people have 'less sex and drugs' in thier lives according to the article? "Obese adults were less likely than their normal-weight peers to have HCV antibodies......" I've never heard this fact before in all the years I"ve been in here. And regarding the mom's vs.
Avatar f tn and that it has also been seen in HIV patients. I BELIEVE (don't quote me) that he stated that of the ALS patients he saw before closing his practice, 15% improved with treatment for tick-borne diseases.
Avatar f tn part II Dr. Latino, Medizone's president stated; "These preliminary research results indicate the capability of Medizone's patented scientific and technological process to inactivate blood and blood products of certain viral contaminants, including the AIDS virus." Including the above monkey trial, Medizone has so far submitted to the FDA all the following data: 1.
Avatar n tn I have often been concerned that family members are exhibiting the same extra-hepatic effects as I developed from HCV, even though they are sero-negative on testing. Maybe THEY have developed this cellular immune response, from constant exposure, and are showing immune system responses to the virus...even though they do NOT seem to have the true infection.