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Avatar m tn Also in New York alone (The City, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Bronx and Queens) only 135 people who are ranged from 13-19 were reported with a new HIV diagnoses.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a question about my exposure. I would say that I was bi curious. I cheated on my girlfriend 29 days ago at a adult video store. I gave a guy oral sex. At the time I had a canker sore in my mouth.i was dumb I didn't think.about two weeks ago I developed a stomach flu, that's what the emergency room said it was. It went away kind of in five days.
Avatar n tn I am nervous about an exposure I had last week with a stripper on Long Island, NY. Things got out of hand and we engaged in oral/vaginal sex both protected with a condom. The event was nearly 10 minutes and after ejaculation I noticed a streak of blood on the condom. I pointed this out to the girl and she told me that she forgot that her period was set to begin the following day.
Avatar m tn I am worried about the antibody loss that I hear can give false negatives if you have had hiv for a long time and really want to know how true this is because of how long ago my exposures would have been... Also, I know testing rules over symptoms every time but I have a few odd things that I wanted to see caught your attention..
798548 tn?1237503653 hi all, i am considering going to the chiari center in long island, i am so tired of the doctors here not knowing much about chiari and related conditions. they do not even realize all the symptoms that come with chiari. i have had a decompression that took away symptoms for a few months but now they are all back and have more symptoms i am dealing with also. everytime i see another doctor they put me on another med for pain, headaches, nerve pain etc.
Avatar f tn doctor I am dying with fear 16 weeks ago had sex with a girl and condom broke a got to crazy mode right away call the woman5 times a day until I got her to do hiv antibody test 40 days after I had to pay her to do test 500 because I was afraid to do test it came negative I felt good until I went to a party and heard someone mention hiv and here I go again I got syntoms like muscle tweethes white tongue so I took a test at 62 days it was negative but at16 weeks I still have syntoms my stool is s
Avatar m tn t the first time that I am writing to you guys. You have been a great help in the past with my HIV related fears and I thank you for all that. So this is as it happened. I once again made the stupid mistake of having sex with a CSW in the island resort of Bali, Indonesia on November 14, 2015. The vaginal sex was condom protected and so was the oral she performed on me. However, while making out with her our tongues bumped into each others for a couple of seconds and I immediately moved away.
1815939 tn?1377991799 Damian Becker, spokesman for the hospital in Oceanside on Long Island – near New York City – said no medical staff had been observed reusing the insulin pen reservoir. The warning was issued, however, because a nurse was overheard saying it was alright to do so. "Once that was said, we then followed through with a report to the state Department of Health," hospital spokesman Damian Becker told the Long Island daily Newsday.
Avatar m tn If such an expert considers your risk sufficiently high, s/he might recommend post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) with HIV drugs, and/or early HIV testing by PCR or other methods. In the meantime, you are mistaken about recommended testing intervals. Six month testing for sure isn't necessary; it never takes longer than 3 months and rarely that long; a negative antibody test at 6 weeks is virtually 100% proof against a new infection.
Avatar n tn Yes, they do have such HIV test. Check with your local HIV specialist.
Avatar m tn hi doctor i have already gottan an answer to my question but i sappose im just looking for a medical oppinion i have recently been with an escort about two weeks ,ago i had unprotected oral not for long before she put on the condom the had protected vaginal sex what are my risks of getting hiv and should i be tested if so how long should i wait to have the test done i am living in ireland and dont know the hiv statistics here any info would be great i went for a test at 5 days ehich was negati
Avatar f tn It is LONG past time for you to move on. You were advised previously that your tests are conclusive. You do not have HIV. There is no such thing as HIV "hiding" from the tests. MOVE ON.
Avatar n tn It is not possible to have HIV and have both negative HIV RNA testing and negative HIV antibody testing at the times your tests were done. I repeat: not possible. And test results always overrule symptoms and exposure history. The tests prove beyond all doubt that you did not catch HIV. Believe the results. You are home free and do not need any additional testing.
Avatar f tn I just returned from TCI on Long Island and had an extensive appointment with Dr. Bolognese there. I, too, am looking at surgery at sometime in the future (depending upon the outcome of a few more tests I need). He advised me that I would be in the ICU for a couple of days, then to a regular room for 3-4 days. After that, I would need to arrange for accommodations nearby for about 1 week.
Avatar m tn Just wondering how long to wait for accurate HIV testing. I received unprotected oral sex last year. No sexual activity since then. I had a full panel of std blood and urine tests done at 10 weeks, then again at 13 weeks (including HIV). All negative except cold sores (hsv 1). Can I feel confident in these HIV results?? Is 13 weeks enough time to wait for an accurate test? Also what is the chance of acquiring HIV through unprotected oral sex? I am male and live in Australia.
Avatar m tn I had my HBV shots, and I am also testing for HIV. and no i wasnt he got cut on some glass, needed stitches, and I got 2 open cuts on my elbow from the glass, I just didnt know if somehow a drop of his blood dropped into mine? I have anxiety so i understand this sounds crazy.
Avatar f tn I am a male and I received unprotected oral sex from an HIV positive woman 4 1/2 weeks ago. She assured me there was no risk for me. She had no sores,cuts or bleeding in her mouth and I had no cuts or abrasions on my genitals. I am going to get tested, but I do believe that my risk is very low. Do you agree? I developed a rash in the crease where my legs and groin meet last week, but I beleive it is due to my wearing a wet swim suit for a long time after swimming.
Avatar m tn Assume a person has multiple high risk unprotected sexual exposures but has not yet performed any HIV testing over several years. If they finally went for testing 6 months after the last exposure, and showed a negative result, would there still be chance for a LTNP to "hide" antibodies which led to the negative result? Or do LTNP show antibodies like everyone else?
Avatar f tn 5 months, you can be confident that you do not have HIV. You do not need further testing. You do not have HIV and have no reason to worry aobut HIV.
Avatar f tn You never had a legitimate risk for HIV, you didn't need PEP, and you don't really need to test. However, given your extreme anxiety, wait til 45 days. Otherwise, you'll be back here questioning the validity of your 28-day post-PEP test.
Avatar f tn What does valtrex have to do with the timeline of hiv